Cancer genomics, Vitamin D from mushrooms, Male and female hormone issues and more

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Cancer genomics allows individualization of cancer treatments; Exposing mushrooms to sunlight increases their Vitamin D level! Don't let criticisms of hormone replacement therapy stop you from using progesterone cream for hot flashes; The funding of health insurance exchanges through tax credits might have some problems in states that use the federal exchanges; The FDA spies on their own researchers' emails and their recipients in an effort to counter scientists who don't agree with their policies; Parabens are common preservatives in many products, including many progesterone creams — other chemicals are discussed; Protein powder supplements give me painful pimples — try different types of protein sourses; An elder with glaucoma has iron deficiency and possibly thyroid hormone problems; Mammograms don't tell much in a women with dense breasts — alternative breast cancer screening techniques; Balancing total cholesterol and LDL numbers in a post-heart attack male — too low cholesterol is not healthy; Can acid blockers cause weight gain? Hot flashes or thyroid imbalance may explain a woman who is cold during the day but hot at night