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Summary: In 1977, NASA sent the Voyager into space with two records known as the “Golden Records.” On them were recordings of notable historic music, evocative nature sounds, and murmurs from contemporary life, all used to paint a picture of humanity and the world at large. Things have changed a lot since 1977, so Caleb Hearon and Shelby Wolstein are trying their hand at an update. They're talking with comedians, musicians, and the like about what they would include on their own “golden record” if a new one were sent today. Songs, images, films, and moments are all on the table in this comedic reflection on art, media, and culture.

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 Giving the Gift of Gab w/ Tanerélle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:50:32

Musician and interstellar voyager Tanerélle blesses Caleb and Shelby with her Golden Record, a visual and aural amalgamation so beautiful and powerful that the aliens will have no choice but to understand, and thus be inspired by, the overwhelming genius of planet Earth. Tanerélle's Golden RecordSugar Shack by Ernie Barnes (image)Sade’s Greatest Hits (audio)All Marvel films (audio-visual)Girlfriends and Moesha (audio-visual)Follow Tanerélle!InstagramTwitterListen to Tanerélle on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere else you listen to music. Follow the show @keepingrecordspod Advertise on Keeping Records via

 A Woman With Whimsy w/ Blair Socci | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:58

Blair Socci. Comedian. Actress. Writer. Scientist. Totally spur of the moment, out of nowhere, random as all hell, Caleb and Shelby ask Blair what she'd put on her Golden Record. And what Blair creates is a work of art. It's a record that will teach the aliens of how adorable humanity can be, and also of an unparalleled, Grammy Award-winning alternative rock record from 1995. Blair also rebukes those who abandoned Anne Hathaway in her time of need, in the process absolving one of our hosts (ok it's Shelby but she KNOWS what she did and sees the error of her ways). Blair's Golden RecordTiny children with glasses (image)Sending and receiving surprise gifts (human ephemera)Alanis Morisette, Jagged Little Pill (audio)Hook (audio-visual)Eating large meals with friends and family (multisensory experience)Original Voyager Artifact Mexico, "El Cascabel," performed by Lorenzo Barcelata and the Mariachi México (audio)Follow Blair!TwitterInstagramFollow the show @keepingrecordspod Advertise on Keeping Records via

 Hard and Wet w/ Jacquis Neal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:24

Actor, podcaster, and producer Jacquis Neal (Culture Kings, The Cast, UCB) puts together one of the most well-rounded records we here at not-NASA have ever seen. Film, television, music, food, and human experience—it's all on there. We fully endorse Jacquis for President of the United States of America. Jacquis's ArtifactsJay-Z, "Meet The Parents" (audio)Martin (video)The Truman Show (video)Skinny Dipping in Provincetown, MA (human experience)Crispy Onion Chicken Recipe (human experience and document)Original Voyager ArtifactGreek Greeting: "Greetings to you, whoever you are. We come in friendship to those who are friends."Follow Jacquis on Twitter and listen to him on The Cast with Rae and Jacquis

 Shitting Your Pants for Perspective w/ Molly Kearney | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:08

Comedian Molly Kearney builds a Golden Record full of the things the aliens could never dream of. What will they think of an animated film in which all of the characters are humanoid dogs, some of which are insanely hot? Sure, they could imagine a car, but what about a minivan with the door falling off and all the back benches removed, blaring the best piano rock tunes of the last fifty years? Do they have geode caverns on their planet? Probably not. A hug from Molly's mom? Not in their galaxy. There is also a lot of talk about pants-shitting and death-by-toilet. It is simultaneously our blessing and curse as a species. Molly's ArtifactsA Goofy Movie (video)Not knowing your favorite chicken patty is vegetarian (human experience)Driving in Molly's Ford Windstar with no back benches, sliding door falling off, and an Elton John Greatest Hits cassette stuck in player (human experience)Crystal Cave in Put-in-Bay, Ohio (geologic formation)The bond between restaurant staff (human experience)Hug from Mom (human experience)The chewed up baseball from The Sandlot (human ephemera)A personal pedicab ride from Molly (human experience)Original Voyager Artifact"Tame Dog" (audio)Follow Molly on Twitter and Instagram! Follow the show @keepingrecordspod Advertise on Keeping Records via

 It's Not For You w/ Beth Stelling | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:13:27

Comedian and podcaster Beth Stelling ordered some hour ago. They're still not here yet but she's going to go ahead and get started telling Caleb and Shelby her plans for her Golden Record: people falling over and hurting themselves but like not reaaaally hurting themselves, her niece meeting a woodland creature, Ted Danson absolutely nailing it on—oh shit, someone's knocking, brb Beth's ArtifactsFalling compilations (video)Niece meeting a bunny for the first time (video)Mr. Mayor (video)Photo of Beth and her mom in Hawaii after her mom retired from teaching (image)6th grade home videos or her and her friends making music videos (video)Original Voyager ArtifactMountain Climber (Gaston Rébuffat) (image)Follow Beth and watch Girl Daddy on HBO Max. Follow the show @keepingrecordspod Advertise on Keeping Records via

 Earth is Flat, Paul is Dead w/ Mae Martin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:48

Comedian, writer, and actor Mae Martin (Feel Good) submits their Golden Record artifacts to Caleb and Shelby. They also discuss nude hide and seek, causing chaos in amusement parks, and bad psychic mediums. Mae's ArtifactsThe feeling of being about to be discovered in hide and seek (multisensory experience)Blake Lively in The Town saying "How do you know Dougie?" (multisensory experience)Hocus Pocus (video)The Beatles (audio)Original Voyager ArtifactPresident Jimmy Carter's letter to the aliens (document)Follow Mae @TheMaeMartin and watch Feel Good on Netflix! Follow the show @keepingrecordspod Advertise on Keeping Records via

 Aliens Aren't Just Boys w/ Sabrina Jalees | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:48:01

Sabrina Jalees joins Caleb and Shelby and to build her Golden Record. The theme? Use it to create a Sabrina Jalees space colony/megachurch.  Sabrina's record entries:One of her frozen embryos (biological sample) Tushy bidet (human tool)Her dad's curried shrimp crepes recipe (historical document/instruction)Her son's DNA (biological sample) A flip book of all her headshots (document)Follow the show @keepingrecordspod

 Porn is Over Party w/ Holmes Holmes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:52:53

Caleb and Shelby invite Holmes Holmes over (digitally) to build her Golden Record. Holmes's record entries:Janelle Monáe, "Make Me Feel" music video (video recording)Laughing hard with friends (human experience)Shrill, S01E04 "Pool" (video recording)Follow the show @keepingrecordspod

 Keeping Records — Launch Imminent | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:01:10

Join Caleb Hearon and Shelby Wolstein as they attempt an update of NASA’s 1977 “Golden Records.” Each week, Caleb and Shelby are talking with guests about what art, cultural artifacts, and personal memorabilia they’d send into space; or what would make their “Golden Record.” Episodes dropping weekly December 2020.


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