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Summary: From the serious to the sublime … Is it possible to have a news-magazine formatted show only about dogs? DOG EDITION offers a resounding "Yes!" A global team of dog-obsessed journalists and storytellers produce ... news, in-depth reporting, analysis, features, and interview segments in a weekly podcast. DOG EDITION is the flagship show from Dog Podcast Network (DPN). DPN is the first of its kind: a podcasting network as devoted to dogs as they are to us. Brilliant sound, broadcast-quality production values, and great storytelling. Our dogs might not be our whole life, but they sure make our lives whole. At DPN, our mission is to help improve the quality of life for dogs and the people who love them. Our goal is simple: entertain, inspire and inform. DOG EDITION is our modest attempt to pay down the collective debt to humankind's best friend. Dogs have been loyal companions for over 33,000 years ... it’s time to reciprocate and pay close attention to All Things Dog.

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 The Lost Dogs of War in Ukraine | Dog Edition #55 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1873

On February 24th of this year, Russia invaded Ukraine. The United Nations swiftly predicted the war would create the worst refugee crisis in Europe since WWII, and they were proven correct. Millions of people have been displaced, and among them are pet owners faced with a horrific dilemma: what to do with their animals? Bring them along on an uncertain journey? Leave them behind? Many didn’t have a choice. Photos from border crossings around Ukraine show many brought their dogs with them. But then what happened? On today’s show, we look at the journey these people and their pets made as the war unfolded. We speak with some of the people who helped along the way. Among the many challenges faced by refugees, rabies vaccinations proved to be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Without proof of current rabies vaccination, dogs had to be left behind at the border. For others, fleeing with their pets simply wasn’t an option. We also hear about those who stayed behind, and struggled to care for beloved pets in a war zone. Cover Art: The image used in this episode’s cover art was created by Ukranian artist Oleksandr Miroshnychenko. Please visit their Etsy page to offer support: About Dr. Marty Becker Dr. Becker practices in Ohio and is the founder of Fear Free, an organization that provides education to veterinarians and pet owners to look after a pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing. He traveled to Ukraine to offer veterinary services to refugees. About Elisa Dumitrescu Dumitrescu runs the shelter Saved by the Vet in Solca, Romania, which is about 40 minutes from Ukraine’s border. What started as a blueberry farm with her husband, has become a haven for homeless pets. Recently, she has been helping refugees fleeing Ukraine with their pets. Instagram: @dogood_romania About Dr. Jon Geller Dr. Geller is a veterinarian and the founder and medical director of the Street Dog Coalition. This Colorado-based organization provides free care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness. He traveled to Ukraine to offer veterinary services to refugees. He asks that support be offered to Ukraine, rather than his own organization. About Dr. Elena Kostiuk Dr. Kostiuk is the chief of cardiology at the ZOOLUX Vet Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine. When the war started, she moved in to her clinic full time and provided care to the animals of those who stayed in the city. Links to Support Ukrainian Dogs World Vets (for those within the U.S.): World Vets (for those outside the U.S.): Saved by the Vet’s list for Ukrainian support efforts: Association of Pets and people understanding: The following link is to help the Ukrainian army: About Dog Podcast Network (DPN) Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 Crossing International Borders with Your Dog | Dog Edition #54 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2000

On today’s show, we travel through the heart of Europe, crossing borders and winning hearts. This extraordinary narrative podcast segment is the first winner of our 101 Dog Stories Contest. Crossing international borders with your dog has always been complicated. But after Brexit, travel between the United Kingdom and the European Union became much more difficult. We explore some of those changes, including the difference between pet passports and animal health certificates. Our hosts also share their experiences crossing borders with dogs. James Jacobson tells how he helped changed rabies quarantine laws in Hawaii for his dog Maui, and Clare Mansel shares her dream of taking the Queen Mary 2 to London with her dog Maple on board. European Union pet travel requirements: United Kingdom pet travel requirements: 101 Dog Stories Contest At Dog Podcast Network, we are searching for 101 dog tales to share with our listeners. Enter our 101 Dog Stories contest by submitting an audio package for a chance to win $100 and a grand prize of $5,000! The contest is open to anyone around the world! We are looking for news, in-depth reports, and interviews about anything dog-related. Learn more at 101 Dog Stories Contest. Check out Dog Podcast Network for other dog-adjacent shows: The Long Leash where we rescue tasty scraps from the editing room floor in an unscripted interview show Dog Cancer Answers which offers vetted advice from real veterinarians who answer your questions about dog cancer Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 Dogs as Medicine | Dog Edition #53 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1608

