Living the Dream with Curveball show

Living the Dream with Curveball

Summary: On the living the dream with curveball podcast I interview guests that teach, motivate, and inspire others. On every episode I interview ordinary people telling extordinary stories about how they contribute to the world to try and make life better for others. I interview a wide range of indivisuals such as authors, singers, actors, athletes, coaches, Etc. When you listen to living the dream with curveball prepare to be motivated and inspired to stop at nothing to achieve your dreams.


 living the dream with podcaster and founder of the PABR Institute Amy Novotny | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1213

Dr. Amy Novotny founded the PABR® with the mission to provide pain, stress and anxiety relief to those who seek a naturalistic form of treatment when other treatment methods have fallen short. Her unique approach comes from her experience treating in a variety of settings and with a wide range of patient populations over the past 12 years. Her background in orthopedics, sports, geriatrics, balance disorders, nerve injuries, and most recently, chronic pain; and influences from coursework at the Postural Restoration Institute gave her the foundation to develop this treatment method to address a wide variety of painful and restrictive conditions. Her methods have helped countless people reduce and eliminate pain, stress, anxiety, orthopedic surgeries, sleep issues and the need for medications. She co-authored two Amazon #1 Best-Selling books Don’t Quit: Stories of Persistence, Courage and Faith and Success Habits of Super Achievers, which share her journey on how and why she developed the PABR® Method. Her ability to speak French and Spanish has allowed her to communicate with and help various clients from all around the world, including France, Mexico, Central America and South America. She has a variety of interests including running 40+ marathons, running 10 ultra marathons (including two 100 milers), completing an Ironman triathlon, photographing wildlife and landscapes all over the world that has led to several of her images being chosen as Photos of the Day, most notably National Geographic Your Shot World Top Photo of the Day. Visit her photography portfolio at

 living the dream with author and relationship expert Scott Hanley | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1551

Scott Hanley has a fervent belief that relationships are built. They don’t just happen! He has accomplished many endeavors throughout his life. But his role as a single father, committed to raising healthy, inquisitive, energetic young boys was convincingly the most rewarding. Scott’s journey as a single parent provides a wellspring of experience, advice, and know-how that he shares with his readers and his audiences as he delivers talks and is heard on podcasts across the northwest and the country. He focuses on building deep and lasting relationships with love and respect as their foundation. He believes that most relationships can deepen and grow more meaningful when approached with a specific intent and commitment to build something great. This can happen between a child and their parent, a wife and husband, a brother and sister, or simply two friends. Every interaction is an opportunity. As a professional building contractor with a very successful career, Scott was also a committed meditation practitioner using his meditation to stay grounded and retain perspective. He has owned and managed his own nationally successful Mobile 4-star restaurant in Cincinnati, OH, a construction company in Cambridge, MA, a design and remodeling business in Portland, OR where he was honored with the Contractor of the Year award all while raising two boys as a single dad. In all cases, relationship building was key to his success His experience and personality earned him guest appearances on the award-winning ABC affiliate morning talk show AM Northwest leading to a permanent role as one of the show’s weekly celebrities. He added to his media work as ‘The Project Pro’ on KPTV Good Day Oregon. Scott graduated from Indiana University and included among his honors, captain of the Hoosiers nationally ranked rugby team and National All-Star Honors his senior year. Scott currently lives with his family in Portland, OR. You can see what else Scott is up to by checking him out on the web at

 living the dream with heart imagery teacher, author, speaker, and podcast host Andrea Petrut | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2015

Since she lost her mother to cancer when she was 11 years old, Andrea took an empowering vision, made it her reality and became her own pillar in life, lifting herself and others on her path. Through Andrea’s Intuitive Relationships Coaching, multi-passionate heart centered women find clarity, sovereignty, and alignment with their heart and life path. Andrea is all in for deep healing and transformation. She loves working with individuals who are ready and committed and who want to always be centered despite the inner and outer chaos. Andrea is able to guide you so you can tune into the gift of your Divine Feminine Energy. You will be able to quickly connect with your truth in all your relationships and lead with your heart. Andrea is a Heart Imagery Teacher at The School of The Heart, entrepreneur, trauma-informed writer, speaker, storyteller, leader, home educator, host of Healing Through Oneness podcast and advocate for love. With a background in sciences and technology, commerce, law, public services, she has worked both in nonprofit and for-profit fields. Originally from Romania, Andrea currently lives with her husband and three children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She loves to create, invent, inspire, build and see the world with all its beauty. Check out her website at

 living the dream with author, blogger, and podcaster Wendy Cunningham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2050

