A wide variety of issues: Autoimmune disease, probiotics, hypertension, cardiac health and more

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Walking briskly reduced heart disease more than running; Metal hip problems because of immune reactions to the metal; Poor circulation problem in my hand — blood vessel damage caused by psoriatic arthritis; Fish oil can reduce cardiovascular events as well as statins; Comparing drugs for hypertension treatment and other alternative treatments; The benefits of mushrooms in possibly reducing cancer cell growth; What is aortic stenosis and research supporting chelation therapy for treating cardiovascular disease; Supplements that boost the immune system are not good for those with autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis; A woman on birth control pills gets migraines when she stops taking them; A caller asks for resources for doctors of gay men; High levels of probiotics and other suggestions for a woman with cellulitis and fibromyalgia; Does the cleanse done before a colonoscopy remove beneficial bacteria?