Gun safety, fighting C. difficile, loss of smell, genome privacy, osteoporosis, the flu and more

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Comments on responsible gun ownership and safety in the home; Improved technique to induce stem cells to build new knee cartilage; Tips to avoid getting the flu from public transportation; Can my thyroid medicine or antidepressant cause bruising on arms and legs? More research supports benefits of fecal transplants to combat Clostridium difficile; Ovarian cancer rates are higher in celibate woman and the effect of birth control pills on cancer rates; Vitamin K2 for osteoporosis is okay when also taking estrogen, and the use of strontium as a preventative; A rare case of losing the sense of smell but not taste is probably related to allergy treatment; More about flu shot effectiveness, flu symptoms and ibuprofen toxicity; Access to genome sequences can lead to privacy issues in online databases; Did taking beta-carotene cause my PSA level to rise? More about the confidentiality issues with genome sequences; A conversation about hospital acquired infection and genetic individuality topics