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Best of Gerry Anderson show

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From Monday to Thursday you'll get a short daily compilation of the very best bits of the Gerry Anderson show. Stories, impersonations, philosophising, musings, jokes and interviews - all without a script. What's it all about? Listen on.

By BBC Radio Ulster

Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle: Meet the Comedians show

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Comedians Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle discuss their new releases; Jimmy Carr Being Funny and Frankie Boyle’s new book, Work! Consume! Die! at the Apple Store Regent Street in London.

By Apple Inc.

Ward & White Present... show

Ward & White Present...Join Now to Follow

Danielle writes the words and Martin writes the music. Funny comedians act it all out.

By Danielle Ward and Martin White

Josie Long's Lost Treasures Of The Black Heart show

Josie Long's Lost Treasures Of The Black HeartJoin Now to Follow

A podcast from comedian Josie Long, and her monthly Camden club night.

By Josie Long and Guests

Nerd Hurdles show

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Nerd Hurdles is a podcast. Chances are if you’re here, you know that already. But just in case you got sent here by Google or a link sent to you by someone in your office, Nerd Hurdles is a podcast about things nerds like. Things that regular people (”normals”) scoff at or outright shun. We discuss these things in a generally humorous and vaguely intelligent way. Or is that intelligible? It might be neither intelligent nor intelligible.<br> <br> Jakob and Mandi discuss all manner and forms of nerdery and geekery and what makes them magnificent and tragic. This weekly epic explored the depths of what fandoms mean to their fans. Sacred cows of the scifi, fantasy, comic book and any other genre that makes the general public squirm with discomfort get the irreverent Nerd Hurdles treatment (and nerdy love).

By Simply Syndicated

Shaun Keaveny show

Shaun KeavenyJoin Now to Follow

Tune in for a podcast that attempts satire, hi-NRG Breakfast fun and sage comment, and by failing to tick any of those boxes attains a mercurial brilliance. It MAY change your life. You MAY change your socks. You can catch Shaun Keaveny’s Breakfast show every weekday at 7am on 6 Music.

By BBC 6 Music

Fletch and Vaughan - The Edge - Visit theedge.co.nz for more show

Fletch and Vaughan - The Edge - Visit theedge.co.nz for moreJoin Now to Follow

Join Fletch and Vaughan, weekdays on The Edge from 3pm - 7pm

By The Edge

Selling Success - for Sales Professionals show

Selling Success - for Sales ProfessionalsJoin Now to Follow

Great sales stories and tips from sales expert Steve Waterhouse

By Steve Waterhouse

 Publications - KPMG UK  show

Publications - KPMG UK Join Now to Follow

We are committed to helping you and your organisation deal with the challenges ahead in the ever-changing indirect tax area. Faced with these challenges we understand how hectic the lifestyle of a VAT professional can be.


Presentation Slide Makeovers: Transform boring PowerPoint slides into persuasive visuals show

Presentation Slide Makeovers: Transform boring PowerPoint slides into persuasive visualsJoin Now to Follow

These slide makeover videos show presenters who use PowerPoint or Keynote how to transform overloaded text slides into persuasive visuals that effectively sell ideas, products and services to decision-makers. The videos apply the five-step KWICK method from the book "The Visual Slide Revolution" to create slides that encourage the presenter to have a conversation instead of reading bullet paragraphs to the audience. A new video is posted every second Tuesday and can be accessed through the iTunes Music Store

By Dave Paradi