Dave Wakeling and Rebecca Gates

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Summary: Dave Wakeling is famous for fronting 2-tone ska pioneers The Beat, or The English Beat as the band is known on this side of the pond. Wakeling also formed General Public with English Beat member Ranking Roger. He chatted with Maggie Serota on his seeing local bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin in his youth, touring with the likes of The Clash and The Talking Heads and touring in a band that promoted racial unity to crowds full of skinheads. Rebecca Gates is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who is probably best known as one half of The Spinanes before embarking on a multi-faceted career in the arts in addition to starting a solo career. She sat down with Daniel Ralston to discuss her thoughts on the future of buying and listening to music as well as the challenges and rewards of making a living as a musician. They also share some enthusiasm over their mutual love of cycling. Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Download: Episode 16 Play: