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Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt

Summary: This is about making friends, nurturing the friendships we do have, and growing a loving community. Friendship is the key to social/economic justice, health, joy, and peace for ourselves and our global family. Fawn and Matt explore the psychology of human connection and how to transform our society to become a friendlier one, by relearning how to make and keep friends in a healthy manner. Through thought-provoking conversations, we are able to show up for one another, seeking wisdom about our society, culture, history, and life experiences. This is a friendship movement meant for the healing and building of a better world for families, corporations, and neighborhoods around the world. Words create coherent energy of compassion, appreciation, love, and respect for all life; ourselves, humanity, and our natural world. Friendship experts Fawn and Matt are here to relay the art of friendship for today's world, creating a kinder society through the Art of Friendship.

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 The Art of the Compliment - Compliment vs Complement | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:12

How can a compliment open the doors to friendship or even save someone's life? We discuss in this episode of "The Art of the Compliment" as we understand the ways to establish joy, kindness, and sincerity and see how a compliment is an invitation to a beautiful friendship. What is the difference between COMPLIMENT and COMPLEMENT? We discuss this question and much more. TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: you complete me Hello? Hello. Hello. Welcome back. Are you ready for a very intense, not intense in a negative way, but an in depth topic, a topic I'm actually going to teach a course on [00:00:14] Matt: super serious. [00:00:16] Fawn: It's not super serious, but it has a lot of moving parts and it's quite deep actually. [00:00:22] Matt: Would you it more nuanced?. [00:00:23] Fawn: I don't like that word, but it's the art of the compliment. [00:00:32] Matt: Oh, dear. [00:00:32] Fawn: Much like when you come into our home and all of the different homes we've had since the big house we used to own that, you know, through the pitfalls of society, went to hell and ever since then, we've been so gunshy. Ugh, gunshy. We've been so resistant on owning property ever again because of what happened in the financial crisis some years ago, that is, seems to be happening again. But whatever, we've moved a lot since then, and it's never been a place that's been ours, it's been some rentals and some of them have been ugly, depressing, just ugly , gray. It started with the first apartment we had after we lost the house. it was Valentine's day. We've said this story before. Sorry, but quick refresher. It was Valentine's day. Matt had this job with this horrible person there that was stressing him out so much. It was awful. It was horrible. It was Valentine's day. And. I was teaching our little, little, little girls and I decided, all right, let's do an art project. We cut hundreds of hearts out of different kinds of paper, different colors, everything. And then I got like sewing thread and I attached them to the hearts and I hung them on the ceiling. I taped them on the ceiling in the entryway. So when Matt came home, he had to walk through this hall of hearts. So many hearts and they were low enough where his

 The Art of Conversation and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:15

We discuss the art of conversation as the basis for the art of friendship, as we share three main components for conversing (Invite Insight Incite). We explore social-emotional learning and how we can feel and dance together no matter how difficult the topic of conversation or the particular life situation we may be in. #conversation, #Invite, #Invitation, #Insight, #Incite, #TheArtofConversation, #Social-emotionalLearning, #Theartoffriendship, #ESL https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/ Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back to our friendly world, everyone. [00:00:03] Matt: Hello [00:00:04] Fawn: Reflecting on the art of friendship, we are starting a conversation on the art of conversation. I'm gonna start with some definitions. First, obviously conversation. Let's look at that. It's a noun the use of speech for informal exchange of views, ideas or information simple. Right? [00:00:25] Matt: Sounds like it. [00:00:26] Fawn: Well, you know, I always try to have conversation, but you really have to get a feel for what's going on and you have to get a feel for what the person is going through and where they stand in life. Do they have a very strong core, a strong sense of self. I wanna say that previous generations didn't have that, or they didn't have that once they started experiencing a lot of other stresses, a lot of other things that would cause them to stretch, for example, having children or just, you know, Obviously with having children, it causes you to be thinking of other people and having your lives have this inter dance back and forth. I'm just talking about this because everything you're going through with your family right now, right? Your mom is passing. People under duress or under stress. Start misbehaving and there's no. Oh, here we go. Matt's going to start. Um, no, well, I'm keep it easy. The apologia starts coming in. So, you know, when you're speaking with someone, they don't hear what you're saying. When you speak to a crowd, when you're speaking to one person, they only can understand through a filtered process of their own experiences in life for them to understand what you're saying. So they're not hearing what you are saying. They're hearing only from their perspective. So for example, if they're used to looking at certain shades of blue all the time,

