How We’re Finding the Big, Juicy Real Estate Deals

The Real Wealth Show with Kathy Fettke: The Real Estate Investor's Resource show

Summary: A lot of people, including our attorneys and CPA's, are asking us how we're finding the incredibly lucrative, big deals we've announced over the past year. The secret is simple - it's our Network! Over the past 10 years, Real Wealth Network has built a reputation for aligning with the best in the business. We're up to over 12,000 members now. Some are brand new to real estate, others have been investing for decades. Today's guest has been a developer for 23 years. His relationship with other builders (also in our network) has led him to some extraordinary deals that never end up on the MLS. But they do make their way to Real Wealth Network, and we are grateful. :-) The most recent is a property that was in escrow at the peak of the market for $160M - that Tom tied up for $16M. Find out how... and what's in it for us.