Getting Started with Service Bus. Part 3: Service Bus Explorer

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Summary: In this 3rd episode of the "Getting Started with Service Bus" series, and for a while the last one that doesn't focus on the developer API, I'm looking at Paolo Salvatori's Service Bus Explorer. Paolo works as one of our experts in the globally distributed Windows Azure Customer Advisory Team and has been building this tool based on what he and the customers needed in terms of extra tooling in the project context. The tool has been a great source of inspiration for the Visual Studio tooling that I explained in the last Getting Started episode and Paolo keeps adding new features with a new version coming out soon. Here I'm discussing Paolo's August 2012 release that coincided with the Service Bus 1.0 for Windows Server release and works for Service and Server. Aside from being a useful tool for what it does, it's also a good code sample for how to interact with the Service Bus management API, so you might browse through the code even if you've already made the first steps with Service Bus.