 A Kind World - Finding Freedom and Truth During a Tumultuous Time, with Barry Lane | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:56

Our Kindness expert, Barry Lane is back to remind us that "Kindness is Truth, Kindness is Freedom." Barry soothes our nerves with his sweet songs (two new songs as we record live in Barry's studio - the second song is way at the end, so make sure you catch it) and words of wisdom as we navigate a possible WWIII, Civil War, life... and shows us HOPE and reminds us that everything is going to be OK. There are two new songs as we record live in Barry's studio - the second song is way at the end, so make sure you catch it. Barry: https://forcefieldforgood.com/ Barry's book:  https://www.amazon.com/Force-Field-Barry-Colleen-Mestdagh/dp/1931492298/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1491102856&sr=8-1&keywords=force+field+for+good+barry+lane   Transcript [00:00:00] Matt: Um, yeah. So how am I doing well? Um, yeah, um, challenging, um, to be honest, uh, [00:00:08] Barry: what's going on? [00:00:09] Matt: Yeah... So my mom right now is in hospice, so she's transitioning and I'm not dealing with it. Well, So an episode on kindness is going to be especially kind of challenging for me. Um, one of my favorite shows, which shouldn't be one of my favorite shows, but it is; it's "After Life" with Ricky Gervais , which is about a man who loses his wife and is falling over the whole time. And the only time he cries um, in the show, cause he's, he's, he's a, he's just an ass to everyone. Like he has so much hate and so much rage and so much, and he just doesn't care anymore. And he's like, and he starts crying and they're like, oh, don't cry. He's like, it's not the world I have a problem with it's kindness I can't handle. [00:00:56] Barry: That's interesting. [00:00:57] Matt: So when somebody is kind to him, it kind of tears apart, this big ginormous shield he has around him, so he can't be hurt. Um, and that's kind of where my head is at. I'm kind of going bouncing back and forth. Um, you know, my kids, they understand, but don't understand. And, and yeah, it's, it's, it's hard. It's been, it's been challenging so [00:01:22] Barry: Is your mom nearby? [00:01:23] Matt: No, my mom's in C

 Colors - How We Perceive Colors in Life and Color Translates In Our Connections with Each Other | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:46:35

Flowers evolve to be attractive to bees so that they can pollinate and they can reproduce themselves, which is if there's a lot of competition in the flower world, this is why you have such stunning orchids. It's because there's so much competition for bees because they can only pollinate so much in a day; the brighter and more colorful flowers attract the bees.But where did the perception of color come from and why is there such angst about color in our conversation and our lives? https://www.buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace   Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Color is a wild thing. It comes up a lot. It's very complicated. Yes. We're recording, honey. I I've always been confused by it in photography terms because each color has a certain temperature and it's so scientific. Why are I have so many questions? And we have so many topics I wanted to discuss today, but I'll try to stick it to one. Stick to one thing, not stick sticking to one thing, but I don't know, is this what started our color conversation? I was telling you about this person that I really like his artwork. I really like on Instagram and I usually don't follow or want to buy paintings. You know, I don't even hang up our own artwork because be cause I feel like there's so much information and there's so much loudness happening, not loudness as in aesthetics, but loudness as an information and talking that's happening. I feel like the furniture talks to me. I feel like when there's art or a photograph, well, photograph is art, but when there's something on the wall, it's constantly communicating with you and I need some quiet, right. Because I'm already; bear with me folks, but I already feel like even just sitting, I feel like I'm hearing and understanding, or at least taking part in whatever is happening in the world, I'm hearing it. You know what I mean? Does that sound totally off the wall? I don't want to sound too. Woo. [00:01:40] Matt: You know, for me as a individual, I don't like wearing logos. I don't like wearing logos on my shirts. I don't like wearing logos on my jackets. I don't like wearing, you know, let alone a band name on it. [00:01:54] Fawn: That's because it's talking to other people it's not talking to you. Is it talking to you? [00:01:58] Matt: The thing is, is that I feel the need then to defend whatever it is I'm wearing. So like it's like I could never get a tattoo because I'd have to defend that forever. [00:02:10] Fawn: That's a different subject. What I'm saying is things that speak to you. I guess tattoos are speaking t

