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ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY!

Summary: A twice-monthly look at the weird and wonderful world of horror movies as seen through the host's very gay eyes. Killer reviews, off-beat comedy and unforgettable guests. In 2016, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY chose as one of the Top 9 LGBT Podcasts while RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE put the show on their Top 25 Horror Podcasts list.

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 ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE (2017) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:52:43

Happy holidays, my Beautiful Screamerz! I let YOU pick the movie for this LISTENER TAKEOVER episode, and you chose the Scottish Christmas zombie musical ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE (2017). On hand to join in the toe-tappin' gut-munchin' Yuletide merriment are everyone's favorite Ska-lovin' boob aficionados, ALLISON NOWACKI and BRYAN POLK! Plus, I read your reviews, and we finally answer the age-old question: Do zombies poop? Merry Christmas? **** 03:45 Listener Reviews 05:55 Main Segment 1:44:45 TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT Announcement 1:46:05 What's Up on Patreon? 1:47:20 Thank You's 1:48:40 Coming in January 1:50:20 My Holiday Wish For You ***** ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE was directed by JOHN MCPHAIL and stars ELLEN HUNT, MALCOLM CUMMING, SARAH SWIRE, MARK BENTON, and PAUL KAYE. ***** SUBSCRIBE to (ScreamQueenz) on your favorite podcatcher with just one click at ( ***** Leave a (REVIEW) at ( ***** Get all your (SCREAMQUEENZ MERCHANDISE )and browse our entire catalog of hand-curated designs at (SCREAMTEEZ). Visit ( ***** Catch all the video fun on the official (ScreamQueenz YouTube Channel)! ( ***** (CAPTIVATE.FM) is the only podcast host dedicated to helping your podcast grow. Try them out for free for 7 days at ( ***** Don't settle for subpar sound. Get a free 7 day trial of (SQUADCAST.FM - Remote Recordings For Professional Podcasters) at (

 CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981) - *Repost* | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:36:42

(This episode initially posted missing about 30 minutes of the show. This is the complete version. My apologies for any confusion.) Take a journey back in time with us to a world of mythological monsters, petulant gods, men in miniskirts and marauding MAGGIE SMITHs. I'm finishing off our pre-holiday look at Horror-Adjacent Comfort Films with a chat on 1981's CLASH OF THE TITANS directed by DESMOND DAVID and starring HARRY HAMLIN, LAURENCE OLIVIER, CLAIRE BLOOM, BURGESS MEREDITH and the eternally fabulous MAGGIE SMITH. But the real star of the film is the brilliant stop-motion animation by RAY HARRYHAUSEN. (Anyone else have Medusa-induced nightmares?) Here to help me unleash this Kraken are my very special returning guests MATT KNIFE and DOUG SHAPIRO! ***** Be sure to stop by Matt Knife's (BARONVONSOAP) Etsy store! ( ***** Subscribe to (ScreamQueenz) on your favorite podcatcher with just one click at ( ***** Catch all the video fun on the official (ScreamQueenz YouTube Channel)! ( ***** (CAPTIVATE.FM) is the only podcast host dedicated to helping your podcast grow. Try them out for free for 7 days at ( ***** Don't settle for subpar sound. Get a free 7 day trial of (SQUADCAST.FM - Remote Recordings For Professional Podcasters) at (

 Abbott & Costello's THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES (1946) with JOSH KREBS & LIZ RICHARDS (Bloody Date Night) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:37:11

In ABBOTT and COSTELLO's charmingly SPOOKTACULAR comedy THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES, two ghosts (LOU COSTELLO and MARJORIE REYNOLDS) falsely accused of being traitors during the Revolutionary War must find a lost letter from George Washington that will prove their innocence and break their curse...all while scaring the pants of their manor home's current residents! Despite sharing almost no scenes together, this is one of the comic duo's best comedies and one of my all-time favorite comfort films. To share in the wholesome horrors, I'm joined by JOSH KREBS and LIZ RICHARDS from (BLOODY DATE NIGHT). ( THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES directed by CHARLES BARTON stars BUD ABBOTT, LOU COSTELLO, MARJORIE REYNOLDS and GAYLE SONDERGAARD and BINNIE BARNES. ***** Vote for the holiday horror movie you want Allison, Bryan and I to cover in December at ( ***** Get the holiday shopping for your weirdest friends at https:// (SCREAMTEEZ): The Official ScreamQueenz Merchandise Store.https:// ( ***** Check out (SQUADCAST): Remote Recordings For Professional Podcasters free for 7 days at ( ***** (CAPTIVATE.FM) is the only hosting company actively engaged in helping your podcast grow. Get a 7-Day Free trial at ( (

 "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" - The Poison Pen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:54

