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Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt

Summary: This is about making friends, nurturing the friendships we do have, and growing a loving community. Friendship is the key to social/economic justice, health, joy, and peace for ourselves and our global family. Fawn and Matt explore the psychology of human connection and how to transform our society to become a friendlier one, by relearning how to make and keep friends in a healthy manner. Through thought-provoking conversations, we are able to show up for one another, seeking wisdom about our society, culture, history, and life experiences. This is a friendship movement meant for the healing and building of a better world for families, corporations, and neighborhoods around the world. Words create coherent energy of compassion, appreciation, love, and respect for all life; ourselves, humanity, and our natural world. Friendship experts Fawn and Matt are here to relay the art of friendship for today's world, creating a kinder society through the Art of Friendship.

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 The Ugly Truth - Harsh but Truthful | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:46

We're talking about telling it like it is, not being worried about looking ugly, and not allowing ourselves to get so offended. Everyone goes through moments where they get offended in a friendship. But have you noticed that in our current culture, as soon as someone gets offended, it's the end of the friendship?Relationships have become disposable because it's so easy to just avoid a person or a certain problem forever, and never want to talk about it again. This takes us back to the saying “How you start something is how you end”. We can't end on a bad note and think that we can go into this other thing and start all over, with a clean slate. The same issues will inevitably come up again. So if we get offended by someone and we end that relationship because we never want to talk to this person again, whatever issue was a charge is going to happen again. That same issue in some other form is going to come up again. Further discussion leads us to explore when being polite at all costs is ruining our humanity and our relationships/friendships. We explore the delicate balance of telling it like it is, perhaps appearing harsh, but needing to be truthful in order to be good friends. Sometimes being unafraid to look foolish or ugly can save our lives. TRANSCRIPT Hi [00:00:01] FAWN: everybody. Hello. Welcome. I told you, what did I tell you about the Hello . [00:00:07] MATT: Hello everyone. [00:00:08] FAWN: Thank you. Hello. Love you. Love is winning. [00:00:15] FAWN: oh dear. This week, today we're talking about giving it to you straight, telling it like it is, right? So I'll tell you how it is, honest. I have to get things off my chest. This week was hard, This week was hard. Uh, Allegra had a meltdown. I'm like, Okay, let's change the perspective. The meltdown happened because of math, which, you know, when I started homeschooling, I started to really love math because, My perspective changed and I got emotional about it. [00:00:46] FAWN: Like I really wanted to understand this thing that always gave me trouble in school. And then, because I could start from the very beginning, like preschool age up until now, we're like, you know, the kids are like, like big [00:01:03] MATT: seventh, ninth, 10th, seventh, eighth, ninth, 10th. God, I missed eight. [00:01:08]

 How to Make New Friends When You Move to A New Place | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:26

How to make friends when life has changed? How do we make friends when our life has completely changed? And that change could be a move, it could be being in a completely different situation, a new job, people we love passing away, or we give birth, become parents, etc, etc. Things open and close. Things happen, and life changes. That's when we start looking around to see if we have friends for real around us; someone to call, to be with us, to hold our hand; someone we can just walk down the street with, someone to be our witness in life. How can we make friends when life has completely changed or changed a little bit?How do we make friends when we're going through a transformation?It's like jumping into a beautiful lake, but you don't want to because it's gonna be a shocking cold temperature or something. Whatever it is, it's going to be uncomfortable for a few seconds. But Once we're in there, the water's fine and we can open our arms, glide, and enjoy life. In this episode, we discuss steps to take to make new friends in a new place.     How to move to make friends moving to a new place - TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Okay. Hello. We are back. Here we are. [00:00:03] Matt: Hello everybody. How are you [00:00:04] Fawn: doing? Good job, Matt. . I was just telling Matt every time we start the show, hello? He just says hello. I'm like, it just sounds like I spliced your voice in saying hello like a puppet. No. Good. So here he is, everybody. Matt. Hello. Oh my God. [00:00:24] Fawn: So. I made a new podcast friend last week. Actually we met weeks ago, but mm-hmm. . I was on his podcast. His name is Adam, [00:00:35] Fawn: and [00:00:35] Fawn: his podcast is podcasting Business school. So check that out. I think, it's good even if you're not a podcaster, to listen to him because he makes great business sense. . And if you look at it, if you look at people who are doing really well in business, they're actually, you can use their advice also for friendship. [00:00:57] Fawn: But anyway, we were talking and yeah, that's how, how I was doing, I'm like, Oh, you know, finally got through, unpacking the last box. You know, it's been nuts. , he's like, I move too, he. Uh, I think a month and a half before we did, or two months before we did. Mm-hmm. And, and I do recall when we met in this huge forum through Podfest. I think he glanced at our podcast. He didn't know about us. But he was like, Oh, friendship. Well if you're gonna do it, I hope you're doing it on. Like how do I actually teach people to make friends? I'm like, I'm like, Is he talking to me? I t

