EP117 - The Stone Coyotes

Capital Rock Show show

Summary: Download EP117 I love this gig, I really do. I get to find kick-ass bands and share it with all of you lovely folks. This is week 2 of a 3-week look at rawkin' bands fronted by women. Next up is The Stone Coyotes. Their music mixes the best of AC/DC and Patsy Cline. I kid you not. We're spinning 4 songs off their latest album. Band Links: website: http://stonecoyotes.com mySpace: http://myspace.com/thestonecoyotes youTube: The Stone Coyotes live Bucket ----- capitalrockshow@gmail.com feedback and shoutouts: (206)-202-1141 http://capitalrockshow.ca Podshow PDN {podshow-b705ba232db81736ca3cb28a575d1bf8}