Interview 24 – Keith Baker

Fear the Boot, RPG Podcast show

Summary: * (0:29) Introducing Keith Baker. * (2:01) The origin of Eberron and how its publication impacted Keith's career. * (9:49) Traveling around the world, staying with other gamers, and running the same game 54 times.  What he would like to run and play within his own group. * (19:54) Maintaining mystery in a game setting.  The relationship between the game and its supporting fiction, particularly when trying to show deference to the way Game Masters have developed the setting for their own group. * (28:19) The surprisingly delightful card game, Gloom (, in which you attempt to destroy your own family.  Why Dan wants to see an expansion for the Lemp family (  Finding an emergent story in otherwise story-less games. * (40:12) Cthulhu Fluxx and how it both captures the feel of a Lovecraft story and stands apart from the other Fluxx games. * (46:18) The projects Keith has coming up.  If you want to follow his work, you can do so on his website ( or on Twitter ( * (48:31) Keith's contribution to Fear the Boot's diversity initiative. Hosts: Chad, Dan, Julia, Pat Guests: Keith Baker