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KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Adults should get the new Pertussis (Whooping cough) vaccine because this disease is on the rise; We support the ballot initiative to label genetically-modified foods; Prozac is effective against a wide variety of RNA viruses; New device detects very small amounts of DNA; Cold pasteurization can be done with high pressure or gamma irradiation; Natural supplements to help against shingles; Traumatic brain injury may contribute to getting Alzheimer's disease; The unfortunate situation of the uninsured patients that leads to very high emergency room charges; MRI screening after breast cancer is a good idea for a woman with dense breasts; Dealing with congestive heart failure, atrial fibrulation, excess water, diuretics and the Veterans' health system; Detecting proteins patterns specific to cancer cells is helping in early identification and treatment strategies; Court case examines shady patent deals between pharmaceutical companies and generic manufacturers; Advice to support a friend with breast cancer that has metastasized to many other organs; Internet use disorder is a new mental health problem — give your smart phone a rest once in awhile!