 The Invisible Lines We Must Cross to Live a Fulfilled Life and Be Able to Create Great Friendships/Relationships | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:53

The invisible line, the invisible barriers that we need to be aware of that will set us free. So the invisible barriers we are dealing with that hold us to certain places in situations, the invisible barriers invisible lines that keep us from connecting to each other. They're all over the place and they come in so many different forms. We discuss some invisible acts of power when once we realize and are aware of them, allow us to break free from the chains that bind us and keep us from living a free life and enable us to create beautiful friendships/relationships.   The Invisible Line - TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Hello everybody. Welcome back. Hello. So the invisible line, the invisible barriers that we need to be aware of that will set us free. So the invisible barriers we are dealing with that hold us to certain places in situations, the invisible barriers invisible lines that keep us from connecting to each other. [00:00:24] Fawn: They're all over the place and they come in so many different forms. But first of all, what are some invisible acts of power? We already did a show, remember with Rachel Chevalier from France, and we talked about grid lines, power lines, right? That are deep in the earth that you can't see. But your body definitely feels, and it changes your health, it changes everything. [00:00:51] Fawn: Lay lines. [00:00:52] Fawn: Remember that? [00:00:52] Matt: Yes. Absolutely. Is it red blood cells? They're affected by magnetism. It's one of those weird things. It's one of the reasons why, No, it's something in the blood. It's not the red blood cells, but it's something in the blood. [00:01:03] Matt: We have this in our bodies, determine which way north is, which is a bizarre [00:01:08] Fawn: thing. Like birds have it right? It's a mineral that exists that it, it's some sort of, Metal or something. Some kind of metal that I think birds have more of. [00:01:21] Fawn: More [00:01:21] Matt: iron in the blood. That's what it is. [00:01:23] Fawn: I thought it was something else like, I don't know. Whatever. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Cause I don't wanna get into the science of it. I wanna get

 The Confidante - The Art of Confession | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:29

we all need someone that has our back. We all need someone to confide in. Today we explore the meaning of CONFESSION and realize that it is something more than a religious act; that it is a way to release negativity from our hearts. But how do we know which person or people in our lives we can trust to do this with? The Confidante - TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: There is a reason why so many songs can bring us such comfort. Like there's a song that says, Have little faith in me, and that's what we all need is to have someone that has our back. That's one of the parts of the art of Friendship, We have each other's backs, right? That you know you're not alone, That when you're going through something that someone is there with you. Maybe they've gone through it already, or they can see better than you in certain circumstances. Today's show, I wanna talk about the confidant, and that came from confess. I was listening to Carolyn Myss. She brought up the whole point of, you know, everything's changing and so many religions and everything, and once you leave Earth, it's not about the religion. It's not, and that, but so many things have been thrown out. What's the saying, Matt? Like, thrown out with the bath water, [00:01:04] Matt: throw the baby out with the bath water. [00:01:06] Fawn: And one of the things that has been thrown out has been confession. And it made me think, And then we actually talk about, it's, it's so weird because on a parallel level we talk about the same stuff carolyn May talks about, you probably don't even know who she is. Uh, sort of, okay. So. The whole idea of confession. I started looking into it. I'm like, Well, I, from my perspective, I understand, I don't really understand the religious, religious aspect of confession. Like what is it really there for? Do you know, Matt, did you have confession growing up in the religion you were raised in? Oh my [00:01:44] Matt: goodness. Good Protestants. Don't do the confession. That was one of Martin Luther's issues with Catholicism. [00:01:50] Fawn: What's wrong with confession? What I mean, what do you think confession is all about? [00:01:55] Matt: Okay, so confession, not unlike communism is a really, really great idea in kind of abstraction. But when you start involving humans into the mix, everything gets messed up. [00:02:08] Fawn:

 Feeling Under the Weather | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:14:35

