Episode 910 – Mysterious Universe

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Summary: The 102nd Pope is here and we ask the important questions: Is Frank the prophesied anti-christ? What is the Vatican's plan for the arrival of the alien god? Will Red Pill Junkie be able to connect the new Pope to obscure UFO cults?  These burning questions will be answered along with investigations into UFO trace evidence branded into eyewitnesses, shadow encounters in Vietnam, and Ninja Dwarves. This episode is proudly sponsored by Audible. Click HERE for your FREE audiobook download.  Uranus & The New Pope (Wait, that didn't come out right...) Papal Prophecies - The End of Religion UNVEILED! THE VATICAN'S SECRET PLAN Curiosity Confirms That Mars Was Once Capable of Harboring Life Astrobiologists Find Ancient Fossils in Fireball Fragments Astrobiologists discover fossils in meteorite fragments, confirming extraterrestrial life Scientists Claim Meteorite Fragments Contain Alien Biological Fossils (They Don’t) SpaceX Grasshopper rocket hops to new heights in Texas Parascience Expert Visits Where Local Man Burned UFOs and Deer Men in Oklahoma Harrah's Casino Deer Woman Update: Ukrainian Military Dolphins Not Actually on the Loose Information about the escape of three dolphins from the "State Oceanarium" in Sevastopol - a fake and a provocation The Extraterrestrial Loch Ness Monster How to Contact Space People by Ted Owens CHAPTER TEN - HOW YOU CAN CONTACT THE SI'S Aaron's Audible Recommendation - The Power of Negative Thinking: An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results by Bob Knight Ben's Audible Recommendation - Great North Road - Part One Plus+ Extension The extension of the show is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To learn how to join, click HERE. Nukes in 1626? Beijing explosion created mushroom cloud, stripped everyone naked Dead woman turns into a man Pitch Black Entity Project Peacock: How the British Wanted to Heat WWII Mines Music Eastcolors - Watch Out - Enei Remix via Music for Morons Telepopmusik - Smile (Flamingosis Edit) via Hilly Dilly WE SINK - Cat o' Nine Tails (Andrea Remix) via WeLikeitIndie xxyyxx - Backroom 8 via Brooklyn Vegan Rhye - The Fall (Maurice Fulton Alt Mix) via Bowlegs Junei - Let's Ride via Waves at Night Bondax - Gold (Moon Boots Remix) via Binary