 Social Penetration Theory - Outlining the Stages and Layers of Friendship | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:50:01

Social penetration was theorized in the seventies by two sociologists trying to figure out how people become friends and attempting to categorize different kinds of classifications of friends. We break down five stages of friendship today to better understand our relationships.   #ErwinAltman, #universityofUtah, #DolmasTaylor, #universityofDelaware, #socialpenetrationtheory, #sociology, #orientationphase, #affectversuseffect, #deepfriendships, #relationships, #stablestage, #de-penetrationstage, #conceptofself, #society, #friendship, #spiritualconnection, #socialmedia, #zoom, #exploratoryaffective, #socialexchangetheory, #successproposition, #costsandrewardsofrelationships, #Aristotle'sNicomacheanethics, #cottoncandyfriends Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Hi everybody. Welcome back. Hello. Welcome to our friendly world. Have a beautiful every day. Are you having a beautiful day, a beautiful evening. Beautiful afternoon. Um, do it. Hi everyone. So Matt, Matt's going to kick it off today with a horrible, horrible, nasty title. [00:00:26] Matt: Thanks for that [00:00:27] Fawn: I mean, you didn't make it up, but go figure the patriarchy did, right? From the what? 1950s, seventies, 1970s. Same difference. [00:00:37] Matt: Seventies was a very different time than the fifties. [00:00:39] Fawn: So who are these guys? Erwin Altman of the university of Utah. And Dolmas Taylor of the university of Delaware. We have no idea how these guys knew each other. Were they friends? I don't know. Do you know? Absolutely. [00:00:53] Matt: But they were researchers. Yes. [00:00:56] Fawn: Sociologists. So check it out, guys. Take it away. Matt, [00:00:59] Matt: social penetration theory. [00:01:02] Fawn: ewe. [00:01:03] Matt: Yeah, exactly.

 The Quiet Friend - Speaking Up in Defense of Others or Having Our heads in the Sand? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:52:51

When is it OK to be quiet? When someone is hurting, is it OK to be quiet? When you know there is injustice, do you go about your day and just focus on yourself? If you lived in Europe before WWII and you noticed your friends and neighbors disappearing, would you go about your business and think, "Oh well, I am going to focus on my own breath and well-being and that is the outside world I have no control of"????? In our previous episode, our guest kept saying that we are not responsible for the world and that we are only responsible for ourselves. I TOTALLY DISAGREE. Although I know it is essential for a person to be well centered and strong in order to help others, I feel that we are interconnected and that we are here in life, together, and even if it is through some unseen force, I am here to help and provide comfort and support for all of life. Our talk today comes out of the last episode we did with Sharon  Caren. I got really quiet. for those of you who know me, well, I usually will just state my opinion, and stand up for stuff. But out of respect for Sharon, I got quiet because I also felt like maybe I was being misunderstood and as I was feeling more and more upset, I got quieter because I did not want to fight with our guest. I respect her and I think she is a wonderful healer. I just did not like that I got quiet and that I did not speak up (although I did try). This episode is my chance to discuss the ramifications of quiet as well as the good ways of quiet as we use the beautiful children's picture book by Deborah Underwood  (Author), Renata Liwska (Illustrator), to steer our conversation about this topic. I introduce you to The Quiet Friend". Please email me and let me know your point of view. https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/contact/ Transcript [00:00:00] Matt: It was running the whole time, this little stopwatch, that we keep track of how long the show runs. And I had it on yesterday cause I was on the exercise bike and but it was running. And so when I took a look at it this morning, it was still running. And so when I actually hit stop and then restart in my head, I hear a little voice going: "oh man!" so like the little, the little man in the computer thought he was doing something super cool and useful going, oh my God, I can't believe the stop-watch is running this long and this long and this long and getting more and more excited. And then he finds out that I, the quote-unquote user just boom, boom. And he realized everything was pointless. And so he's like, oh God,

 The Inside Job with guest Sharon Caren | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:58:31

What would you love in life? What would you love? Isn't that a beautiful question to ask yourself, to ask your friends to ask people out there, what would you love? how do we raise our sense of wellbeing? How can we go from a fearful thought to, a blissful thought? When there's some crap in front of you, how can you switch that situation around? How can we do that? How can we go from fear-based to total bliss? How do you do that? Today we're going to get into how to have clarity and power in life, by first asking the question: "What would you love?" things that you can't see, just because you can't see them doesn't mean they don't exist. In this episode with spiritual coach, Sharen Caren, we discuss the importance of the inside job and the unseen force we focus on today is the Akashic records. We're going to talk about Meridian systems within our bodies that are not just within our bodies. To reach out to Sharon and receive a free chart: https://www.sharoncaren.com/ To support our show and hear about get-togethers with friends (sign up to email and support our show with coffee:https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace       Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: What would you love? What would you love? Hi, everybody. Welcome. Welcome back. Welcome to our friendly world. There's a special treat for you today. There's a special treat for you every day, let me just say this phrase that came from our friend, Sharon, who you're going to meet in just a couple minutes. One of the first things I remember her saying to me was this question that she posed to me and the way she asked it with such caring was "What would you love?" What would you love? Matt? What would you love in life? What would you love? Isn't that a beautiful question to ask yourself, to ask your friends to ask people out there, what would you love? [00:00:45] Matt: Yeah, absolutely. I totally get it because like, one of the things I hold on to is typically, any action we're either moving from love or from fear. So focusing on the love part is probably going to be [00:00:57] Fawn: healthier. And this is perfect because one of the things we're going to get into is how to raise our vibrations . To you can, okay, Matt is rolling his eyes at me, but like, how do we raise our sense of wellbeing? How can we go from a fearful th

 Galvanized - How Our Friendships and Thoughts Change the World | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:22:44

This is an URGENT message for today! Let's change what is happening right now! The world is a safe place, you guys (I KNOW, I KNOW... lately it feels and looks like it's the end of days. It's scary), but there's more to it. The world is also a loving, friendly place. The world is a small town and everyone is your friend. And there are all kinds of friends, each one with various amounts of capacities and areas of focused abilities and ways about them. In this episode, we provide a key to changing the world. We talk about how one man can create chaos and make millions of people experience terror. We talk about how one person also has the power to make everything GREAT! That one person is you. That one person is us. We talk about Nikola Tesla and remind each other of how truly powerful we are and how we can TOTALLY change the world in the midst of terrible things happening. We've been doing different episodes, "The Quiet Friend", "The Weird Friend", all the different types of friends. Right. And they weave in and out in all directions. If you step away (or up) far away enough in your awareness of the world, you may notice how it's interwoven everything really is. #Galvanized, #Electric, #powerful, #light, #spark, #change, #electromagnetic, #hotstuff, #ignition, #theworldisasafeplace, #akindworld, #afriendlyworld, #ourfriendlyworldwithfawnandmatt, #betterstrongertogetherTune in to this episode and also to a previous episode when you are done, and you can hear a great reminder from our friend Rachel Chevalier. to contact Fawn and Matt: https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/contact/   to support our show:https://www.buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace previous episode from last March: https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/unseen-forces-w-special-guest-rachel-chevalier/   Galvanized Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back. Welcome back, everybody. [00:00:02] Matt: Hello! [00:00:03] Fawn: Welcome to our friendly world. The world is a safe place, you guys, but there's more to it. The world is also a loving, friendly place. The world is a small town and everyone is your friend. And there are all kinds of friends, each one with various amounts of capacities and areas of focused abilities and ways about them.

 Friendly Step #3 - Maintaining the Friendship | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:15:50

Step three! DON'T WAIT! A quick 15-minute talk on what to do to maintain a friendship.Remember to go to https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/ to let us know about your progress and support our show with a cup of coffee: https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/support/   Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Hello, everybody. Welcome to our friendly world. Hello. Good morning. We haven't done this in a long time. Remember we used to actually introduce ourselves. Hello. Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. Good day. Good. Every day. I am Fawn [00:00:15] Matt: and Matt. [00:00:16] Fawn: Hello? [00:00:17] Matt: Hello. It's kind of strange. We're actually not recording from our kitchen today. [00:00:21] Fawn: Why didn't you have to say that? [00:00:24] Matt: I can tell the vibe is [00:00:25] Fawn: different, so maybe we should go back to the kitchen. So we're on the couch right now, because for some reason I have been so beyond tired and before we went into the kitchen to record, I was just joking. I'm like, let's just do it right here on the couch. And then I walk away for a few seconds and then, viola! . The setup is on the couch. And then you got mad at me when I said, no, you said, how, how am I supposed to know? You said the couch. So I set up the couch, [00:00:52] Matt: you said the couch. You didn't say, ha, just joking. You didn't say no, no, no, seriously. Let's do it in the kitchen. No, you didn't say any of that. You said let's do it on the couch. [00:01:00] Fawn: I was totally joking because I couldn't even think of how am I going to peel myself, peel my butt off th