A reminder from Goethe: For five minutes a day, look at something beautiful, listen to something beautiful, and think of something beautiful, especially so when you're not feeling so well.    This week we focus on what to do when we don't feel well, and what to do when friends don't feel well.   TRANSCRIPT - Checking in on A Friend Feeling Under the Weather [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back everybody. A reminder from Goethe. Yes, for five minutes a day, look at something beautiful. Listen to something beautiful. Think of something beautiful, especially so when you're not feeling so well . So, hi folks. We caught something. We're two chicken to take a k. So we're just quarantining. We're just hunkering down the whole family. We don't know what we have, but it seems like all the other things we've had before. Honestly, like the kids get sick, It starts with, a sore throat and then their eyes get glassy and then it's, uh oh, [00:00:42] Matt: and then it's really low energy. [00:00:44] Fawn: Mm. It's just quiet. They get quiet. Exactly. Low energy, and then you're like, Oh, I'm tired. I'm gonna go. And then it's me staying up all night, cleaning up after everything that gets expelled from these kids all night long. Thank you very much. Matt . Why are you looking away? Like there's somebody else I'm talking to in this room. Oh my God. Matt, why do you do that? ? [00:01:11] Matt: Because I don't wanna accept. Yeah. Anyways. [00:01:15] Fawn: All right. I love you. [00:01:16] Matt: I know God, but my goodness, I, I try, [00:01:19] Fawn: geez. I mean, remember the day we used to fight over who gets to change a diaper? Well, changing diapers [00:01:25] Matt: is cool. That's easy [00:01:28] Fawn: ish. All right, so anyway, we're not feeling so well, so this is gonna be a little short episode.

 The Notebook - A Happy Story | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:20:59

This is not a sad or any kind of sad love story. No, this is a happy thing. This is another baby step  (what we can all do to improve our friendships and our zhuzhiness out in the world, and how we can get to the point where we're creating beautiful bonds). The notebook is one way.  It is a beautiful tool to pay attention to the people we meet to get a good understanding of who they are, what they value, and you know, what cool stuff they like. So it's kind of like doing a portrait of someone; a drawing. So you're really paying attention. And later when you look back on it, it's like a portrait of each person. And let's say it's been 20, 30 years, or a long, you know, so many years or you've moved away, wouldn't it be cool to just look back on it and reflect on the different kinds of personalities you met or you remember what you learned from this person back then?It gives you a sense of comfort. In a way, it's kind of like a security blanket to have a little notebook. The notebook is an easy key we can all use to help us as we venture off and explore growing our friendship circle. Fawn and Matt give examples of how precisely the notebook is accomplished. Reach out to us: https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/ The Notebook – TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: The notebook. This is not going to be a sad or any kind of sad love story. No, this is a happy thing. We're gonna tell you about the notebook. It'll be like when we did the baby steps; we did a few episodes of baby steps of what we can all do to improve our friendships and our zhuzhiness out in the world, and how we can get to the point where we're creating beautiful bonds. The notebook is one way. So here it is, guys. Hello. Welcome back. I'm Fawn. [00:00:35] Matt: Hello? I'm still [00:00:37] Fawn: here. This is Matt. One of the other things that I've been turning to lately, because we are in a completely new environment and we've been meeting so many people, really making an effort to not be lazy. Now we're out there and we're making sure that we're not lazy with our SEL skills. Social emotional learning, as well as, the skills you muster up or the courage you muster up when you're meeting people and when you see someone and you wanna become friends friends, or at least spark something , something wonderful, a wonderful conversation, a little, meet cute moment, a feel good moment, whatever it is, right? The notebook comes in handy. Matt actually has been doing this with beer and other things and other things. . Matt has a beer notebook. So when we moved to Boulder, There were so many beers knobs there, and that's when we got into a crowd of friends. That was their business. Is that they, what? What did they do? Soma, or how do you say it? Soma, Somal. How do you say

