Influenza epidemic, Improved PAP test and Statin side effects top this week's show

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Influenza has reached epidemic levels in the US this winter; Good administration and doctor stories at the Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz; Short term use of antihistamines and nasal steroids is not a problem; Should a woman with vaginal atrophy and cervical stenosis get estrogen therapy? A teenager with intestinal problems should try an elimination diet to detect food sensitivities; Caller has success with lysine for treating a variety of virus infections — how to design an experiment to investigate this; Does caller have true sciatica or piriformis syndrome instead? Does a fruit from South America kill cancer cells? Good discussion of the symptoms and treatments of influenza virus; New study details the bad side effects of statins on muscle physiology; New DNA probes done with a Pap test can detect uterine and ovarian and cancers in addition to cervical cancer; How to confirm and treat a rotator cuff injury; A case of ascites caused by cirrhosis of the liver from too much alcohol; The bad side effects of doctors becoming employees of big corporations