Benefits of olive oil and fish oil, brown fat cells, blood clotting and more health news and advice

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: The benefits of olive oil include increased satiety hormone and decreased glucose absorption; Dr Dawn applauds Whole Foods for demanding GMO labeling on food they sell; Does radiation treatment for breast cancer increases chances of heart attack? The effect of fish oil and aspirin on blood clotting — the biochemistry of clotting is explained; Aspirin worked better than pharmaceuticals in preventing migraine but there are gastrointestinal side effects; Tissue biopsy or liquid aspiration is needed to tell of a breast lump is cancer; Fish oil fatty acids are found to inhibit flu virus replication in mice; Microwave heating is the same as other methods, but don't microwave in plastic; Should I worry about titanium dioxide additive in many supplements? Natural supplements to support prostate health; New research tells how cells turn into white or brown fat cells; You can't diagnosis high blood pressure with one visit to the doctor and problems with using diuretics