Episode 1: Just Do It

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Summary: Welcome to our maiden voyage podcast. Today we talk about procrastination with personal projects or ideas that we all have, but never do.  We have been talking about starting this podcast and blog for quite some time, nearly a year, and now we are ready to “just do it” and share it with all of you. We found it to be a suitable way and topic to start off this awesome new journey for us. If you are not familiar with who we are head over to our About page to see our friendly faces and short bios.  We love to chat, so feel free to follow us on twitter, facebook, or email us at our Contact page!   Subscribe on iTunes, download the podcast below or listen to it using the audio player at the bottom of this blog post. Episode 1: Just Do It - Right Click and Save As to Download   In this podcast we discuss: Time isn’t on our side.   If you have a project you’ve been wanting to do, just do it. Who we are.  Seriously, who the heck are these guys?! Why we started this podcast.  We love to go on photo adventures and photography always seemed to be the main topic. Projects that we procrastinated on.  Ones that we finally did or ones still on the back burner. What to look forward to from us.  We have lots of ideas for photography discussions that cover every realm of photography. Photographs discussed in today’s episode. Gary’s photo from the autumn road trip. Gary’s winter photo from the road trip.   Jacob’s photograph from the autumn road trip. Jacob’s photograph from the winter road trip.   What are your thoughts on our first episode? Leave us a comment and let’s chat!    The post Episode 1: Just Do It appeared first on Photo Drives.The post Episode 1: Just Do It appeared first on Photo Drives.