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Summary: RALLYING FOR REFORM. Immigrant rights activists are caravanning throughout the country, making stops in critical areas to push uncommitted members of Congress to support comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. This edition includes updates from bus riders holding rallies and meetings with Congressmen Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes and David Valadao in California's Central Valley, as well as organizers in Texas, North Carolina and Oregon. Guests: Lorena Manzo, Organizer, CAUSA, March for ONE Oregon, Bend, OR, http://causaoregon.org ; Gema López, Bus Rider in California, Taft, CA; Esther Reyes, Director of Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition, and Co-founder of Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA), http://austinirc.org , http://reformimmigrationfortexas.org ; Selene Medina, Organizer, United 4 The Dream, Latin American Coalition, Charlotte, NC, www.latinamericancoalition.org