Episode-124- Pricing eBooks, an Online Business Plan for a Vet, Pointless Cliches

Podcast – Five Minutes With Jack show

Summary: One of the Great Lessons I Learned from Steven Covey So it is Friday and time for another edition of Five Minutes with Jack, the 5 minute podcast that is 60 minutes long on average, such is the ramblings of an insane internet entrepreneur.   Today I have a great show lined up we are going to talk about a lot of things you guys have emailed me about over the past few weeks like pricing eBooks, a bit on some of the new search/social news as always along with a tribute to Steven Covey author of  the 7 Habits of Effective People who just pasted on. I also take on a listeners “beers in the mail challenge” question regarding how to effectively market a veterinary practice online using blogging, personal brand and social media, mmmmmm beeeeer!  I expect it in the mail soon Richard, LOL. I will also be discussing the future of FMwJ and the eventual promised Road To 100K Premium Program.  It is coming I simply won’t take anyone’s money for such a thing until I know we are ready to do it right and deliver well on our promise to you. Join Me Today As We Discuss How do you set a price on an eBook Taking a Veterinary Business into the the Blogging and Social Media World Some pointless business cliches and a bit of reality and humor along with them The lessons of Steven Covey and the 7 Habits An update on my “Use Bing” experiment The Future of FMwJ and RT100K Are there any good “work from home” programs Obama says “we didn’t build our businesses” why he is wrong and why it matters Links for Today’s Show Steven Covey’s Seven Habits 89 Business Cliches   Discuss Episode 124 at TheRoadTo100K Forums