Users First - a UX Design Podcast show

Users First - a UX Design Podcast

Summary: Users First is a design podcast for any senior and newcomer in UX/UI Design. If you are beginner in UX Design, this podcast gives you enough resources to rise and excel in your field, as we often talk about courses, portfolios, networking tips, and much more! While if you are a Senior Designer, Users First can be an entertaining way for you to keep your motivation levels high, while getting all the knowledge on the latest design methods to stay on top of the curve. Every Monday of each week a new guest comes to talk about their expertise in the tech industry, and an episode is streamed on all available platforms

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 #01 - Who can begin UX and why? with Adobe Instructor Alma Strutt | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:52

Experienced graphic designer, software developer and Adobe instructor Alma Strutt shares with us how she used research methods even before the name UX existed, why she decided to make a career change, and what should motivate companies to hire UX Designers. Moreover she also shares tips and tricks on portfolios and networking Links mentioned in this audio:

 #00- Welcome to Users First, with Alessio UX - Intro to Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:03:20

Welcome to the "Users First, with Alessio UX" Podcast. hosted by User Experience designer Alessio Ferracuti. Thank you for listening to my Podcast today, it means so much to me that you are taking the time to listen to my content, and I will personally make sure that this podcast will be as informative as possible, and help you gain more knowledge about User Experience Design and related professions. In this Podcast I’ll interview many UX Designers as well as various professionals who are involved with product design, UX, UI, product management, Marketing, and so on… and I will also be asking them what User Experience means to them and what actions they are taking to know more about their Users, and also what they are doing to delight users with a product or service that will solve their problems. Who is this podcast for? Users First is for everyone who is keen to stepping into UX or UI design, and is also for everyone who can relate to the topics of Product design, Product development, Management and Marketing. If you are beginner in UX Design, this podcast is a great chance for you to get tips on how to rise and excel in your field, we also talk about courses and portfolio tips. If you are a Senior Designer, this is a an amazing opportunity for you to stay motivated and up to date with new tools and methods in Product Design, UX and UI, while If you are a Developer, Marketer or a Product Manager this is also an informative podcast for you to learn more about human centred strategies and the importance of Users when making or advertising a product.

 #001 - What Is UX Design And Why It Matters - Episode #001 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:04:43

It is important to me to clarify the difference among professions while designing a product, service, or app. I hope that by listening to this audio , you will get an understanding of what UX design is, and how User Experience Design can be applied to anything.


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