It’s been said dogs are the ultimate healers. On today’s show, we look at some of the many ways they have helped humans … from the silly to the sublime. In our main story, we hear from Ward Serrill, a corporate businessman who found himself drawn to the Alaskan wilderness. He abandoned his suit and tie for hiking boots and a lab retriever named Woody. Woody’s love and companionship helped Ward look inwards, confront old trauma, and re-learn how to love. To hear the full interview with Ward Serrill, listen to Dogs as Therapists with Ward Serrill on our sister show, The Long Leash. We also look at old folk remedies that included dogs. What do you get when you combine beer, honey, and album graecum? You may not want to know: some old ways really are better left in the past. About Ward Serrill: Ward is a successful author, director, and producer. Among other successful endeavors, he created more than 90 short films and writings. In this episode, Ward discusses his memoir “To Crack the World Open: Solitude, Alaska, and a Dog Named Woody”. This book depicts a heartfelt coming of age story about a dog as a co-pilot into self-discovery. “From a remote cabin in the rugged rainforest of the Alaskan wilderness, where the untamed landscape tumbles into the ocean, a remarkable yellow Labrador retriever named Woody helped an exile from corporate America seek a fierce freedom.” Ward lives in Port Townsend, Washington, dances the tango, and plays harmonica. Check out Dog Podcast Network for other dog-adjacent shows. The Long Leash where we rescue tasty scraps from the editing room floor in an unscripted interview show Dog Cancer Answers which offers vetted advice from real veterinarians who answer your questions about dog cancer Follow us in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 Back To Nature With Our Dogs | Dog Edition #52 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1737

Loki the Wolf Dog has over 1.9 million social media followers, and after you "listen" to our audio postcard of his Instagram feed you will understand why. Escape with Loki and his dad, Kelly Lund, as they canoe across an alpine lake, set their dreams alight in a campfire, and chase jackrabbits. We also welcome our new Dog Edition co-host Clare Mansell, located in Ottawa, Canada, and soon to return home to London, England … but not until her retriever Maple gets to experience the pure joy that is Dock Diving. Play along as Clare challenges James to a celebrity guessing game called “Who has More Followers?” [Hint: Loki has a LOT of followers!] Other Links: Great muscles and cute dogs: About Loki the Wolf Dog Loki the Wolf Dog is one of the most famous dogs on Instagram. His feed is chock-a-block with outdoor adventures with Kelly Lund, and his girlfriend Ally. The photos and videos they create are journal entries in a life well lived. Whether running through meadows or across beaches, snowboarding or driving 10,000 miles to Alaska, Loki and Kelly inspire us to get out, explore the world, and make memories with our own dogs. Must-follow for gorgeous images. Loki the Wolf Dog: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 Conservation Canines | Dog Edition #51 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1837