You survived Election Day. But can you survive another FRIDAY THE 13th SPECTACULAR!! Celebrate the unluckiest day of the year with a peak behind The Paywall with another full episode of our Patreon-exclusive FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES retrospective podcast, "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" In "The Poison Pen", Ryan and Micki must go undercover as monks to infiltrate a monastery in order to retrieve a cursed quill pen that spells Doomsday for anyone who crosses its owner's path. My trusty but snarky fellow shopkeeps MAYA MURPHY and TRAE DEAN are on hand to help you untangle this mystery, poorly bind your boobs and make sure you get the shower stall with the best glory hole. ***** Friday the 13th: The Series Season 1 Episode 2 stars John D. LeMay, Louise Robey, Chris Wiggins, Colin Fox and Larry Reynolds. ***** Get access to every episode of DAMN YOU UNCLE LEWIS as well as all other Patron-exclusive content for as little as $2 a month. Visit ( )for more info.

 John Carpenter's THE FOG (1980) with TARA GARNER & MICHAEL KEYLOUN | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:33:07

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, MY BEAUTIFUL SCREAMERZ! John Carpenter Month continues with a look at his 1980 supernatural revenge flick, THE FOG starring ADRIENNE BARBEAU, JAMIE LEIGH CURTIS, TOM ATKINS, JANET LEIGH and HAL HOLBROOK. The residents of Antonio Bay are in for quite a shock when their town's Centennial celebration is invaded by a hoard of undead sailors hellbent on revenge. My shipmates during this meteorological massacre are world-famous actor MICHAEL KEYLOUN and the fabulous TARA GARNER. ***** Pick up your copy of the "You've Got Red On You" 2021 Horror Calendar at ( ***** Get your sexy ScreamQueenz hoodies and more at (SCREAM TEEZ!) ( ***** Try out ( SQUADCAST: Remote Recordings for Professional Podcasters) free for 7 days. ( ***** (CAPTIVATE.FM )is the only podcast host dedicated to help grow your podcast. Get a 7 day free trial at

 John Carpenter's SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME! (1978)- with VANESSA MCENERY & DAN DOMINGUES | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:50:49

October is JOHN CARPENTER MONTH here on ScreamQueenz, and we begin with a look at one of his lesser-known films: the taut made-for-television psychological thriller SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME! starring LAUREN HUTTON, ADRIENNE BARBEAU and DAVID BIRNEY. Leigh Michaels is a TV director who moves into a high rise apartment building in Los Angeles when she begins to receive mysterious phone calls from a psychopathic Peeping-Tom intent on invading every aspect of her life. My special guests are VANESSA MCENERY from (THE VD CLINIC PODCAST) ( ( and actor DAN DOMINGUES from (HOT DATE) ( ( ***** Free "Someone's Watching Me" Watch Party this Saturday @3pm Eastern Standard Time. ( ***** Become a Patron at ***** Get Official ScreamQueenz Merch and the Featured Products of the Month at ( ***** This episode was recording using SQUADCAST - Remote Recordings for Professional Podcasters. Get a free 7 Day Trial at ( ***** ScreamQueenz is proudly hosted by CAPTIVATE.FM, the only podcast host dedicated to growing your podcast. Try them out for free for 7 days at

 1BR (2020) and THE SIREN (2019) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:42

In celebration of the 11th Season of SCREAMQUEENZ: The Podcast where Horror Gets Gay, everything old is new again... I'm resurrecting THE CRAPSHOOT; the segment of the show where I dive headfirst into that vast sea of Direct-To-Video horror movie releases in search of that elusive Diamond in the ****Pile! And to add to the craziness, I'm making it a DOUBLE CRAPSHOOT! First up is 1BR (2020) written and directed by DAVID MARMOUR: Sarah (NICOLE BRYDON BROOM) is a young woman who moves to Los Angeles and a manages to find a sweet new apartment and a whole heap of deadly trouble 1BR was recommended by TRAE DEAN, and if THE CRAPSHOOT is is THE FIRING SQUAD! (Good luck, Trae....Nice knowing you!) Next up is THE SIREN (2019): In this dark fairy tale, three lost souls have an encounter on the banks of an idyllic lake: an innocent mute, a man consumed with loss, and a monster doomed to drown everyone she meets. THE SIREN was directed by PERRY BLACKSHEER ("They Look Like People") and stars MARGARET YING DRAKE, MACLOUD ANDREWS and EVAN DUMACHEL. ***** Pick up this episode's Featured Product, the "Bitch Please!" mug and all your ScreamQueenz merchandise at (ScreamTeez): Our Official Merch Store! ( ***** Register to VOTE at ( ***** CAPTIVATE.FM is the World's Only Growth-Oriented Podcast Host. Get a 7-Day Free Trial at ( ***** SQUADCAST.FM provides Remote Recordings for Professional Podcasters. try it out for free at ( ***** Subscribe to ScreamQueenz: The Podcast Where Horror Gets Gay at (

 "This House Eats Balls..." - GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR (2019) with ALLISON NOWACKI & BRYAN J. POLK | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:22:25

Here's a Summer Bonus Episode that will finally answer the question: "Is the GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR a ghost?......Or is it Allison trying to spy some exposed CM Punk Junk?" Trick question: She's BOTH! In GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR , a man attempts to renovate a former brothel and turn it into a new home for his family, but discovers some of the former occupants have other plans. Directed by TRAVIS STEVENS. With C.M. PUNK, TRIESTE KELLY DUNN and SARAH BROOKS.

