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Risty's Guide To London show

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Catch up with Risty to discover fun facts about London's hot spots in this indispensable guide!


Best Beaches - Relaxation Nature TV - Videos show

Best Beaches - Relaxation Nature TV - VideosJoin Now to Follow - Enjoy over 20 minutes of beautiful sunsets and waves on 20 of the Best Beaches from Hawaii, California, Caribbean and Florida. SEE our Top 20 "Best Beaches / Relaxation Minute" series from our award winning Waves DVD Series, plus 5 of the best waterfalls in California. Don't forget to comment, rate, and subscribe. Visit Buy a video as a relaxing gift for yourself, family or friends, so we can continue to make them for you. Thanks.

By Greg Voevodsky

ESOcast SD show

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ESOcast is a video podcast series dedicated to bringing you the latest news and research from ESO, the European Southern Observatory. Here we explore the Universe's ultimate frontier.

By European Southern Observatory

Jerry Savelle Ministries Video Podcast show

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Jerry Savelle teaches the uncompromising Word of God in down to earth terms, applicable to your life, dreams, and destiny. Discover through God's Word how you can be a victorious winner in life. The Jerry Savelle Ministries television broadcast airs in over two hundred countries worldwide. Find more information and resources at

By Jerry Savelle Ministries

Films — Affairs show

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Our global network of film-makers delivers reports on the stories, ideas, cities and politicians shaping the world.

By Monocle

Joe Satriani Super Colossal Podcast (Video) show

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Video podcast where Joe personally gives insight to each track off of his upcoming release, "Super Colossal". Also included is a sample of each song and previously unreleased artwork from Joe's sketch pad.

By Joe Satriani

Performing Animal Welfare Society PAWScast show

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Pat Derby's PAWScasts: the latest updates from the Performing Animal Welfare Society's captive wildlife sanctuaries. Elephants: Maggie's transition from the Anchorage Zoo, Nicholas' bull habitat construction, "Bucks for Bulls" and news of Annie, Becky, Mara, Ruby, Wanda and Lulu. Updates on the bears, tigers, lions, monkeys and all the rest of PAWS' residents. Latest updates from Pat Derby and Ed Stewart regarding wild animals in captivity.

By Pat Derby

香港電台:港台我有份 RTHK Snapshots show

香港電台:港台我有份 RTHK SnapshotsJoin Now to Follow



火速救兵II show

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《火速救兵II 》              香港電台電視部香港消防處         聯合製作     系列簡介:   火海無情,生命無價。消防救護員出生入死,水火之間,拯救生命,雖平凡人亦真心英雄。消防救護每日行動見盡人間世相生離死別,意外無論是人為或天意,消防救護都要奮力救火救人,分秒必爭進入災場執行救援任務。但要減少意外所做成的人命財物傷亡損失,仍要市民及各方加強防火意識,貫徹執行各種防火措施。   《火速救兵II 》以真實個案為藍本,展現消防救護工作及執法。工廈大火、飛機意外、嚴重交通意外、劏房火警…… 一次次生死任務、一個個動人心弦故事。第一輯《火速救兵》獲2010電視節目欣賞指數第一名,今年香港電台消防處再接再厲,2012年2月《火速救兵II》雷霆出擊。   演出:            劉家輝、劉浩龍、官恩娜、林偉、周子揚、鄭啟泰、戴志偉、                         OTTO@EO2、鄒文正、林嘉華、羅仲謙、王馨平、海俊傑、詹秉熙、 應昌佑、海俊傑、張雷、陳桂芬、何華超、何基佑、 關楚耀、周俊偉、李龍基、唐寧、冼色麗、錢小豪、伍允龍、 楊愛瑾、黄子雄、趙俊承、韋家雄、樊亦敏、Bitto、蔣祖曼、 葉景文、蒙嘉慧、鄭子誠、蔡穎恩、金興賢、Brian Cook、張建聲、李蘊               監製:              鄭惠芳     播出日期:2012年2月25日至3月24日逢星期六晚上七時三十分至八時三十分無綫電視翡翠台  


Dr. David Brodbeck's Psychology Lectures from Algoma University show

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From the psychology department at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, here's Dave Brodbeck. Courses this term PSYC 3256 - Advanced Univariate Statistics, PSYC 3106 - Anima Behaviour and BIOL/PSYC 3506 - Neuropharmacology.

By Dr. David Brodbeck