 The FedEx Delivery | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:17:05

Case of the missing couch, FedEx, and the opportunity to meet friends; the opportunity to make friends in almost every situation, even situations where it seems like, things are awry. Proof that friendship exists everywhere.   Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back everybody. [00:00:01] Matt: Hello, [00:00:02] Fawn: this is Fawn and Matt. Case of the missing couch and FedEx and the opportunity to meet friends, the opportunity to make friends in almost every situation, even situations where it seems like, things are awry. You all know we moved and we have had so many deliveries. We had no furniture, we bought furniture and a lot of it was being delivered through FedEx and one very heavy package was lost out in the world. No idea where; nobody knew where it was. Lots of calls to the company we bought it from , lots of calls to FedEx. Nobody knew. Ultimately it was this FedEx delivery that landed us to this new friendship, friendship that we're telling you about. So what happened was the couch was missing. It was declared, lost. FedEx said, oh, it was delivered to the wrong address . But we don't know where it is now. I'm like, well, what, what address was it delivered to? [00:01:11] Matt: Right. Nice and simple. [00:01:12] Fawn: They wouldn't tell me anyway, one morning I go to bed at 4:30 in the morning because I was unpacking and doing whatever work that needs to be done in this house. And I went to bed at 4:30 and around seven o'clock, seven 30. Was it seven o'clock Matt? [00:01:31] Matt: It was around 7. [00:01:33] Fawn: There's a knock at the door. [00:01:34] Matt: Boom, boom, boom. [00:01:34] Fawn: The kids are running upstairs. They're like, there's someone at the door. This man in yellow is at the door. He wants something. And I was thinking, oh my God, another salesperson, like, because

 Earth Is A Small Town and Everyone Is Your Friend | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:50:39

This is our very first episode in a public place with in-person live conversations at the local coffee shop!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanting to lead by example, Fawn and Matt share their meet-cute moment on their friendships with Marianne, Danielle, and Hillary. This conversation is all about how to notice the magic, being brave enough to see people, say "Hello" and go further by sparking conversation, creating friendship, and continuing friendship when you come to points of disagreement, learning from those disagreements, and developing the art of a strong friendship.   Fawn, Matt, Marianne, Danielle, and Hillary share how they all met and prove how the world is a small town and you are surrounded by friendship.   To reach out to us, please go to: https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/     TRANSCRIPT: The Earth Is A Small Town [00:00:00] Fawn: The earth is a small town and everybody's your friend. And I dare say, even now with everything that's going around in the world, Uhhuh what's, what's going on in the world. It is still as true as ever that the earth is a small town. And everybody's your friend. Seriously. [00:00:20] Matt: Yeah, but what's this racket and I keep hearing around us. [00:00:23] Fawn: Okay. Hi everybody. We are back. This is our first time out in the wild unmasked, even and we are out, we are at a coffee shop in the most, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We moved Matt and I moved here we are. And this is what happens. The show is more about the art of the start and throughout the last two and a half years, talking to you all, I kind of deep down felt like a hypocrite, talking about friendship and going out there and creating bonds and meeting friends and developing and nurturing friendships when we were sitting all by our lone sums in our kitchen, talking about it. Hey, so here we are. And we're gonna tell you how we did. So here's what happened. It was the power of a coupon. Matt had a coupon for a coffee shop. I had [00:01:21] Matt: a, how many years I had a gift card, two [00:01:23] Fawn: years, two years. You had a coupon for coffee two years. It was in his wallet. [00:01:30] Matt: So just as the pandemic broke, and one of the things that convinced us that this pandemic might not be a joke was I was gonna go meet with Amazon in Colorado. And I was gonna go to their offices and they were gonna do their spiel and giv

 How You End Is How You Begin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:37

Why it's so important to end things on a proper note so that you can have a great new beginning; from friendships to jobs, to moving to a new place. How You End is How You Begin [00:00:00] Fawn: Hello? [00:00:01] Matt: Hello? [00:00:02] Fawn: Hi. Oh, so bears trucks, neighbors, wire transfers, bears documents. It has been [00:00:12] Matt: nuts. What a long, strange trip it's been [00:00:15] Fawn: This talk today is inspired by one of our friends. Who reminded us a couple years ago, really like to really think about it. Something we've always thought about. Like, I, I never, for this very reason, I'm just about to explain. I never, did the normal thing for like new year's Eve and stuff like that because how you end is how you begin. So I never, I. Well, sometimes I did but like sometimes I did, but like I never cursed the year before and said nuts to you, 2020 yay. For 2020, you know, 20, 21 or whatever the [00:00:56] Matt: right. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Why do you blasting the old while praising this completely unknown new? [00:01:02] Fawn: So Heather who was on our show a while, while back. Heather the advisor, she brought up this phrase of how you end is how you begin. So how you begin is connected directly linked to how you ended something. So folks, we finally did it.. We moved, we moved, we moved far away to another part of the planet. And we made sure ceremonial in all ways that we definitely ended things on a note that was. Clear. How would you say it? Mind you we're both still exhausted. We're still deep in the thick of a move and I think last night was the first time we slept in, in a real bed, in a real bed in over a month and a half. [00:01:56] Matt: No. [00:01:57] Fawn: Yes, [00:01:57]

 The Party Pooper and the Expert | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:22:55