As an atheist who critically thought her way to faith, Wendy Cunningham believes it’s important to evaluate where our beliefs about God come from as we consider where we might be mistaken. This is Wendy’s first solo book project—she coauthored Success Through Failing—but she's been a writer for as long as she can remember. Her blog, and her podcast by the same name, satisfy her desire to inspire, empower, make people laugh, and share truth boldly. Aside from writing and podcasting, Wendy is an entrepreneur, a wife, and a homeschool mom of three. When they’re not traveling, they’re homesteading on 84 acres in Middle Tennessee. Wendy grew up as an atheist but after meeting and marrying her Christian husband, she was forced to confront and reflect on her beliefs. Why did Wendy believe God wasn't real? How had she come to that conclusion? And most importantly, what if she was wrong? There are usually two types of people in any audience, and she can relate and speak to both personally. The first is the non-believer, the one denying or questioning the existence of God. The second is the believer, the one confident in a faith they want desperately to bring their loved ones into but may not be sure how to effectively navigate such a conversation. Wendy brings a unique perspective as someone who has stood and argued from both perspectives and who has logically thought her way through the common existential questions and stumbling blocks.

 living the dream with author, award winning podcaster, and founder of Nick Loper | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1582

Helping people make extra money in their spare time. Best-selling author and award-winning podcaster and blogger at Nick’s entrepreneurial journey began at an early age — selling candy to his fellow Boy Scouts at summer camp, and eventually painting houses in college at the University of Washington.After graduation though, Nick started side hustling in earnest. Some small scale experiments in online advertising soon turned into a full-fledged comparison shopping site for footwear, which earned commission from Zappos, Amazon, and other online shoe sellers.Three years of nights and weekends later, Nick left his corporate gig to become a full-time entrepreneur.It was during this time that Nick’s obsession with different business models and creative ways to make extra money really began. In 2013, Nick started Side Hustle Nation and The Side Hustle Show podcast to begin spreading the gospel of this lower-risk brand of entrepreneurship.Through the blog and podcast, Nick has helped thousands of readers and listeners earn more money and start businesses of their own.Nick live in Livermore, California with his lovely wife, two sons, and Mochi, The Side Hustle Shih Tzu.About Side Hustle NationSide Hustle Nation has been recognized by the Plutus Foundation as a 2-time winner of the Best Entrepreneurship Blog.The site is read by 1.5 million visitors a year, and 30,000 listeners tune into The Side Hustle Show each week.Some of the most popular content includes:99 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Today200+ Legit Ways to Make Extra Money25 Ways I Make Passive Income + 46 More Ideas That Really WorkOne of the most important pillars of Side Hustle Nation is the community element, which is now more than 20,000 members strong on Facebook. BooksNick is an Amazon bestselling author, with titles including:The Side Hustle: How to Turn Your Spare Time into $1000 a Month or MoreThe Progress Journal: A Simple Daily Planner to Make Meaningful Progress on Your Most Important WorkBuy Buttons: The Fast-Track Strategy to Make Extra Money and Start a Business in Your Spare TimeNick loves geeking out on this stuff and am happy to chat about:The state of the side hustle economyCreative ways to make extra moneyThe most popular side hustlesCommon side hustle mistakesAnd anything else related to building extra income with limited time

 Living the dream with shochu and awamori expert, author, and podcast host Christopher Pellegrini | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3442

