Episode-119- Eight Forms of Capital Part 8 of 8 – Experiential (or Human) Capital

Podcast – Five Minutes With Jack show

Summary: Every Person Has Unique Experiential Capital Today we continue an 8 part series on applying permaculture principals to your business based on the article 8 Forms of Capital by Appleseed Permaculture. In part eight we discuss the concept of Experiential Capital, from the article… We accumulate experiential capital through actually organizing a project in our community, or building a strawbale house, or completing a permaculture design. The most effective way to learn anything comes through a blended gathering of intellectual and experiential capital. My personal experience getting a Master’s degree at Gaia University showed me that experiential learning is essential for my effective functioning in the world: I was able to do projects instead of take classes, and I’m now collaboratively organizing the local permaculture guild and co-running a successful permaculture design firm.  I can see that ‘Human Capital’ is a combination of social, intellectual and experiential capital, all facets of a person that can be gathered and carried in essentially limitless amounts. But there’s one more form of capital that a person can gather and carry inside themselves. In our businesses we can look at experiential capital in a variety of ways, 1.  The experience of the ownership 2.  The experience of the employees/partners/contractors 3.  The experience of the customer base 4.  The experience of the industry Join me today as we take these concepts and examine them at a deeper level. Discuss Episode 119 at TheRoadTo100K Forums