Health and fitness tips for all Types of children

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: In today's show: What to eat, say, and do to help your children live healthy. You need to be aware of all three!   Forcing children to exercise or eat vegetables does nothing to promote health in the long-term if the things you say about food are not supportive. (It works the other way around, too.)   Find out how to approach food and fitness in ways that will have your children choosing to live healthy for the rest of their lives.   Quote of the Day: "I often hear from parents, "Oh, I wish I had know about this twenty years ago." And I think: Your kid's still looking for you to show up and honor them. It doesn't matter if they're 45. Parents play that role for our entire lives. And if our parents don't show up to give us the validation and the recognition that we all seek as human beings, we have to find that within ourselves."   Tune in, call in, or connect To ask Carol your question, call in during the next live Child Whisperer Show.   To ask your written question or share an idea for a future episode, please email: Learn more about Carol at and