Christopher Pellegriniis a shochu and awamori expert, author, host, and die-hard Tokyo Swallows fan, incorporating his infectious enthusiasm and knowledge of Japanese spirits in all his professional endeavors. He launched Honkaku Spirits in March of 2020 with the mission of bringing intensely artisanal Japanese spirits to discerning American consumers, especially koji-based spirits including shochu, awamori, and koji whiskey. Hailing from Bristol, Vermont, Christopher received his B.A. in Spanish from Wittenberg University and his M.A. in language education from University College London. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Bioresource Economics from Kagoshima National University. After honing his skills as a brewer at Otter Creek Brewing Company in Middlebury, Vermont, Christopher became a full-time professor at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. Following the launch of Honkaku Spirits, he now teaches at the university on a part-time basis. Respected throughout the industry, Christopher is a judge of the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition as well as Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. In addition to being a contributor to the award-winning “Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails,” his extensive understanding of shochu inspired him to write the first non-Japanese book about shochu and awamori, “The Shochu Handbook.” He also co-hosts two podcasts focused on the education of Japanese spirits: Japan Distilled and Sake on Air. Fluent in English and Japanese, Christopher’s contribution to increasing global knowledge of Japanese spirits continues to shape opinion on the burgeoning category. This is my import company's website which is designed to be a gateway to greater understanding of Japanese spirits in general and koji-based spirits in particular.Twitter chrispellegrini Instagramchristopher pellegrini

 living the dream with army veteran, author, podcaster, and veteran advocate Scott Deluzio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2857

Scott DeLuzio is an Army veteran, having served six years with the Army National Guard, including a deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. Scott’s brother, Steven, was also deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. Unfortunately, Steven was killed in action on August 22, 2010. After returning home, Scott struggled with coping with the stresses of combat, the loss of his younger brother, and adjusting back to civilian life. In the years following Scott’s deployment, he noticed other veterans dealing with their struggles in unhealthy ways. Scott started his podcast, Drive On Podcast, to connect with current and prior service members. He interviews veterans and civilians to discuss personal triumphs, life experiences, and emotional hardships to give hope and strength to the military community. Scott lives in Surprise, Arizona, with his wife, Vicki DeLuzio, and their three children. You can find Scotts podcast athttps://driveonpodcast.comHis book, Surviving Son is available on Amazon or on the website

 living the dream with business owner, podcast host, and radio DJ Leon Davis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2187

On this episode business owner, podcast host, and radio DJ Leon Davis join me. Leon discusses his extensive career in the technology and restaurant industries. Leon also discusses how radio has evolved from when he first got started up until now. Leon is also the host of the altitude adjustment podcast, and he discusses what drives him to continue podcasting no matter how many listeners and followers he has. Leon also gives some great advice on not giving up when chasing your dreams. You can check out everything Leon is up to by going to

 living the dream with whole living consultant and workshop presenter Diane Randall | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2327

Whole Living Consultant, Author of the book, "Jumpstart Your Life", College Instructor and Speaker. Diane Randall is energized, committed, and passionate about leading wellness conversations around life balance, mental wellness, self-care, self-realization, plant-based nutrition, and whole life wellness. Her joy is seeing individuals adapt health and wellness methods that reduce stress and bring harmonious balance to their lives. She excels at equipping busy professionals with workable wellness advice and strategies that meet their demanding lifestyle. She is an author, consultant, workshop presenter and college instructor who taught stress management and resiliency techniques to Chicago police officers. Diane is a professional speaker and former podcast show host whose articles have appeared in publications such as the Vegan Street, Plant Pure Nation, New York Times, Balance, Choice, Consulting Magazines, the Active Times, and American Holistic Health Association (AHHA). She has been a guest on numerous podcasts and appeared on television, including a guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss successful relationships. Diane has earned Life Coach, Guiding Mindful Change coach certifications and attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City and has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. For more information about speaking appearances, podcasts, and access to numerous resources visit her website at Check out everything Diane is up to by visiting her website at

 Living the dream with chiropractor and non toxic healthcare expert Sara Jayne | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1437

Sara Jayne has always been more natural minded, but a panic in 2015 sent her into a tailspin. She knew she needed drastic change, so set out to transform her life. She's been on a mission ever since to help people live their best lives. Sara Jayne enjoys being able to help chiropractic patients, and launched her podcast, Fast Lane with Sara Jayne, in 2020.WHERE TO FIND MEwww. Facebook: /sarajaynek Instagram: @sarajayneklein Linked In: Sara Klein

 living the dream with investing author and microcap invester Mariusz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1505