 Gaslighting in America - That No-Good Friend with special guest Emily Powell Gilliam | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:27:52

This episode came about as our friend Emily was "Goodwill Hunting" and our conversation that began on Gaslighting in America. We laugh and we get scared and we ultimately feel empowered to live a good life, one in which we support each other and are mentally, physically, and socially healthy and good and we laugh again. Join this conversation about gaslighting, existential guilt crisis, how to deal with gaslighting at work and with friends and family, and also poop emojis. You will LOVE your new friend Emily Powell Gilliam! Emily Powell Gilliam is a designer of play objects and founder of Why & Wiser, creating artful games and gifts for clever kiddos and their grownups. To reach Emily:http://www.epgdesign.co/ http://www.whyandwiser.com/ https://www.instagram.com/epgdesignco/           Transcript [00:00:00] Emily: I had lots of ways of dealing with her. And for four years that was enough. And then, you know, I S I just like, it wore me down and my own, like physical, well, mental first health, and then physical health, just like, you know, went over a cliff, like, and told that if I wanted to be considered for promotion, I needed to work on being softer, use shorter words, be less aggressive. And that I intimidated the owner basically like be more female. [00:00:47] Matt: See that that's weird because , when you were describing it, I was like, oh my God, where are you coming across as, too passive? And that's why they didn't consider you for a manager because they didn't see you as a manager type, but they just saw you as a rabble rouser, and a troublemaker, but then why not just, can you, I mean, it's, it's a weird thing. [00:01:04] Emily: Well, if they canned me, they would have to pay unemployement. and my twin, is far less straightforward as a person because I'm not, [00:01:14] Matt: you're not a shrinking violet. [00:01:16] Emily: I'm not even a violet, I'm like a thistle My husband was like, you can't, you can't stay there. And then my therapist was like, you're literally doing physical damage to your body from the extended, stress of dealing with this [00:01:35] Fawn: Th

 Friendly Steps Towards a Friendly Society - Wings of Desire | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:15:34

Here is a quick episode of another fun technique to make the world better! Contact us! Let's talk! We want to talk! https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/contact/ Also, COFFEE for Fawn and Matt???  https://www.buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace TRANSCRIPT _ Friendly Steps 2 Wings of Desire [00:00:00] Fawn: Hello. Hello. Again, welcome to our friendly world, everybody. So you know how we're now doing little sprinkles here and there of baby steps I just wanted to add something new to our show. Sprinkled in between the long shows, I want to do these baby steps I'm calling them friendly steps. I may change the name. If you have something better, let me know. But if you put them all together, we're going to take baby steps together. And if you put them all together, I believe this is my version. Now I'm not a big PhD person. These are all my own thoughts as a photographer when I've had time alone, when I've been noticing throughout my life, things that happen. People's behaviors. I'm not affected by the Brenee Browns out there, which I respect, but these are all my thoughts. And so I want to introduce you to all the ways I think we can create a utopian type of society; one, where it's truly a friendly world and things that I tried, things that I have, that I would tell you about that we would call nuggets of wisdom from Santa Monica, from my mentor, from. From the friends in the neighborhood. These are all the lessons. So now what I want to do is do the steps, friendly steps. They're like little baby steps and don't worry. They're all fun. They're all meant to give you a spark of joy, inspired by a divine spark in you and the universe. There's no way that you can miss a step. It's just fun, little things to do. You don't have to do any of them in order. They're just little sparks of inspiration that will give you a chuckle and hopefully make other people feel good. So today's baby step today's friendly step is this. The first part of it is I want you to, do something, That I think came out of the 1980s. I don't remember. It's one of my favorite movies. I haven't watched it in a very long time. I've talked about it on the show before it's called "Wings of Desire". It takes place in Berlin. When the Berlin wall was up. It's a beautifully done movie. It's very artistic. It is just deep and beautiful. It has Colombo in it. For those of you who know Peter Falk. You don't have to watch the whole movie, just like even just watching the first part of the movie is enough to give you the inspiration for this baby step, this friendly step that we're going to do together. "Wings of Desire" is about these angels. And as the movie opens up, these angels have certain spots, they hang out in. A lot of them, hang out in the libraries. A lot of them hang out on top of buildings with gargoils and they're watching people. These angels will focus on one person. And follow that person