The world around us is constantly changing, and not always for the better. It is undeniable that humans have a stressful impact on wildlife. But the good news is, there are conservation pups working hard to save our environment, one species at a time. Today we speak with Heather Reich, a Game Biologist with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, and she shares with us how her Karelian bear dogs are chasing black bears in order to protect them. Black bears in the Sierra Nevada Mountains often make their way into populated areas that are abundant with easy meals; fruit trees, houses full of sweets, and garbage cans free for the taking. This is dangerous because these bears become comfortable around people and spend less time in their natural and safer environment. This is where Heather’s bear dogs come in. Once a bear is caught acting naughty within city limits multiple times, it is tranquilized and relocated to a less human populated area. Then, the bear dogs haze and harass the freshly released bears to create a negative association with people. But this is not only happening in Nevada. Nils Pedersen is the Director of the Wind River Bear Institute (WRBI) in Alaska, where he breeds and trains Karelians to do conservation work around the globe. Some of his dogs have even found their way to Japan. Picchio is a Wildlife Research Center in Japan that uses Karelian bear dogs to enable peaceful coexistence between people and the Asiatic bears that live in the forest. Junpei Tanaka tells us about his two Karelians who work as wildlife ambassadors to local communities. Lastly, we will hear from Kyoko Johnson, who is the founder and lead K9 trainer at Conservation Dogs of Hawaii. Her conservation canines detect invasive species like devil weed and coqui frogs, to help conserve the delicate flora and fauna of Hawaii. Photo Credit: John Axtell, taken of Heather’s Karelian bear dogs in Nevada Heather Reich Heather Reich is a Game Biologist with the Nevada Department of Wildlife and has 5 Karelian bear dogs. Using Karelians, Heather works to mediate human and bear interactions in the Sierra Nevada Mountains as a method of black bear conservation. Her first two Karelians, Sputnik and Orca, are now retired at 13 years old and are living the life of luxury with Heather and husband Derek. The rest of her pack are active canine conservators. Nils Pedersen Nils Pedersen is the Director of the Wind River Bear Institute (WRBI) in Alaska. He began working with the WRBI in 2011 as the trainer and handler of the Karelian bear dog “Soledad”. Together they have worked to address human-bear conflict issues with all three species of North American bear: brown, black, and polar bear. Nils completed a M.Sc. degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2019. You can support the Wind River Bear Institute at Junpei Tanaka Junpei Tanaka 純平田中 is the leader of the bear team at Picchio’s Wildlife Research Center and has been working there for over 20 years. Junpei has two Karelians, Tama and Rela. Tama means “bullet” in Japanese, was named after Picchio’s first bear dog from the Wind River Bear Institute. Rela means “wind” in the Ainu (indigenous peoples of northern Japan) language, and her name was a tribute to Wind River Bear Institute for first establishing the use of bear dogs as a method of coexistence. You can support Picchio’s mission at Kyoko Johnson Kyoko Johnson is the founder and lead K9 trainer at Conservation Dogs of Hawaii. Along with her conservation canines and volunteer staff, Kyoko works to detect invasive species to mitigate their impact on wildlife and the ecosystems of Hawaii, and detect endangered species for research and conservation purposes. You can donate to this non-profit at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 A Texas Sized Problem | Dog Edition #50 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1677

If you live in North America, you probably know someone with a dog from Texas- they show up in shelters and rescues in all corners of the continent. It’s always heart-warming when a dog finds their forever home, but with this constant influx of Texas dogs, we got to wondering, what exactly is going on over there? The Houston area has an ever-expanding issue with their dog population; even with the tireless efforts of organizations that transport dogs to other parts of the US and Canada, there are still far too many in the Houston area to shelter. On this Episode of Dog Edition, we will hear from people who are working to turn things around for dogs in The Lone Star State. If you’d like to show your support for dogs in Texas, you can help tackle the root of the problem by making contribution to the Empty Shelter Project: Check out this video to see an Empty Shelter Project event in action: About Mary Tipton: Mary Tipton is the Co-Founder of K-9 Angels Rescue and The Empty Shelter Project. K-9 Angels is an all-breed, non-profit 501(c)(3), canine rescue organization established in February 2012. As of December 31, 2021 K-9 Angels has rescued and rehomed over 8896 dogs and 500 cats. The Empty Shelter Project was started in 2017 by K-9 Angels Rescue. TESP is committed to decreasing the pet overpopulation problem by providing FREE spay/neuter and vaccination services to underserved neighborhoods in the greater Harris County area. TESP performs large scale events quarterly, spaying/neutering, vaccinating and microchipping 300+ owned dogs and cats in one day. Since 12/21, the TESP has spayed/neutered and vaccinated over 8000 cats and dogs – all free to their owners. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: About Shelby Roquemore: Shelby Roquemore is a vocal member of the Houston area’s animal rescue community. She started the Houston and Harris County Animal Volunteers page in 2016 and has worked with the county to make improvements to the county animal shelter. She believes that the ultimate path forward for managing Houston’s animal population is through legislation that allows large-scale spay and neuter programs to operate with consistency on government funding. Shelby urges all members of the animal rescue community in Houston and Harris County to start speaking up where it matters most- call your representatives, attend City Council Meetings, speak at the County Commissioner’s Court, and build connections with the people who make the budget. Facebook: Instagram: About Syl Lopez and Aleisha Medley: Crewmembers with the Houston H4M Street Team. Our #1 mission is to spay/neuter owned pets to help reduce the stray overpopulation in Houston. Website: Facebook: TikTok: About Ethan Michelle Ganz My name is Ethan Michelle Ganz and I am an advocate, activist, and community organizer from Houston, Texas. I have worked with individuals, non-profits, and elected officials to advocate for the voiceless and the voices that are not being heard. We all have a part to play to make the world a better place, and I just want to do my part. Thank you for listening and caring about the dogs in Texas. Facebook: Instagram: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 When Dog Adoptions Don’t Work Out | Dog Edition #49 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2024

