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Summary: You will find teachings geared to Christians who know they are in the terminal generation. You will find videos about consumer issues, the role of politics in the church, prophecy in the church, exorcism and deliverance in the church, stepparenting in families, motivational talks, encouragement for generation x, terminal generation, those who are process grief, politics, social commentary, biblical commentary, racism. Some willl be humorous, some serious, some borderline but all meant to help you learn. (Podcast) Radiant Fire Radio is a podcast ministry of Rev. Christopher Gore of the Lighthouse Inc., Church of Wyoming, DE. These podcasts will feature teachings on various subjects. Some will be Bible teachings, others will be informational and relate to current events. The show is designed to be informative but give a clear Biblical perspective on the events of the day.

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 Exorcism New Things | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:33

Exorcisms, some new and exciting things are happening.  God is bringing new anointings to set His people free. God wants His people to experience the very best.  Exorcisms are miracles in the making.  Listen as I share some exciting stories of victory. God is in the business of setting His people free. Listen at how God helped bring freedom. One victim was freed from martial arts another from was set free from deep wounds. Listen at this exciting story.

 Terminal Generation Apostate Church | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:38

Terminal Generation the Apostate Church is real. They are working for the antichrist.  They are evil and you must be aware that they are not of God. There are 2 Churches operating right now. The apostate Church and the Remnant.  You are a part of the remnant. Be aware.

 Supreme Court Cowards | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 07:52

The Supreme Court has 9 cowards.  The truth remains that our country is in trouble.  When you look at what is happening from within you can see that the Justices have been compromised.  Justice Thomas wrote in his dissent that yes there was fraud in the elections, yet it was so small that it would not change the outcome.  If this is true, why not listen at the evidence?  Something is wrong on all levels.  Listen to learn what it is that I am saying. 

 StepParents Communication Pt4 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:58

Communication Pt 4, Stepparents you need to understand how important communication is.  I share a story of how miscommunication can cause some hurt feelings.  Words mean something and each time you fail to recognize this you leave yourself at risk for hurting your family.  Be self-aware about your weaknesses in this area.  

 The Government Didn't Show Up & I am Mad (Audio) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:06

I continue to be dismayed at the many people who are seeking for the government to help them. This woman's case is a sign of the times. People expect for the government to rescue them and when they don't show up. They react like this woman. Take a look at the sheer anger that this woman has. I feel this is sad for all American's. What happened to us being rugged individualists. No one is coming to save us. Listen in as we see how America began to fall.

 The Government Didn't Show Up & I am Mad (Video) | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 23:07

(Video) I continue to be dismayed at the many people who are seeking for the government to help them.  This woman's case is a sign of the times.  People expect for the government to rescue them and when they don't show up.  They react like this woman.  Take a look at the sheer anger that this woman has.  I feel this is sad for all American's.  What happened to us being rugged individualists.  No one is coming to save us.  Listen in as we see how America began to fall.

 My Heartburn With the Republicans | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:38

My heartburn with the Republican party stems from them not acting on January 6, 2021. They are sending a double message that is only going to cause them to lose elections.  We need to realize that both Democrats and Republicans are destroying our country. It's time to stand up and see what is really going on. We need to start from scratch and get rid of the dead weights in the parties.

 Ravi Zacharias Sex Scandals Update 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:31

More Ravi Zacharias Sex Scandals.  It is being brought out that there were some whistleblowers who learned of what was going on with Ravi and they were silenced by the ministry.  The Christian Community can do better. Accountability of our leaders and a deeper respect for whistle blowers.  My thoughts are not only for the victims but for those of us who are deeply affected by the Spiritual abuse that is/has been taking place.

 Step-Parents Communication Pt3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 09:14

Part 3 - Step-Parents you have an important job to communicate with your family. Anything that you can do to help and understand what is going on with your family is crucial to your families success.  You need to have discussions with the biological parent.  Those discussions will be hard but they are necessary to gain knowledge that will help you eliminate your false expectations.  Humble yourself and ask God to help you.  See things from their perspective.

 Ravi Zacharias Sex Scandals Update | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 09:09

Continuing the travesty that is the Sex Scandals of Ravi Zacharias ministries. The UK division announced a separation from the main affiliated. The are breaking off and doing a complete name change.  Christian apologetics will never be the same.  Many people were holding the Catholic Church in disregard but the Protestant Church is on the same level.  The trauma just continues to destroy. Listen and hear my thoughts.

 Terminal Generation - Death of Grace | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 08:45

Terminal generation this message is important for you.  The Terminator series released another episode in 2019.  The Terminator - Dark Fate.  One of the characters was Grace.  She was killed.  I believe this is significant spiritually because of what is going on right now.  More rampid exposure of sin in the Body of Christ.  It's time that we prepare to for Revival.  It's here.  Grace died in the movie.  Is Grace gone for the Church?

 Get Rid of Your Hope for a Third Party Changing Things | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 08:50

Don't put your hope in a third party coming in and saving the day. No one is coming.   Those who should have rescued this country did not do it.  Wake up and see what is really going on.  The truth needs to be told and a revolution needs to take place. Listen at what is really going on.

 Ravi Zacharias Sex Scandals | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 09:16

Tragic news today as an official statement was released from the ministry of the deceased Ravi Zacharias.  An independent investigation has confirmed multiple accounts of rape, sexting, and other lewd behaviors that are just astounding.  The report coming out of the Daily News (NYDailyNews.com) - Click Here to read their article.  Here is a copy of the statement from the ministry - Click Here. What a sad day for the victims, the family of Ravi Zacharias and the Body of Christ.

 Step-Parents Communication Pt2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:48

Part of Communication, Step-Parents, you must become self-aware about your language barriers.  One barrier that is extremely difficult is the language barrier between you and your biological parent.  You not being aware of what that is will cause you and your step-children frustration and difficulty in your relationship.  You must realize your strengths and weaknesses.  I know that I am logical and I do not use emotive language.  Remove this barrier and watch your family change.   

 Reply to Dr. Michael Brown | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:12

Dr. Michael Brown decided that it was his responsibility to correct the prophets of God.  He is wrong.  There is no precedence in scripture for him to challenge the prophets of God.  See my article, "A Reply to, A Strong Appeal to Those Who Prophesied Trump's Reelection" See podcast notes for article.


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