A toast: "Here's to those who wish us well, and those who don't can go to hell." Don't let those turkeys get you down. I love turkeys. You know, when we talk about people we don't like and we compare them to pigs or cows or turkeys, it makes me sad because I love all these animals.What's a good word to describe people who just get you down, the ones who take you away from your good path? I'm not talking about your good friends. This episode is dedicated to our loving people that go around, go about their lives, walk their walk, and are in some ways, accosted by people who totally try to throw you off.  Sometimes it comes in the form of random chatter and if you hear enough of this chatter, it can really mess you up. This is a fix for all that stuff. Party Poopers Good [00:00:01] Fawn: morning. [00:00:02] Matt: Hello. [00:00:02] Fawn: Good afternoon. Good evening. Hello to the world. Hello, our beautiful friends. Don't let the turkeys get you down. Don't let those turkeys get you down. I love turkeys. You know, when you talk about people and you compare them to pigs or cows or turkeys, it makes me sad because I love all these animals. What's a good word to describe people who just get you down. Who take you away from your good path? I'm not talking about your good friends. I'm and I'm talking to all of our goodhearted people, right? I'm talking about our loving people that go around, go about their lives, walking their walk, and you're in some ways, accosted by people who totally try to, throw you off. I don't know if it's intentional. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it's not, sometimes it's just the way they are. And if you hear enough of this chatter, it can really mess you up. [00:01:04] Matt: Call 'em party poopers. [00:01:06] Fawn: Oh yeah. Party [00:01:07] Matt: poopers. Every party has a pooper. That's why we invited you party pooper. Oh my God. Okay. Oh, oh, wait. That was a song. Oh. Oh, hope we don't get in trouble for that. Oh, [00:01:15] Fawn: So for example, I'm a yoga teacher, but

 Ethics part 4 "he who cannot draw on 3000 years is living hand to mouth." | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:01

Goethe said "he who cannot draw on 3000 years is living hand to mouth." We explore our history and think about this quote by Goethe as we wrap our ethics series. We explore so much, including Goethe, the four ideals, prosperity, the satisfaction of desires, moral duty, spiritual perfection, Lao Tzu, "Tao te Ching," living simply and honestly, the idea of reciprocity and much more.   TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Yuhoo hello? Hello? Are [00:00:04] Matt: we ready? Oh my goodness. Yes. So here we are. We're back to talk about ethics. Oh my God. Again, um, we're gonna try to wrap it up though, which, which of course, you know, seeing is how we're literally at, uh, one CE or one common era. Ad for you folks who didn't grow up with it. There is an awful lot going on. In point of fact, Goethe said "he who cannot draw on 3000 years is living hand to mouth." [00:00:32] Fawn: Okay. Goethe man or woman, [00:00:35] Matt: man. German man German. He is the man in German, literature. [00:00:42] Fawn: I always get a little scared with anything Germans. [00:00:46] Matt: He does. What's his background. We certainly need to touch a little bit on NCHE today. So that's gonna be really scary. [00:00:51] Fawn: Oh my God. Can we make it a quick one today? We're gonna do what we can do. It's like when you're moving, you're like, okay, we have everything in boxes. And then when it really comes down to it, you're like, oh, wait a minute. There's this piece over here, this piece over there. And you end up just cramming everything into one final box. Right? And I think that's what we're doing today. [00:01:11] Matt: oh my goodness. [00:01:12] Fawn: I mean, ethics is a very complicated thing or si

 The Origins of Ethics and Its Influence on Friendship part 3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:14

ethics and the origins of it, understand ethics, bringing it back to how it is affecting our friendships, how it is affecting our society, and basically ultimately our lives. Ethics is philosophical and it deals, it concerns itself with conduct in questions of good and evil in right and wrong. The definition- Ethical; derived from the Greek word ethos, which means character, and from the word, Mores, which means customs. Together they combine to define how individuals choose to interact with one another. So let's make things better, create a better world, and try to understand the shenanigans that took place that created the whole basis for ethics. We also explore Greek and Roman influence on us to this day. What do we do with this information? Understanding how we got where we are now and where we are now is the key. There are a lot of weirdness, differences, and change we need to look at. Ethics 3 TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Hello, everybody. Welcome back. [00:00:01] Matt: Hello [00:00:02] Fawn: okay. Guess what? We're gonna continue on talking about ethics. [00:00:06] Matt: Oh dear [00:00:06] Fawn: ethics and the origins of it. We're gonna break it down little by little baby steps. Oh my goodness. there is a lot of noise outside. Sorry. It's a hot hot day. We have to have the windows open. You're gonna hear screeching, screeching cars and birds and screeching birds. [00:00:27] Matt: Exactly. [00:00:28] Fawn: And as soon as I said that the birds got quiet. Okay. So ethics where it came from. Well, the origins of it, we were starting to little baby steps, little bites, understand ethics, bringing it