Imagine adopting a squishy-faced little puppy, falling in love and having a magical six-weeks together … and then realizing it’s not going to work out and having to give her back to the animal rescue. Like, right away. Tomorrow. Can you? Stephanie Nelson had to do it. She adopted tiny little Juniper, a darling little girl with a white diamond on the back of her neck … and found out that her needs were just too much for their family to meet. On today’s show, Nelson joins us to tell her heartbreaking story. It’s the kind of story most dog lovers are afraid to tell. We worry that we will be judged harshly, thought hard-hearted. But the opposite is true. Dog lovers who return their dogs ASAP to be rehomed with families that are a better fit are doing the right thing. Lisa Giesick, a positive dog trainer and Stephanie’s consultant, explains why she did the exact right thing. This is a very special story that will strike a story for anyone who’s ever loved any dog, anywhere. If you’ve ever worried about failing a dog adoption, it will offer you hope and solace. About Stephanie Nelson Stephanie Nelson is an educator who lives in Maui, Hawaii with her husband, twin stepsons, and her dog, Petey. About Lisa Giesick Lisa Giesick is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer who lives on Maui. A leading resource for positive training on the island, she believes that training should be fun for everyone (including your dog) and that it is about building a relationship between guardian and pet. Lisa Giesick started and is lead trainer for Ohana Pet Training after having worked with animals since 1983 and in the animal welfare field for 16 years. She is a certified dog trainer with the CCPDT (CPDT-KA) and a member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), and PPG (Pet Professional Guild). Lisa is a certified evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program. LinkedIn (99+) Lisa Giesick | LinkedIn Facebook: Instagram: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 When Dogs Talk Back | Dog Edition #48 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1887

You know your dog understands A LOT of what you’re saying. But what if they had a way to respond to you using words? On this episode of Dog Edition, we are taking a look at the “talking” buttons that are being used to assist and enhance peoples’ communication with their dogs! This trend took the internet by storm in 2019, and has made many of us rethink our preconceived notions about the limitations on our ability to understand our dogs’ internal worlds. We will be hearing some amazing stories of people whose relationships with their dogs have been transformed by using these buttons, we will take a look at this trend through a scientific lens, and we will hear from the entrepreneur who has pioneered this new frontier with cutting-edge technology and a passion bringing enrichment to the lives of our animal friends. About Leo Trottier: Leo Trottier is a unique blend of cognitive scientist, software engineer, product designer and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of CleverPet, a startup that uses smart hardware to teach pets automatically through advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques. Leo is an alumnus of San Diego's EvoNexus and the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator (powered by Techstars). He has a degree in cognitive science and A.I. program at the University of Toronto and started CleverPet while a Ph.D. candidate at UC San Diego. Before CleverPet, Leo ran Scholarpedia, Wikipedia’s academic equivalent, where he worked with Nobel Laureates to "wikify scholarly canons. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:, LinkedIn: About Michelle Pierce: My name is Michelle and I have been teaching my learner, Lexi since February 2021. A little about me and how we got started, I struggle with chronic illness, and I was looking for an outlet to pour my energy into as a distraction from pain. I watched @Whataboutbunny on TikTok and decided to try it for myself. I went in with zero expectations. Now, about a year later, I have a new and closer bond with Lexi and a whole community of fellow animal lover who are following our journey! Thanks for following along. Website: Intagram: YouTube: TikTok: About Zachary Silver: Zachary Silver's research explores how dogs and other canid species use observed behavior to socially evaluate humans along several dimensions invluding morality, competence, and social rank. Zachary is also interested in the effects of formal training on sociocognitive development Website: Twitter: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 Betty White - An Appreciation | Dog Edition #47 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2083

