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Librivox: Illuminations by Rimbaud, Arthur show

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Illuminations include some autobiographical allusions to his voyant (visionary) period, which began in 1869; but Illuminations is neither a confession nor an apology. Its several dozen short prose works and two free-verse poems transcend prose grammar by allowing their words to drift away from their dictionary definitions. Ever-elusive, relentless, overflowing with sinuous cadences, Illuminations transcends Une Saison en Enfer as it in turn had transcended Rimbaud's early verses. Some scholars even propose that some of the Illuminations may have been written after Une Saison, which supposedly marked his farewell to literature. (From Wikipedia)

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Librivox: Bleak House by Dickens, Charles show

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Bleak House is the ninth novel by Charles Dickens, published in 20 monthly parts between March 1852 and September 1853. It is widely held to be one of Dickens' finest and most complete novels, containing one of the most vast, complex and engaging arrays of minor characters and sub-plots in his entire canon. Dickens tells all of these both through the narrative of the novel's heroine, Esther Summerson, and as an omniscient narrator. Memorable characters include the menacing lawyer Tulkinghorn, the friendly but depressive John Jarndyce and the childish Harold Skimpole. The plot concerns a long-running legal dispute (Jarndyce and Jarndyce) which has far-reaching consequences for all involved. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Librivox: Wuthering Heights by Brontë, Emily show

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A tale of passion set in the bleak Yorkshire moors in mid 19thC, far from the Victorian uprightness, Wuthering Heights depicts the mutual love of Catherine and Heathcliff till destruction rends the narration; yet cruelty is only to be met with forgiveness in the following generations. Romantic, impassioned and wild, it is also a dark journey in the human soul. (Summary by Lady Maria).

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Librivox: Old Curiosity Shop, The by Dickens, Charles show

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The Old Curiosity Shop tells the story of Little Nell, a beautiful and virtuous young girl who lives with her grandfather in his shop of curiosities. Her grandfather loves her dearly, and Nell does not complain, but she lives a lonely existence without friends of her own age. Her only friend is Kit, an honest young lad who works at the shop, and whom she is teaching to write. Unbeknownst to Nell, her grandfather is obsessed with their precarious financial position and is attempting to make Nell a good inheritance by winning at cards. He keeps these nocturnal activities a secret, but borrows heavily from the evil Quilp, a dwarf, in order to raise new capital. In the end, he gambles away what little money they own, and Quilp seizes the opportunity to take possession of the shop and make Nell's and her grandfather's lives a misery. Indeed, her grandfather suffers a breakdown, which leaves him bereft of his wits. Courageously, Nell decides to escape Quilp, and she and her grandfather run away to the country to live as beggars, travelling into the Midlands of England. There, then, follow the multifarious adventures of Nell and her grandfather, Quilp and his sly minions and accomplices, who would be Nell's vehement pursuers throughout the entire story, the noble schoolmaster, and many, many other personages as bright and memorable as Dickens' heroes always are. But... let us hear the story itself, shan't we? (Description from Wikipedia with additions by Euthymius)

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Librivox: Comédie Humaine, La : La Femme de trente ans by Balzac, Honoré de show

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Malgré l'avis de son père, Juliette épouse l'homme dont elle est follement amoureuse, un colonel de Napoléon à l'avenir prometteur. Les années passant, elle réalise que son père avait bien raison... Un gentilhomme anglais, qui s'est épris d'elle, parvient à gagner son coeur. Elle restera malgré tout vertueuse, causant ainsi, sans le vouloir, sa mort. Une nouvelle rencontre, M. de Vandenesse, changera drastiquement le cours de sa vie. Cela aura des conséquences bien funestes sur le bonheur de sa famille. In spite of her father's opinion that the man is unworthy of her, Juliette marries her first love, a promising colonel of Napoleon. As the years go by, she finds out her father was right... Her love is unexpectedly taken away by an Englishman who adores her. But, she will remain virtuous, causing his death. A new acquaintance, M. de Vandenesse, will drastically change her life. This will have dreadful consequences on her family's happiness. (Summary by Ezwa)

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Librivox: Fetch, The by Shorter, Dora Sigerson show

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LibriVox volunteers bring you 7 different recordings of The Fetch by Dora Sigerson Shorter.

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Librivox: Advice to the Grub Street Verse-writers by Swift, Jonathan show

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LibriVox volunteers bring you 9 different recordings of Advice to the Grub Street Verse-writers by Jonathan Swift. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of February 24th, 2008.

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Librivox: Adventures of Jimmy Skunk, The by Burgess, Thornton W. show

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The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk is another in the long list children's books by the conservationist, Thornton W. Burgess. In this book, Jimmy Skunk has encounters with Reddy Fox, Peter Rabbit, Unc’ Billy Possum and other acquaintances of his in the Green Meadows and Green Forest. Along the way, we learn some of the habits of Jimmy and his friends and we learn little lessons about life such as the importance of always keeping one's temper, keeping promises and not playing practical jokes. We are also treated to a philosophical discussion by Jimmy Skunk on the advantages of defensive weaponry. (Summary by John Lieder.)

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Librivox: Mathilda by Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft show

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The finished draft of a short novel by Mary Shelley. Its adult theme, concerning a father's incestuous love for his daughter and its consequences, meant that the manuscript was suppressed by Shelley's own father, and not published until 1959, more than a hundred years after her death.

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