Pain meds availability, gut bacteria in infants, cancer research and other health news

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Summary: Proposed FDA rules will make it harder to prescribe pain medicine; The consequences of poor gut bacteria in malnourished babies or infants with colic; Changes in sexuality with age are based on healthy eating and hence blood vessel health; Caller relates difficulties in getting pain medication; Does 5-HTP supplement help with weight loss and/or depression? Claims that regular aspirin use correlates with macular degeneration doesn't prove causality; The bioelectrical potential across cell membranes can reveal cells that will become cancer; Quitting smoking and good diet advice for fighting cancer; Sources of omega 3 fatty acids; Is statin exacerbating my friend's Parkinson's disease? Buy only ionic air filters that do NOT emit ozone; Prolotherapy would probably not help the joint condition hallux rigidus — avoid joint fusion if you can; How changes in sleep patterns affects our memory consolidation