Línea Abierta : MEXICO EDITION.

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Summary: MEXICO EDITION. The affirmation that the explosion in the B-2 building of Pemex in Mexico City exploded because of accumulation of methane gas is unsustainable, according to a specialist in security, Silvia Ramos Luna. Ramos Luna explains that the basement where the workers of the company Copicosa maintained the pilots, is not a hermetically sealed site. There is access to the site through vertical ladders, and if there had been a concentration of gas, the workers would have died from asphyxiation, instead of because of the explosion, as shown by official reports. In addition, the chemical engineer sas that in order to have destroyed and collapsed the four floors that were 15 to 20 centimeters thick, the amount of gas would have had to have been 1000 times more than that required to heat the administrative building of Pemex. Also, family members of Copicosa worker, Gregorio Vite Valderrama, whose body remained under the ruins for almost three days, commented that the cadaver had traces of soot and burns in the hair and eyebrows. Guests: Silvia Ramos Luna, chemical engineer of security, graduated from Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, Secretary of Outreach, Unión Nacional de Técnicos y Profesionistas Petroleros (UNTyPP), Mexico City, Mexico. http://archivosderb.org/?q=es/audio/by/guest/silvia_ramos_luna