Who didn’t love Betty White? No one, that’s who. We all loved Betty White. In this special episode, we remember the legendary entertainer with two special guests who have experienced her loyalty, kindness, and lovingness first-hand. Betty White Probably Wouldn’t Mind Our Comparing Her to a Really Good Dog If you’ve been alive for the last 60+ years, you’ve probably been entertained by Betty White. She was one of the hardest-working folks in show business, star of stage, both big and little screens, author … there wasn’t any side of show biz she didn’t know inside out. She was also a massive animal lover. The list of animal lives she touched both literally and figuratively is too long to list, but there is no doubt that she specifically adored dogs. We speak with Christine Benninger, CEO and president of Guide Dogs for the Blind, about Betty’s tireless efforts on behalf of their organization. Along the way, she spills the tea on how dogs who went to live with her were, er, a little spoiled. We also speak with Marc Liepis, a publicist, writer, and producer who produced Betty White for five separate appearances on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show. His memories of how kind and open-minded Betty White was are insightful, and funny. She even used a joke he pitched her you can see on YouTube His must-read article about Betty White is on Medium: Rest in Peace, Betty White. We’re sure you have lots of people with and without fur meeting you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for everything – for the love, and for the laughs. About Christine Benninger, Guide Dogs for the Blind Christine Benninger is CEO and president of Guide Dogs for the Blind, the largest guide dog school in North America. They prepare highly qualified guide dogs, guide dog readiness skills, and youth programs to empower individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Christine joined Guide Dogs for the Blind in April of 2014. Prior to joining GDB, she spent 17 years leading the Humane Society Silicon Valley, where she and her team helped save the lives of tens of thousands of animals and greatly reduce pet overpopulation problems in Santa Clara County. Under Chris’ leadership, Guide Dogs for the Blind has expanded its program offerings to include Orientation and Mobility training for individuals with insufficient skills to qualify for guide dog training, a companion dog program for visually-impaired children and advocacy in support of GDB’s visually-impaired communities. Guide Dogs for the Blind Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: About Marc Liepis Marc Liepis is a writer, producer, and publicist – in other words, a floor wax AND a dessert topping. He started in publicity working at NBC for Conan O'Brien, Lorne Michaels and the cast of SNL. He segued to producing hundreds of Late Night segments with Jimmy Fallon and writing for award shows, daytime, game shows and news. Over the span of his career he has worked alongside writers, producers, researchers, journalists, executives, and talent including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell, Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig and many more. Marc has trained a generation of publicity practitioners and most recently ran communications for VICE Media's VICELAND and launched "Desus & Mero" into the late night universe. Medium: LinkedIn Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 Dogs as Healers | Dog Edition #46 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1962

