5 Sad Discipline Mistakes That Shame Your Child

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: I recognized the #1 shaming discipline approach when I saw a grown woman do it to herself. She played opposite me during a game of tennis, and every time she made a mistake, she shamed herself with a message I'm sure she heard all during childhood.   It's a shaming message that only takes one word.   I heard this message when I was growing up. You probably heard it while you were growing up, too. And it's time to stop shaming our children with it.   The #1 shaming discipline mistake applies to all Types of children.   The other 4 mistakes in today's show are customized to your child because they are Type-specific. Listen for your child in particular so you can eliminate the shaming situations your child experiences.    Caller Questions: My daughter won't snuggle, but I want to—what to do? (Listen at 32:20)   How do I keep my husband from shaming our children? (Listen at 38:49)   How do I support my Type 2 child so he doesn't need to whine?(Listen at 47:30)   How do I stop saying no so often to my Type 3 child? (Listen at 54:09)   Quote of the Day:  "Discipline in its highest form involves your child having a say in it."   Tune in, Call in, or Connect To ask your parenting question, call in to the next live Child Whisperer Show. To suggest a show topic, email: parenting@liveyourtruth.com To learn more about Carol, visit thecarolblog.com or thechildwhisperer.com