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Librivox: Peter the Great by Abbott, Jacob show

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There are very few persons who have not heard of the fame of Peter the Great, the founder, as he is generally regarded by mankind, of Russian civilization. The celebrity, however, of the great Muscovite sovereign among young persons is due in a great measure to the circumstance of his having repaired personally to Holland, in the course of his efforts to introduce the industrial arts among his people, in order to study himself the art and mystery of shipbuilding, and of his having worked with his own hands in a ship-yard there. The little shop where Peter pursued these practical studies still stands in Saardam, a ship-building town not far from Amsterdam. The building is of wood, and is now much decayed; but, to preserve it from farther injury, it has been incased in a somewhat larger building of brick, and it is visited annually by great numbers of curious travelers. The whole history of Peter, as might be expected from the indications of character developed by this incident, forms a narrative that is full of interest and instruction for all. (from the Preface of Peter the Great )

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Librivox: Short Poetry Collection 053 by Various show

Librivox: Short Poetry Collection 053 by VariousJoin Now to Follow

LibriVox’s Short Poetry Collection 053: a collection of 20 public-domain poems.

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Librivox: Mike: A Public School Story by Wodehouse, P. G. show

Librivox: Mike: A Public School Story by Wodehouse, P. G.Join Now to Follow

This novel introduces the characters Mike Jackson and Psmith, who are featured in several of Wodehouse’s later works. It shows how the two characters first met each other as teenagers at boarding school. As Psmith doesn’t appear until about halfway through this book, it was later released as two separate books, Mike at Wrykyn and Mike and Psmith . There’s lots of cricket, but you don’t need to understand the game to enjoy the antics of these public school boys as they "rag" each other and the authorities. -Summary by Debra Lynn

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Librivox: Astrophil and Stella by Sidney, Philip, Sir show

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Astrophil and Stella is a sonnet sequence written by Philip Sidney, an Elizabethan poet and courtier. It details the frustrated love of Astrophil (whose name means "star-lover") for his beloved Stella (whose name means "star"). It is likely that Sidney based his poems on his own unrequited passion for a married woman. The sequence inspired other sonnet writers of the period, such as Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, and Lady Mary Wroth.“(Summary written by Elizabeth Klett)

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Librivox: Nephelidia by Swinburne, Algernon Charles show

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LibriVox volunteers bring you 10 readings of Nephelidia by Algernon Charles Swinburne.

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Librivox: Blue Envelope, The by Snell, Roy J. show

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A mystery and adventure story for girls set in Alaska.

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Librivox: Little Women by Alcott, Louisa May show

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Little Women is the classic story of The March family, which consists of Mr. and Mrs. March and their four girls--Practical, yet fashion conscious Meg, who longs for the nice things they used to have. Rambunctious, book worm, Jo, who wants to become a writer and wishes she were born a boy. Shy and quiet, home-loving Beth, who loves to play the piano and play with her kitties. Finally, the youngest, artistic Amy, who longs for an aristocratic nose! The story takes place during the American Civil War, and begins with Mr. March away from home as a chaplain to the Union army, while his wife and daughters remain at home to work and wait for his safe return. This book follows their joys and sorrows and scrapes along the path to the girl's becoming grown up "little women". Many of the scrapes they get into include Laurie--their harum scarum next door neighbor, who becomes their adopted brother. The two families, The March's and the Laurence's strike up a lasting friendship, despite their differences in material belongings. (Summary by Mary Anderson)

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Librivox: Mille et une nuits, Les, tome 1 by Anonyme show

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Afin de ne plus être déçu par les femmes, le sultan Schahriar décide d'épouser une jeune fille chaque jour et de la faire mourir dès le lendemain. Scheherazade ne peut le souffrir davantage. Elle se fait donner à lui en mariage par le grand vizir, son père, afin de mettre un terme à cette barbarie, si cela est possible. Par ses contes surprenants, Scheherazade tiendra le sultan en haleine, renouvellant son sursis dès les premières lueurs du jour. Jusques à quand ? Joignons-nous à Dinarzade et Schahriar. Écoutons ses récits passionants, nuit après nuit, après nuit, ... Deceived once by a woman, Shahryar, the sultan, marries a maid every evening and has her killed on the very next day. Scheherazade convinces the grand vizier, her father, to give him her hand to attempt to put an end to this nightmare. Every night, she will tell him a different tale. Day by day, her life will be saved by Shahryar's curiosity, as he is intrigued by what he hears. Night after night, let's listen to Scheherazade's wonderful stories, in French. (Summary by Ezwa)

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Librivox: Apology of Socrates, The by Plato show

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Plato's account of Socrates' defense at his trial for "corrupting the youth" is a classic summation of his teacher's life and mission, centered in Socrates' most famous line, "The unexamined life is not worth living." - Written by FrZeile

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