For centuries dogs have been regarded as (hu)man’s best friend; but for many of us, sharing our lives with dogs is more than a preferred lifestyle. You may have felt it before– the sense that your dog has a massively positive impact on your overall well-being. Well, you’re not alone! There is a reason why dogs are used professionally in a therapeutic setting. Dogs are natural-born healers, capable of providing the most primal form of comfort, and helping people process trauma. If you look closely, your dog may even present you with opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth. In this episode we hear from two very different people who have witnessed the incredible healing power of dogs, and discuss the ways in which dogs can have a profound positive impact on our mental health. About Karen Storey: Karen Storey grew up in Brighton, Michigan and has been a teacher in the Brighton Area School District for the last 17 years. Karen and her family are very much engrained in the local community; her husband Scott works for Brighton Area Schools as a Behavioral Management Specialist, and their four boys all attend Brighton schools. Karen’s unique gift of looking outside the box to find solutions and support for students, staff and the community is what led her to found the nation's first school district-owned therapy dog program. Website: About Ward Serrill: Ward’s first feature-length film, The Heart of the Game, shot over seven years, debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in 2005 and was released nationally by Miramax Films in 2006. The film won high praise across the country from the likes of Jay Leno, Ebert and Roeper (“an Oscar level piece of work”), People Magazine, USA Today, O Magazine, Rolling Stone, and others. He has created more than 90 writings and short films including Building One House with Robert Redford, and Wild America with Sissy Spacek. Ward’s new memoir, To Crack the World Open: Solitude, Alaska, and a Dog Named Woody depicts a heartfelt coming of age story about a dog as co-pilot into self-discovery. “From a remote cabin in the rugged rainforest of the Alaskan wilderness, where the untamed landscape tumbles into the ocean, a remarkable yellow Labrador retriever named Woody helped an exile from corporate America seek a fierce freedom.” Websites: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 Why do we immortalize dogs in art? | Dog Edition #45 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1606

Dogs have been painted, sculpted, photographed and made into memes and art depicting our furry best friends are celebrated on screens big and small and given pride of place in galleries, museums and homes. So what is behind this fascination that humans have with immortalizing dogs in art? Why do we immortalize dogs in art? The earliest depictions of dogs are believed to be 9,000 years ago carved into a cliff in what is now Saudi Arabia. Through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance to the modern day, humans across the globe have immortalized dogs in art across changing mediums and media and in all shapes and sizes. The hundreds of thousands of pieces that sit in galleries, museums and homes are a testament to our ongoing love and adoration of dogs, but they also tell a story, the evolution of our relationship with them and how that, and they, have changed over the years. In this episode, we journey through the ages and retrace the paw-steps of dogs of a bygone era. We explore how they have been immortalized, the stories those pieces tell, and their place in art history and in society today as a reminder of the importance humanity places on our best friends. About Alan Fausel, AKC Museum of the Dog Alan Fausel is CEO and Executive Director of the AKC Museum of the Dog. He has more than 30 years of art-world experience as a scholar, curator, and appraiser. His curatorial career began at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in the department of European Sculpture and Decorative Art. He was then appointed curator of the Frick Art Museum in Pittsburgh. He has been with the auction houses Butterfields in San Francisco and Doyle and Bonhams in New York since 1990. Mr Fausel has been a regular on the paintings table of Antiques Roadshow since the series' first season in 1997. He taught at New York University in the Graduate School of Arts Education from 1999-2017. He is a frequent lecturer to groups including the Appraiser's Association of America. AKC Museum of the Dog Antiques Roadshow LinkedIn About Erika Bleiberg, pet artist #journalismmatters Erika Bleiberg is a pet artist who started the #journalismmatters series on Twitter, painting the pets of journalists. She is also a public relations specialist and strategic communications professional with a keen ability to synthesize complex content into a compelling and engaging message. She develops and implements internal and external narrative and branded content with a specialty in social media to effectively deliver messages to target audiences, cultivate engagement and assist organizations in achieving their goals and objectives. Twitter Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 Who gets the dog if we split? | Dog Edition #44 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1189