 Bonus: MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 with BRANDON PERRAS-SANCHEZ & CHRIS DALPE | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:08

(05:00) (07:30) <p class="ql-align-center"><strong><em>MADISON PENROSE ALWAYS GETS WHAT SHE WANTS.</em></strong></p><p class="ql-align-center"><strong><em>TONIGHT, SHE'LL GET WHAT SHE DESERVES.</em></strong></p><p class="ql-align-center">Beat the summer heat with this ScreamQueenz bonus never-before-aired episode recorded back in May, 2020 when <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><strong>BRANDON PERRAS-SANCHEZ</strong></a> and <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><strong>CHRIS DALPE </strong></a>from <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><strong>DEATH DROP GORGEOUS</strong></a> joined me to discuss <strong>MTV's MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET SIXTEEN</strong>.</p><p class="ql-align-center"><strong>Get your ticket to the virtual world premiere of DEATH DROP GORGEOUS at WICKED QUEER: The Underground Boston LGBT Film Festival! </strong></p><p class="ql-align-center"><strong>Saturday, July 25th at 9:30pm EST. Tickets are $10.</strong></p><p class="ql-align-center"><a href=";h=AT2a-m_Aopye7dnIAykBGa0areFzD9N2GLJDEwJ7Amc-yPrx0SrVIWi7vyWK38NXP9ZPbNiMAA7TMrRlNLJ0jS_BnzPt0AnqLIOVfvNtnCi-EKi4JHiCtTPf1QJ-AYVWOQandamp;__tn__=-UK-Randamp;c[0]=AT0i6QTbMNF_wNizhGKYVRhShl-oRA8EY6NZPV-g9URGhoH_1frDCf1KG0f2KvrwtDwfKRf1e8HU7jr9rqnPS_netPy5Wcvm9mv8x8x9pjdqits5PvEpIK5dIkyqPBsFGYvXhyYPrOFIW2ossFLvQd9_0yCcCAUIKLKIKCRzvAj_xHYf4wSBQJTOZUKuxL8" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a> </p><p class="ql-align-center"><em>In My Super Psycho Sweet 16, Spoiled brat convinces her parents to re-open Rollerdome for herandnbsp;</em><strong><em>Sweet 16</em></strong><em>. Obviously, the Rollerdome once closed because a series of brutal murders took place at the locale, and, of course, the killer comes back to wreak havoc during her party. Starring </em><strong><em>JULIANNA GUILL, LAUREN MCKNIGHT </em></strong><em>and </em><strong><em>CHRIS ZYLKA</em></strong><em>. Directed by </em><strong><em>JACOB GENT</em></strong><em>RY.</em></p><p class="ql-align-center"><br></p><p class="ql-align-center"><br></p><p class="ql-align-center"><br></p><p class="ql-align-center"><br></p>

 TYLER JENSEN & ROMAN CHIMIENTI - "Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street" - The LGBT Horror Filmmaker Sessions: Part 4 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:02

Once upon a time, two fierce young filmmakers set out to make a documentary about the legend of Mark Patton. They were never heard from again... In this fourth installment of my casual chats with out gay horror filmmakers, I'm honored to have with me TYLER JENSEN and ROMAN CHIMIENTI, the co-directors of the smash hit documentary (SCREAM QUEEN! MY NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.) In addition to discussing the challenges of piecing together a cohesive and powerful story as it unfolds in real time, we discuss the evolution of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2's queer storylines from stigma to cultural touchstone, homophobia on the convention circuit and the importance of gay mentorship. (Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street )sets the records straight about the controversial sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street, which ended Mark Patton’s acting career, just as it was about to begin. Scream Queen follows Patton as he travels to horror conventions across the U.S.Each new city unwraps a chapter from his life that is met with equal parts joyful and bittersweet detail, as he attempts to make peace with his past and embrace his legacy as cinema’s first male “scream queen.” Scream Queen also finds Patton confronting Freddy’s Revenge cast and crew for the first time, including co-stars Robert Rusler, Kim Myers and Clu Gulager, as well as Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund.Watch Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street on (SHUDDE)R and get 30 DAYS FREE when you sign up using promo code: screamqueen ! This episode was recorded using SquadCast: Remote Recordings for Professional Podcasters. Get 7 Days for Free at (

