Vitamin D and other supplement advice, genetic tests and cancer monitoring and more medical news

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Vitamin D deficiency before and during pregnancy raises the rate of gestational diabetes; New drug for diabetes inhibits reabsorption of glucose in the kidney; Genetic profile helps decide who needs more monitoring for breast and prostate cancer; The difference between Vitamin D2 and D3 — which should I get as a supplement? Chances of getting herpes or other diseases from a toilet seat is slim! Strategies to fight repeated urinary tract infections in an elder; What is the cause of swelling in my legs? Review of the Affordable Care Act — it has decreased rate of insurance premium increases; Loosing weight decreases amount of fat per cell, but not the number of them; Why even sugary fruits don't raise blood sugar levels as much as other sugar sources; Colloidal silver spray is useful for chronic sinus infections; Are there interactions among my supplements and are some redundant? Various questions about taking and testing for vitamin D; Is burning feeling on my leg caused by a spinal anesthetic injection many years ago?