Marriage Happiness and Friends – Ep5

Marital Bliss Podcast show

Summary: Marriage has to have friends outside of marriage. Everyone needs friends and everyone is going to have friends. Some friends are good for the marriage and others are not so good. Friends are good for helping you or your spouse let off steam. Either that is guys poker night or Margarita night with the girls. Couples need time apart to recharge the "Family Battery". Same as the kids like to see their friends so should you and your spouse. Yet, with that said, you don't spend all your time at friends or your friends at your house. For this will also bring in its own set of problems. For example, Wife feels like she is playing second fiddle to he husband's friend. This  can cause resentment and late night arguments, and nobody likes to fight about friends. Make that late at night and this goes double. This episode of Marital Bliss Show we tackle several issues that are found in friends that the spouse brings in or even your friends. How to recognize the problem and some solutions that will help fix it.     The problems married couples run into with friends. Friends that are always hanging around. Friends that like to meddle in your relationship The Emergency friend, This is the person who you don't talk to unless there is a crisis in their life. Friends of the opposite sex Long time ago once lover. We talk about each of these topics and express solutions to those problems. But there is also a issue that comes up where the husband or wife is of the jealous sort and doesn't want their spouse to have any friends and this also causes problems that sometimes leads to  abuse. These, you have to look out for and get counseling. Also Dont forget to rate us in iTunes!