 CHRISTOPHER DALPE, BRANDON PERRAS-SANCHEZ & MICHAEL AHERN – "Death Drop Gorgeous" -The LGBT Horror Filmmaker Sessions: Part 3. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:50

Meet the creators of the upcoming queer drag-themed slasher epic (DEATH DROP GORGEOUS)! CHRISTOPHER DALPE, BRANDON PERRAS-SANCHEZ and MICHAEL AHERN Get all the inside dish on how a group of friends managed to take their dream of making a gay horror film from idle chat all the way to glorious gore-streaked reality…and still remain friends! Check out the brand new trailer recut by TYLER JENSEN and ROMAN CHIMIENTI from SCREAM, QUEEN! MY NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET! ( Take your podcast interviews to the next level with SQUADCAST: Remote Recordings For Professional Podcasters. Try it for free at (

 ALAN ROWE KELLY – "Tales of Poe" - The LGBT Horror Filmmaker Sessions: Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:33

This Pride Month, Meet The Out LGBT Filmmakers of Independent Horror. ALAN ROWE KELLY Sculpture, Gallery of Fear, The Blood Shed, Tales of Poe Join me for a casual conversation with Actor/Director/Producer ALAN ROWE KELLY as we discuss his transition from the world of fashion and makeup into horror, gender ambiguity. celebrity run-ins, and primal fears when you're living queer. You're invited to a very special PRIDE MONTH DOUBLE FEATURE WATCH PARTY showcasing the films of BART MASTRONARDI and ALAN ROWE KELLY! SATURDAY, JUNE 20 VINDICATION A Different Kind of Coming Out Story "Eloquent, original and deeply felt... What a real horror movie looks and feels like." - CLIVE BARKER Directed by Bart Mastronardi Featuring Alan Rowe Kelly 3 pm Eastern A FAR CRY FROM HOME (short film) Directed by and Starring ALAN ROWE KELLY 4:45 pm Eastern Try SQUADCAST: Remote Recordings for Professional Podcasters for free for 7 Days!

 BART MASTRONARDI - "Vindication" -The LGBT Horror Filmmaker Sessions: Part 1 (Originally Aired 12/01/18) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:07

This Pride Month, Meet The Out LGBT Filmmakers of Independent Horror. BART MASTRONARDI Vindication, Tales of Poe Before introducing you to ALAN ROWE KELLY, the next guest in this Pride Month series, I thought a refresher course on Bart would be helpful since these two work so frequently together. During our insightful chat which first aired in December of 2018, we discuss some of the behind-the-scenes stories of the making of (TALES OF POE), featured in (Episode 227, )how he managed to wrangle all of those fantastic 80’s horror legends into doing it, his encounter with (CLIVE BARKER) over Bart’s film (VINDICATION), his on-going friendship with his Queen, (ADRIENNE KING) and much, much more. Please join me for a DOUBLE FEATURE WATCH PARTY showcasing Bart's films VINDICATION and TALES OF POE. Saturday, June 19th 3pm Eastern Time ( Check out Bart’s fabulous photography (and his sizzlin’ hot models!) at (BART MASTRONARDI PHOTOGRAPHY.)

 THE SHAPE OF WATER is Queer AF! - with MAYA MURPHY | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:33:54

“It was never too late to exchange the things you believed defined you for something better.”-Guillermo Del Toro To kick off Pride Month, I've chosen to discuss GUILLERMO DEL TORO's Oscar-winning fantasy film, THE SHAPE OF WATER. On the surface, the story appears to be simply a sci fi Beauty and the Beast/Creature From the Black Lagoon mashup. Look closer, and you'll see a story of people who are considered "less than" by a cruel and soulless society who rise up to fight against that system in the name of an untraditional love. Not only is that Queer AF, but the film also echoes much of what is happened today with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. My special guest is actor/singer/supervillian MAYA MURPHY (21st Century Demon Hunter). THE SHAPE OF WATER was written and directed by GUILLERMO DEL TORO and stars SALLY HAWKINS, DOUG JONES, OCTAVIA SPENCER, RICHARD JENKINS and MICHAEL SHANNON. It also won the 2018 Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Music and Best Production Design. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW YOU CAN HELP WITH BLACK LIVES MATTER RIGHT NOW, VISIT (

 PODCAST BLACKOUT | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19

In support of Black Lives Matter, there will be no episode of ScreamQueenz this week. I encourage you to instead explore some horror podcasts produced by People of Color. AFRO HORROR ( GIRL, THAT'S SCARY ( NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS ( And on YouTube: REAL QUEEN OF HORROR (


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