Revolution Remix

Soundcentury show

Summary: I plan to keep trying to get cool New England bands on Soundcentury when I can. I also plan on trying to cover emerging alternative energy companies more. I have a big list of what seem to be really exciting companies that hold a lot of promise in ending our dependence on big, bad oil. But, lot’s of other things take priority at the moment over this site, but I will try and get to it as often as possible. So, please check back once and a while. Who knows, you might just find out about a cool new band or discover a new alternative energy company. This podcast features Wicked Funk (Funk Rebirth Mix) by Kwanzaa Posse feat. Fela Kuti (with some sound bytes thrown on top) > Black Rain by Ben Harper > Funky Dollar Bill by Funkadelic > Funky President by the man James Brown > Vital Juices by Funkadelic > Tight n’ Shiny by the Jesus Lizard > UMASS by the Pixies.