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Summary: VOTING RIGHTS ACT CHALLENGED. The Supreme Court hears a case today challenging the Voting Rights Act. The county of Shelby in Alabama contends that the law is no longer needed now that an African-American man has been twice-elected president. The Voting Rights Act requires certain states and counties, that have a history of enacting policies to limit minority voters, to run all changes to election law by the U.S. Department of Justice. Is this law really outdated? This simulcast with the three-station network La Jefa in Birmingham, Alabama, also looks into legislative efforts in Florida to prevent long lines to cast ballots on Election Day. Guests: Sigfredo "Freddy" Rubio, Attorney, Member of the Board of Directors, ACLU of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, www.aclualabama.org ; Gerardo Guzmán, Guest Commentator and Radio Host, La Jefa Radio, Birmingham, AL, www.aquimandalajefa.com ; Max Sevillia, Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, NALEO Educational Fund, Washington, DC, www.naleo.org