Episode 2: The Follow Up

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Summary: Summary In this episode, the Follow Up, we discuss our experiences with big moments or projects in our work. When they happen, we celebrate and get a wonderful high from it, but where do we go from there? How do we top those big moments? We have to remember to celebrate the little steps too. Welcome back! We made it to week two! For those of you that have heard episode one, thank you for listening and all of your awesome feedback.  That’s what this is all about, having the great conversations about something we all love! New to Photo Drives? Welcome!  If are not familiar with who we are head over to our About page to see our friendly faces and short bios.  We love to chat, so feel free to follow us on twitter, facebook, or email us at our Contact page! Subscribe on iTunes, download the podcast below or listen to it using the audio player at the bottom of this blog post. Episode 2: The Follow Up - Right Click and Save As to Download In this podcast we discuss: Big moments in our work. What was a big moment in your photography career or life? Gary’s photograph that went viral. It just kind of happened. Jacob’s documentary project with the homeless community of Madison, WI. It taught him so much. How social media effects your work. Use it to your advantage, but be genuine about it. What do we deal with these ups and downs in our work? Art is about appreciation for every step of the way. Photos and content discussed in today’s episode. Gary’s images This is it. The big image that went viral. Weather channel, Washington Post blog, cross-country, and eventually around the world. Lightning, northern lights, and some stars helped make for a trifecta that many said was the shot of a lifetime. This image was shot the same night as the viral shot. It didn’t get quite the attention that the one with the lightning got, but it’s still my second most viewed photograph ever. What do you do after your image goes viral and you have another photograph to produce 24 hours later? How do you top yourself? You simply don’t. You just go for a walk in a dried up river run-off and let a small deer follow you around! View Gary’s YouTube video from 2007 that went viral on YouTube and got over 160,000 views.  Jacob’s images and video   INFLUENCE PROJECT OFFICIAL TRAILER EP 1 from Kinetic Bear on Vimeo. View the full first episode here: https://vimeo.com/40173316The post Episode 2: The Follow Up appeared first on Photo Drives.The post Episode 2: The Follow Up appeared first on Photo Drives.