Mariusz Specializes in area of stock market that finance industry hates and ignores. His mantra-investing where others can’t or won’t. The entire financial industry is set up in a way to generate mediocre investment returns. That’s because everybody wants to invest in stocks of companies that are very well known to everybody. It is very comforting for individuals and money managers to be invested in places where others approve and recognize. The problem with this is that the known assets are priced accordingly meaning that the probability of mispricing is low. Consequently, mediocre returns are the result. The biggest money is made in stocks of companies that are not on the first page of the newspapers. The biggest money is made on companies that are on the 20th page but are on the way towards the first page. But in order to find them, you can’t wait for them to be delivered to you on the platter. You have to go out and find them yourself before everybody else finds them. Many times, you have to go into places where others don’t want to go. That’s where the mantra of “Investing where others can’t or won’t” comes from. When this strategy is performed properly with the correct due diligence, it can create life chancing results. Mariusz is a perfect example of such success. He started in 2009 with $10,000 and he turned it into $6 million a little more than a decade later. No, it hasn’t all been in a straight line with no ups and downs. There was a lot of volatility and frustration on the way. This was the price of success. Overall, this strategy delivered incredible investment returns mostly because in this space there is barely any competition from other investors who are busy chasing the names that everyone recognizes and approves. Mariusz the founder of Classic Value Investors and MicroCap Explosions and creator of Value Investing University. Mariusz is also the author of 11 books on the subject of investing.

 Living the dream with speaker, coach, and recording artist Kevin Roth | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2148

Speaker, Coach, Recording Artist, New Thought , PBS TV, Author and Creator of book and course "Creating A Life of Joy, Meaning and Abundance" Kevin Roth In 2016 Kevin was told he had stage three melanoma, and only a few years to live. Kevin completely changed his diet, life style , got rid of stress and recreated his life. The cancer never returned and Kevin now teaches what he does everyday to create a life he loves. Kevin have over fifty-recordings, sang the theme to a hit PBS TV show, won numerous awards, and became ' rich and famous' only to discover what's truly important... Living a purpose driven life authentically with a daily action plan is the stuff dreams are made of! Kevin’s passion is in his coaching, consulting, and personal appearances blending his new thought concepts with his music to educate and lift people's spirits. Kevin blends mindful-awareness, spirituality and science based evidence to design a life of joy, success and health. Check out everything that Kevin is up to at

 Living the dream with certified reputation repair coach Jennifer Cunningham | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1552

Jennifer’s desire to help those in crisis happened almost by accident. She was trying to recover her own reputation and sense of confidence after a professional humiliation in a job that she loved. Jennifer knew she would not be able to move forward until she got over the feeling of not fitting in. She imagined friends and colleagues pitying sher, wondering if she did any of the things she was falsely accused of.Jennifer hated wondering what they were thinking. Surprisingly, some team mates approached her during that time to offer support. Many wondered how she had the guts to hang in there, when they themselves would not be able to weather the storm.As Jennifer opened up more, she realized many were on her side. That was the beginning of the repair process. Jennifer’s next step to recovery came when she hired a coach who helped her gain clarity and insight. Without her help Jennifer would not have made it through. And then she realized she could take this experience, turn it around and harness what she had learned and help others repair and heal. If you are someone who needs to repair and heal visit Jennifer on the web at

 living the dream with author, football coach, and english teacher Chancellor Jackson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1228

Chancellor K Jackson (1995) was born in Fulton County, Georgia, to Native American parents, grew up in Smyrna, Georgia, and attended Stetson University. For nine years he played football at the high school and collegiate level. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Communication and Media Studies, Chancellor lived abroad in China from 2018-2019. Chancellor fell into writing after his traumatic experience of being arrested, and detained in Beijing for 14 days. His first book, "14 Days in Beijing" has ranked #1 over fifteen times on Amazon in multiple genres. You can keep up with everything Chancellor is up to by visiting him on the web at

 living the dream with author and mindset and empowerment coach Letitia Bates | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 978

Letitia Bates is a mindset and empowerment coach, master EFT tapping practitioner, and award-winning speaker. She is a #1 Amazon bestselling author of I CAN: 12 Keys To Achieve Personal Success In The SMARTEST Way. She is the owner of At The Wheel Coaching, a trauma informed coaching practice.After 20 years in corporate America, Letitia had a big choice to make. Should she continue serving the company she was working for or should she be in service to the calling on her life? She said yes to the call. She now works with women entrepreneurs to help them beat procrastination so they can increase their impact, income, and influence. To be a part of her women’s empowerment group fill out the application at


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