EPISODE 202 - Mixed Chicks Chat with Lauren Roberts, Rainbow Town

Mixed Chicks Chat show

Summary: The ART of documenting life is Lauren's career and passion. HER CONSTANT, whether at NYC Fashion Week or in a rural Liberian village, is telling visual stories & sharing info. Ever since her first video at age 14, she TELLS STORIES with a variety of mediums. Now with a broadcast journalism degree & a master of fine arts, she merges NEWS, ART, & DOCUMENTARY. Having spent time in Africa, Australia, Europe, & Central/North America, she's GLOBALLY MINDED. HIGHLIGHTS from Lauren's journey: directing a full-length documentary, hosting a game show, interning for CBS, winning a film award from the Director's Guild of America, interviewing a Head of State, and coding a website from scratch. Lauren is the DAUGHTER of an African-American former NFL linebacker & a Scott-Irish housewife/writer, a SISTER to six, and a WIFE to an artist.