It is the last step after a long, protracted unhappy few months. Everything collected as a couple over a lifetime is divided up as one becomes two and they go their separate ways. But what about the dog? How is that going to work and how do you keep the dog’s best interest a priority? Who gets the dog if we split? At a time when dog ownership is growing and the way people see dogs in a family setting is getting more complex, so too is the need to consider dogs during divorce. Legal disputes are on the rise over who will get the dog, and with dogs considered chattels, like furniture, in most jurisdictions, stories are rife of couples fighting in court, sometimes just to spite their ex-partner. While some states in the US and in other parts of the world are changing the law so judges have leeway to consider the best interests of pets during a divorce, like they do children, it is not across the board. But an emerging industry of mediators and Petnups has developed, to help couples negotiate who will get the dog. Pet custody specialist Karis Nafte is a mediator who helps people decide the best way forward for their dog and in this episode, she walks us through all the ins and outs of what to know for your dog, before, during and after a split. About Karis Nafte, Pet Custody Specialist Originally from the USA, Karis started working with dogs professionally in 1996. She has hugely varied background in animal work; puppy training, doggy daycare, obedience, behavior problems, dog sports, aggressive dogs, shelter work, and on set movie training with a variety of animal species. After recognizing the need for ‘dog centered mediation’ during divorce, Karis became an internationally accredited family mediator. After 26 years of experience and working with thousands of dogs, she combines her wealth of knowledge animal behavior with mediation to help her clients make the best decision for their dog’s long-term wellbeing during divorce. Her goal is to help her clients see the dogs not as weapons or leverage against their ex, nor as human children, but as the individuals they are with their own needs. She collaborates with mediators and attorneys worldwide as well as offering regular webinars to educate divorce professionals about pets and divorce. In 2005 Karis moved to South Africa on a vacation, fell in love with the country, and decided to stay put. She lives there with her husband, daughter, 3 cats and 4 dogs. Known for her humane and effective training and behavior solutions, Karis is a nationally known and well-respected dog behavior consultant, regularly appearing on TV and radio in South Africa. She is a judge for the South African Dog Agility Association, and a licensed animal wrangler for the film industry. Who Keeps the LinkedIn Instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 We Found the Best Dog Gifts for 2021 | Dog Edition #43 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2081

Wondering what to get the dog lover – or their dog – in your life? Our Holiday Hounds sniffed out everything pawsome for dogs and dog lovers this year. Tune in for a very special episode with James Jacobson and his wife, Molly, as they present 2021’s Best Gifts for Dogs. Watch the YouTube version of this video here: What Are the Best Gifts for Dogs This Year? Enter to win the giveaway for ALL the best dog gifts featured in today’s episode here: Pooch Papers: the environmentally savvy way to er, dispose of dog poop, are a recycled, non-chlorine bleached paper alternative to single-use plastic dog waste bags. Made in the USA. Can be found on or on Amazon EverPup: The ultimate daily dog supplement designed to keep your dog happy and healthy. The giveaway includes a full year’s supply of luxurious support for your beloved. They will thank you for the taste! Can be found on or on Amazon Scruffy: Our Loyal Pandemic Pooches is a hilarious and touching book about the pandemic haircuts we gave our dogs. Can be found on or Amazon 100% of profits go to The Cure Alliance for COVID-19 research: Inspiring interview with author Shelley Ross on The Long Leash: Turbothreads well-made custom dog clothing and collars made to your dog’s measurements! Can be found on Etsy Ruffly dog beds, K9 Moto Cockpits, and other outdoor dog gear, all ethically made from beginning to end. Blaze your own trail and then curl up to rest those tender paws on the TenderPaw TREKKER bedroll. Can be found on Fascinating interview with Jess Stone, co- owner of Ruffly, on The Long Leash: Max Bone Glow Up amazing freeze-dried dog food is grain-free, gluten-free, minimally processed, and must taste like ambrosia based on our dog’s response to it. Can be found at where you can also pick up many other wonderful products House Dogge Binky customizable merino wool chew/tug toys. These are yummy-colored, 100% natural wool tows are perfect for cuddling, throwing, AND chewing. Child-safe, customizable, beautiful. Can be found on Pride & Groom luxury beauty products, because dogs deserve their own beauty brand! We love the chic gift set including THE NON SHEDDER shampoo, THE FINAL COAT conditioner, PROUD scent, and an IN DOG WE TRUST bandana. But their entire line is amazing. Use DOGPOD10 for 10% off your first order on their website. Can be found on and Amazon Gone Dogs: Tales of Dogs We’ve Loved -- With 52 stories and poems from people around the world, this is THE greatest collection of love stories about dogs ever published. Can be found on or Amazon Incredible interview with author Jim Mitchem on The Long Leash: Furever Rescued Heroes book is a lovely collection of black and white photos taken by the folks at Furever. They celebrate rescue dogs & animals from across the United States of America. Can be found at or on Amazon *As an Amazon Associate we may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 Why is your dog’s nose a superpower? | Dog Edition #42 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1415