 The Surrogate Friend | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:40

What are we substituting in place of real friendship? How is this changing our society? Are we able to notice the spells that are cast in our lives and how they change our friendships? What are these spells? This is our conversation today.Your experience matters to us. Please contact us and talk to us...https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/ and perhaps donate a cup of coffee to support our show: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace    The Surrogate Friend – TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: I don't know if I ever showed you this, but there was a vegan cooking show done. Uh, very, I don't know. Is there such a thing as a goth heavy metal guy, [00:00:10] Matt: that there was no goth heavy metal, oh dear. [00:00:13] Fawn: He was very underground, scary sounding. He sounded like a demond, [00:00:17] Matt: right. But that's not goth. That's like when you start getting. into like, I don't know, extreme death or [00:00:23] Fawn: he was like that [00:00:24] Matt: or all the stuff I don't listen to. Cause folks, I love clean vocals makes me a bad person. Then that makes me a bad person. [00:00:31] Fawn: Did you show me that? Or did I find it on my own? Probably [00:00:34] Matt: found it. And this was in that point in time where vegans were completely weird and this certainly didn't help anybody make any kind of a case for it. [00:00:42] Fawn: But so he was singing with that, like demonic sound. And teaching you how to make vegan Pad Thai in his basement. It wasn't a basement. It was like this underground, like under in the catacombs. I don't know. It was very dark and mysterious and. Crazy soundness, because

 Friendly Steps Towards A Better Society - 1 Brand New Day | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:14:57

We're going to try something new and once in a while, there will be these short bursts of episodes, each one a task we'll complete to make our world better. Please reach out to us and talk to us:https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/contact/   Coffee for Fawn and Matt:https://www.buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace     Transcripts - Friendly Steps 1 Brand New Day [00:00:00] Fawn: Hello. Welcome. Welcome, welcome to our friendly world everybody. I have something new. We're going to try something new and once in a while these will be like short bursts of episodes, but there'll be a really powerful, are you ready for my idea? No, don't be scared. They're like, so I wouldn't call them, we know we had, before we had friendly reminders, we'll still have them sprinkled around but friendly reminders came from Santa Monica. They were, we called them nuggets of wisdom. They came from the friends in the neighborhood. So I want to try something, I'm going to call friendly steps. We may change the name. I'm not sure, but they're like baby steps and it's not like, step one, step two, step three., You have to go in order, anything like that. They're just baby steps to get our society going to that beautiful little utopia that we envision. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, baby steps. And today I want to start with a brand new day because it just, this is something that's bothered me ever since I can remember. How people completely go wild on new year's Eve midnight, the stroke of midnight. They start cursing the year that is about to end and saying, Ooh, brand new year. Welcome. Love you and cursing the one that's just leaving. Right? Inevitably, it just feels like every party I've gone to, every show I've seen late at night, midnight watching our society ring in the new year. They do that. And it always horrifies me that, oh my God. Just, if you can think of it as a second ago, like a year ago, just a second ago, you were saying the same thing about this year that you're now cursing goodbye, right? Like it was horrible. I hate you. Bye. Get outta here, you know, in fact not, and not respecting it because it has brought you to where you are, you were alive, you are here, you're breathing and it has brought you here and is ceremonially leading to a brand new day where in fact, every day is a brand new day. So this is the friendly step today. It's about the brand new day and every friendly step, what I'm going to do is have you do something so teeny tiny. Just do it and see what happens. Today, or, when you think of it, when you feel, when you're moved to do it, the keyword being move, notice anyone, someone. Maybe start with a stranger. Preferably I prefer to do it with a stranger. Oh, don't, don't take that out of context. Um, look at someone and find something extraordinary about this person. You can do this from a window and the person can be far, far away, but you can still see them when you spot that extraordinary thing.

