Winter Solstice Magic with Jacki Smith

Be Happy & Be Healthy  show

Summary: Winter Solstice Magick! Join Kimberley and her special guest Jacki Smith of Coventry Creations for a special Winter Solstice Show. Kimberley will be broadcasting LIVE from the Energy vortex located at the triangular tip of the Bermuda Triangle in Miamai Florida.Jacki Smith has been a crafter of magical products since 1992, and an initiated Witch since 1988. The current trend in spiritual tools can be traced in part to the groundbreaking products that she developed over 15 years ago through her company, Coventry Creations. Jacki’s Blessed Herbal Candles are a staple throughout many spiritual communities and are quickly becoming commonplace in mainstream America.Jacki is the Tuesday Co-host with Storm Cestavani on Psychic Friend Live where they share not only insight into daily living but share ideas and tools to help you get through the rough spots and make the joys greater.Jacki’s upcoming candle magic book with Red Wheel Weiser is a culmination of her 20 plus years of magical experience and she is always crafting more ways (and products) to help your reach your magical goals. If you can’t wait until October 2011, you can also get her self-published Hoo Doo Basics book through her websites.Jacki can be reached through Coventry Creations – or emailed at . Kimberley is a Reiki Master Teacher descendant of Cherokee Ancestors, Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Law of Attraction Mentor, National Radio Host, Speaker. Kimberley combines the ancient tradition of Holistic Energy Healing, Native American Healing practices and her intuitive gifts to create a wonderfully unique experience.