Bunch of Bettys Podcast #35- Betty's "Hand-Picked Beauties" Mix!

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Summary: Listen to Podcast #35- Betty's "Hand-Picked Beauties" Mix! Like what you hear?? Subscribe HERE! Or through iTunes by Advanced Podcast menu. Subscribe to podcast: http://feeds.feedburner.com/BunchOfBettysPodcast1 Bunch of Bettys Podcast #35- Betty's "Hand-Picked Beauties" Mix! (RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ENTIRE PODCAST) Or Listen Here... Program number thirty-five features a mix of recently discovered tracks by women. I love to uncover musical gems while mining the internet. There are so many free and legal tracks for the picking, if you know where to find them! Enjoy the mix of music by women! PLAYLIST: (Most tracks are available as LEGAL DOWNLOADS...right-click the song title to get it for your very own!) 1. (01:51) Awful Badly (No Download - PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY) by Simon Wilcox BUY IT HERE! (Source: Artist) 2. (04:36) Better Already (Remix) by Northern State BUY IT HERE! (Source: Stereogum) 3. (08:24) A Cause Des Garcons (Remix) by Yelle BUY IT HERE! (Source: Stereogum) 4. (11:11) Modern Timing (Follow the Link and Join Mailing List for Free Download) by Roisin Murphy BUY IT HERE! (Source: Homepage) 5. (15:07) Electric Bird by Sia BUY THE NEW SINGLE HERE! (Source: Stereogum) "Some People Have Real Problems" available Dec/Jan. 6. (19:11) Don't Quit Me (Follow the Link to Download) by Lootsville NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! (Source Myspace via WOT90s) 7. (23:36) Lassoo by The Duke Spirit BUY IT HERE! (Source: Homepage) 8. (26:23) Don't Wanna Be Like You (Follow the Link and Join Mailing List for Free Downloads) by Guards of Metropolis/formerly Softcore BUY IT HERE! (Source: Homepage) 9. (29:10) Get Live featuring Erykah Badu (Follow Link to Download) by Strange Fruit Project BUY IT HERE! (Source: Download.com) 10. (33:22) Sugar (Remix) by Coco Love Alcorn BUY IT HERE! (Source: SonicBids) 11. (36:43) Raindrops from the Sun (Hey Hey Hey) (Follow Link to Download - must be a member) by Imani Coppola BUY IT HERE! (Source: Amplifier Magazine) 12. (41:17) When I Say Go by 1900s BUY IT HERE! (Source: Parasol Records) 13. (44:28) What Happened to the Love We Knew (Follow Link to Download) by Denise James BUY IT HERE! (Source: Insound) 14. (47:10) Leo by Gaele BUY IT HERE! (Source: Homepage via Filles Sourires) 15. (50:35) Louie (Follow the Link and Join Mailing List for Free Download) by Ida Maria NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE YET! 16. (54:14) Song to Bobby (No Longer Available) by Cat Power BUY IT HERE! (Source: Pitchfork) 17. (58:18) New Religion by Alice Smith BUY IT HERE! (Source: Spinner) And if you like what you hear, TELL ALL YOUR COOLEST FRIENDS! _uacct = "UA-2005486-1"; urchinTracker();