Did you know, a dog could detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water – that’s two Olympic-size swimming pools! With that kind of superpower, it is no wonder we rely on them to keep us safe every day in ways you may not even realise. Why is your dog’s nose a superpower? With up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in humans and a sense of smell that is about 100,000 times more sensitive than us, there is no doubt a dog’s nose is a superpower. But why? Evolutionarily a dog’s sense of smell helps them find a mate, locate their puppies, food, and avoid predators. But for decades they have also been helping to save human lives by putting their noses on the line all in the name of duty. From detecting danger to diseases to a new frontier, which we will explore, dogs are helping to keep humans safe and save lives, all in a days’ work. Journey through this episode as we uncover the intricate make up and incredible reasons a dog holds such power on the tip of its snout. About Frank Romano, Golden Gate K9 Detector Dog School Frank Romano is a retired K9 Officer/Departmental and a K9 Trainer/CEO-Master Trainer at Golden Gate K9 which specializes in the training and maintenance of Police Service Dogs, Detection Dogs, and Personal Protection Dogs. He also trains family dogs for pet owners, Detection Dogs for businesses and as a team sport for fun. He is also owner operator of Dogfather K9 Connections, a 17 Acre Dog Ranch which contains a 35 commercial dog kennels, 8 large exercise/ break areas, multiple training fields/sites, a swimming pond, private dog park, pet taxi, and grooming salon. Golden Gate K9 Dogfather K9 Connections LinkedIn About Ryan Llera, Veterinarian Dr Ryan Llera is a small animal veterinarian in Kingston, Ontario. Originally from Florida, he married a Canadian who is also a vet, and they have a daughter. They share their home with an English Springer Spaniel and Australian Shepherd mix (who are both into competitive scent detection), 2 cats, 1 rabbit, and 1 horse. He has a primary interest in endocrinology (diabetes, thyroid disease, etc.), dentistry, and especially surgery (including non-routine procedures). Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

 What Happens To My Dog If I Die? | Dog Edition #41 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1501

No-one wants to think about it, but if you die unexpectedly, have you planned what will happen to your dog? Many people assume friends or family will take it in, but unless you have explicitly had that conversation, your wishes may not be granted. What happens to your dog if you die? Leona Helmsley, the billionaire hotel magnate knew exactly what she wanted for her Maltese Trouble when she shuffled off. She bequeathed millions of dollars to care for her beloved pooch to ensure her ‘Princess’ was looked after for the rest of her days. But not everyone is so prepared or so wealthy, and if an owner dies without a plan for what should happen to their furry best friend, the dog can end up in a shelter or worse. How can you make sure that does not happen? Would you leave your dog to live out its days in an extraordinary sanctuary established just for orphaned dogs? Have you spoken to family or friends about caring for your pooch, if the worst should happen? Or have you thought about including money or instructions in your Will so your dog is looked after for years to come? In this episode we explore the many options to make sure dogs left behind, are looked after. About Rita Lynd, The Hannah Foundation Rita Lynd is a wealth of knowledge on dog behaviour. In 1996 Rita established High Shangrila Dog Training School where she helped many dog owners train and care for their K9 companions. She retired from dog training in 2016 but a true advocate for dogs over the years Rita has assisted with re-homing, staff training and supported new dog owners. In 2010 Rita established the Hannah Foundation Inc. after Hannah’s devoted owner unexpectedly died at his home. It was four days before the pair was discovered and Rita made the nine year-old-Boxer a promise to create a Sanctuary for orphaned dogs. The Hannah Foundation Facebook About Kim Bressant-Kibwe, attorney Kim Bressant-Kibwe is a trusts and estates attorney, formerly with the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She has been a keen advocate over the years for pet owner to have an estate plan and a disaster plan for their pets to ensure they don’t end up in animal shelters if something should happen to their owners and no one is available to take care of their pets. LinkedIn Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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