 Making, Baking, and Breaking Bread Together - The Gata, with Joseph Krikorian | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:28:37

This is a longer show for a reason. We begin before Joey shows up by expressing some emotional stress and turmoil that happened to us this past week from fires to blizzards, to another case of Fawn experiencing some more racism, yet another mass shooting in Colorado, to all the other stuff. We talk about how important it is to clear the air before we meet our friends, before a ceremonial time together. So we do this before Joey shows up. When Joey shows up, we discuss the importance of ceremony, the importance of learning and respecting each other's cultures and history, Star Wars, why pronunciation is such a trigger, and then we continue talking as we make, bake, and break the Gata Bread. Just press pause when you need to and come back and make sure you hear all of this episode (where you'll learn to make the most amazing ancient dessert) and make sure you are present for the last 30 minutes as we come to a very special understanding about get-togethers in life. Some Links: If you would like to support our show by buying us a coffee:https://www.buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace To reach Joey:  Kryptontoalderaan@gmail.com. https://www.instagram.com/kryptontoalderaan/ https://linktr.ee/kryptontoalderaan https://twitter.com/kryptonalderaan   To reach Andrew Janjigian Pictures and recipe for Gata – Thank you, Andrew Janjigianhttps://www.seriouseats.com/gata-5185123   Preshow therapy Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Our sweet friend, Joey is coming here soon in like a few minutes. And one of the things we always talk about is the art of being a good host. I feel like I needed to talk with you all before Joey comes. So before a friend comes, have you ever experienced this? When you've had a hard time with something, it could be anything, but you're having a hard time meaning that maybe you're not in the best mood and that you need to process something first before you open up the doors and go, hi. Yay. Our friend is here. Right. [00:00:38] Matt: So no, and I get that, but you know, being raised in a more Germanic household, we just compartmentalize, [00:00:44] Fawn: well, I don't. And before, before sweet Joey comes, I need to express, I need to communicate what's been bothering me the past few days. Yesterday was Elle's birthday. Right? The day before that I had to take her for immunizations. I got into a really bad mood. Like I wasn't expressing it to anyone, but it was a seed. Something was bothering me and it was starting to build. Every time I experienced any form of microaggression or macro aggression. It takes me by surprise because every time I process it, I'm like, okay, that's done. I'm not going to continue with this baggage. I'm going to clear it and I'm moving on as if that was just a one-time occurrence.

 After the Show Conversation with Joey Krikorian | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:26

Join us for more conversation with our friend Joey as we get more relaxed and talk about Star Wars, pasta, geology, music, Armenia, and our next episode together and all the things we did not get a chance to talk about (about the root of why things happen the way they do). To contribute to our podcast, you can buy us "a cup of coffee" by leaving us a little something, or a big something ;) here:  buymeacoffee.com/friendlyspace     Transcript [00:00:00] Matt: And just because this could be interesting, but yes, I want to talk about man and his sense of smell, but that's going to be handled in the next show, which is great. I also wanted to talk about, you know, there is a tradition, an Italian tradition as far as like, um, you know, pasta comes from the far east and the Italians have quote-unquote made it their own so that the, and during the Roman empire, they grabbed spices from everywhere they could grab it from the spice road, for instance, I mean, God, that that's a culture addicted to spice, right? Yeah. Also Joey. I wanted to mention something very interesting. There is a book it's actually two books, the graphic novels it's called "Maus", M A U S [00:00:43] Joey: a hundred percent. [00:00:44] Matt: He actually talks about how his father didn't want to tell his stories. And he actually gets an explanation from his father and then his father completely changes his tune, but very, very powerful series of books. [00:00:57] Joey: I think I want to say something to the first point you've made, which is that I should've said this one thing my Armenian grandfather always did as much as we didn't talk about anything else related to Armenia, anything, anything in the world he would point to and say, Armenians invented that, or that was Armenian pasta, grape leaves. I don't know any, anything, anywhere. That was his go-to thing. And it's like something, it was just part of my. Childhood hearing. Right? So it never, like, it was always just a thing, you know, it was always just a thing in my life. So, uh, I never really asked any questions or anything, but looking back that was pretty fun and entertaining and pretty much the truth. You know what I mean? I get it. I get it. [00:01:46] Matt: And for [00:01:48] Joey: go ahead, go ahead. If we're continuing down that same line. Okay. Well to "Maus". Yes. And what a great book and what a great like. EV everyone should read it. You


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