 Ethics and the world of Good and Evil, and Right and Wrong | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:20:18

Ethics is that weird branch of philosophy that concerns itself with conduct and questions of good and evil and right and wrong. And those four words good and evil, and right and wrong sound like they should be like, oh yes, good is right. And evil is wrong, but there are always shades of gray in between. You can do an evil act in the cause of right. You can do a good act in the cause of wrong. Welcome to the weird world of ethics and how it touches our friendships. This episode explores how we can help each other, and how remembering the art of friendship can help you in the midst of the turmoil of ethics, evil, and kindness.  How can you prevail with kindness and not have anything else come into your circle? And just have it be a kind happy world. Ethics 2 TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back everybody. [00:00:01] Matt: Hello [00:00:02] Fawn: hi, good morning. And good evening. Good afternoon. Good all. Good all. All is well. All is well. [00:00:12] Matt: So we gonna put our, [00:00:13] Fawn: no matter what, [00:00:14] Matt: we're gonna put our college caps on today and talk about ethics. [00:00:16] Fawn: Yeah, we started a, we started a thing actually. We're letting you in on really the conversations we have in our kitchen, or when we go out for coffee. Inevitably. It always turns into the ethical dilemma. [00:00:33] Matt: I love, I love the game ethical dilemma, because very scary. You can split the hair and all of a sudden somebody's gonna do something god awful. [00:00:41] Fawn: And it makes me when we play ethical dilemma, it makes me wanna flip the table over. I don't like it. I feel very depressed,

 The Ethical Dilemma | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:24

In philosophy, ethical dilemmas, also called ethical paradoxes or moral dilemmas, are situations in which an agent stands under two conflicting moral requirements, none of which overrides the other. A closely related definition characterizes ethical dilemmas as situations in which every available choice is wrong. We explore ethics and friendship and how ethics have shaped our society. Connect with Fawn and Matt:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/befriendlyworld/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FriendlyWorldPodcastTwitter: https://twitter.com/FriendleeBeLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fawn-anderson-5139431a6/Website: https://www.ourfriendlyworldpodcast.com/Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/id1529286185?mt=2&ls=1

 The True Meaning of 'Martyr' and how it Affects Our Relationships | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:46

Fawn and Matt get into the etymology of the word MARTYR and figure out what it means within our various relationships within our culture and society. Martyr the original sense of it, which means feeling torn between two conflicting impulses. We explore that sense of conflict within our relationships: work friend vs your own private life friend.Can you truly be friends with someone that you work with within a total corporate environment? For example, another example of that without being corporate would be, that most cops are not friends with normal citizens. And then now that we have the world in so much upheaval, we have politics coming into it. Can we be friends with someone who is so politically agitated or so politically distraught or not even distraught, but just so political, as opposed to back in the day, we used just to be friends with everyone.There is the religious friend as opposed to the friend who is not of a particular religion. because there's that division and it very much centers around core beliefs. Another conflicting impulse would be people of the opposite sex. Can men and women truly be friends? And what if you're not of a particular identity? What if you're in a relationship as opposed to being single? Can people who are single truly be friends with someone who is in a committed relationship or a marriage? Can people who have children truly be friends completely with people who don't have children? When we became parents, this was such When you're dealing with such polarized sensitivities in our culture, right now, it is an issue. It is an issue because people have different sensibilities for different situations and you can't always gel, especially when the world seems like everything is a trigger. At the root of feeling and being a martyr is the feeling of being torn between two conflicting impulses. What's the whole idea of a martyr and how are we being martyrs these days within our relationships, within our society? How can we transform out of this state? Transcript - Martyr [00:00:00] Fawn: Welcome back. Are you guys there? Hello? Hello. Happy every day, no matter what's going on in the world, guys, [00:00:08] Matt: are we recording [00:00:09] Fawn: faith? We are recording now. Hi everybody. Welcome. [00:00:12] Matt: Hello. [00:00:13] Fawn: Welcome. Welcome. Welcome back. Good every day, no matter what, let's keep the faith. Um, [00:00:21] Matt: interesting choice


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