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Summary: Have you ever wondered about all the history we’ve missed? The amazing figures that are seemingly forgotten, incredible events passed over, or what a picture of true world history actually looks like? Or how history played out in the eyes of those who lived it and made it? The A.D. History Podcast explores the last two thousand years of world history, in an innovative new way. Join hosts Paul K. DiCostanzo and Patrick Foote as they examine the past two millennia, beginning in 1 AD, progressing forward ten years every episode until they reach the modern day. Within each ten-year installment, Paul and Patrick aim to share incredibly important, but often overlooked historic events and figures from around the world in prospective fashion; trying to see history through the eyes and in the world of those who lived it. By identifying these sometimes lesser known, but in no way less significant aspects of history, A.D. History seeks to identify the many disparate threads that weave the fuller, richer tapestry of history from around the world.

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  • Artist: Paul K. DiCostanzo, Patrick Foote
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 Attila the Hun: P.1 The Early Years | 421AD-430AD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:53

Attila the Hun, as infamous and mysterious as the Huns themselves, is now coming onto the historical scene. Though Attila certainly did not emerge out of nowhere. His youth and initial rearing playing a significant role for the figure history has come to know. Attila the Hun Formative Years & Emperor Honorius We also take a look at someone who went down as Rome’s worst emperor, one Emperor Honorius. Was Honorius truly deserving of this historical stigma? When you consider some of Honorius’ predecessors, that is one hell of a statement. We will explore if indeed he is deserving of that title. How Can You Help Create More A.D. History? Join Odo’s ADophyte Army on Patreon! Joining A.D. History on Patreon is a tremendous way to help support the show going forward. If you donate to A.D. History on the $5 per month tier or higher – you’re eligible to submit a question for us to answer in the show’s middle segment. Send us your question, and we will feature YOUR question in an upcoming middle segment! Creating and producing A.D. History is a major undertaking, and in doing so we aim to create the highest quality show that is within our capabilities. In short, with every episode week seek to produce the A.D. History Podcast you deserve. It is through listeners and viewers like yourself contributing to the show on Patreon that make meeting that standard possible. By joining the ranks of Field Marshal Odo’s A.D.ophyte Army on Patreon, not only can you help us make more new episodes of increasing quality – you also enjoy countless amazing benefits as a show Patron. Learn more about how your contributions help produce the show, how you can join this amazing historical journey, and the awesome exclusive perks for doing so. Make A One-Time Contribution to the A.D. History Podcast on PayPal! Contact the A.D. History Podcast Write to the A.D. History Podcast at adhistorypodcast@tgnreview.com Write to Paul K. DiCostanzo at pdicostanzo@tgnreview.com Write to Patrick Foote at pfoote@tgnreview.com Anna Domini is performed by Anna Chloe Moorey

 Alaric I Sacks Rome | 411AD-420AD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:54:55

Alaric I – the first king of the Visigoths – is maneuvering for what is his impending sacking of Rome – the first time in over eight centuries! While Sub-Roman Britain is experiencing the chaos that the newest power vacuum creates with the Roman Empire no longer present to administer order. Alaric I & The Sacking of Rome In the apogee of Alaric I’s story, he is awaiting his moment to strike. For years now, this Roman trained Goth warrior has awaited what is long overdue to him, receiving his station of “Master of Soldiers.” Alaric I and his Goth army served the Roman military with tremendous battlefield distinction at tremendous cost. In doing so, Alaric was both promised this office and clearly earned it in spades. At every turn Alaric was denied his due – the product of Roman insider political squabbles. Alaric’s patience has run short, and the city of Rome will settle the outstanding debt. Alaric I in his quest to receive the title of “Master of Soldiers” is not a matter of individual glory. It is that billet’s benefit to his army that he holds so dear. Alaric becoming Master of Soldiers entitles him to receiving large quantities of grain and gold at the expense of the Roman government. This bounty both feeds and pays the forces under his command. It is no small prize. Alaric will achieve both ends – even if that requires invading and plundering the Eternal City itself. Alaric is biding his time in the Balkans, taking great care to choose his moment well. The city of Rome is clear in his crosshairs. The Western Roman Empire’s leadership, despite feeling the tip of the sword of Damocles just above their heads, is still seemingly more interested in fighting each other. In doing so, they’re throwing open the city gates of Rome to Alaric I. With this unfathomable state of affairs, Alaric is poised to do something that hasn’t been done in over eight centuries. * Meet the Huns: History’s Perfect Enigma | 351AD-360AD * How Did The Library of Alexandria Actually Burn Down? | 391AD-400AD * Why Did The Roman Economy Fail In The Third Century? | 251AD-260AD Sub-Roman Britain: Here Comes the Angles, Saxons & Jutes! In returning to Sub-Roman Britain, we are encountering the knowledge black hole that period represents for historians. Patrick explores the salient historical legends originating from that period, reflecting what historians know to be the paramount conflict in this newest chapter of Britain’s history.  The Angles, Saxons and Jutes are making their way from the continent. With the Romans having recently abandoned Britannia, the native Britons are not pleased to welcome these newcomers… How Can You Help Create More A.D. History? Join Odo’s ADophyte Army on Patreon! Joining A.D. History on Patreon is a tremendous way to help support the show going forward. If you donate to A.D. History on the $5 per month tier or higher – you’re eligible to submit a question for us to answer in the show’s middle segment. Send us your question, and we will feature YOUR question in an upcoming middle segment! Creating and producing A.D.

 Brexit 1.0: Rome Abandons Britain | 401AD-410AD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:50:33

After nearly four centuries of Roman rule, the Roman Empire decides to abandon Britain in circa 410AD, initiating the near century long chaos of "Sub-Roman Britain." Sub-Roman Britain is known best for the vacuum of power it created, as well as the rise of the Anglo-Saxsons in Britain. We also meet a most singular figure, the notoriously charismatic Alaric I: The Scourge of Rome, that would go on to sacking the city of Rome itself! **JOIN ODO'S ADOPHYTE ARMY ON PATREON!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/

 The Modern Reality of Being a Dutch History Teacher F/ History Hustle [SPECIAL] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:07

What are the realities of teaching Dutch history on the ground in The Netherlands today? What modern challenges does that include? Stefan from the fantastic history focused YouTube channel History Hustle is a seasoned Dutch history teacher that sat down with us earlier this year, and laid down the challenges in his experience when it comes to teaching history in his home nation of The Netherlands today. **JOIN Odo's ADophyte Army on Patreon!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/

 Should Elizabeth II Be Remembered As “Elizabeth The Great”? | [SPECIAL] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:40

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II this past September, we ask: Should Elizabeth II be remembered to history as "Elizabeth the Great"or "Elizabeth the Wise"? Given the late Brittish Queen's length of reign and tremendous esteem, Elizabeth II is one of the very few where anyone can seriously ask this question.  **JOIN FIELD MARSHAL ODO'S ADOPHYTE ARMY ON PATREON!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/

 Marcellinus and the Great Tsunami of 365AD & More! | What We Missed 4th Century | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:56:55

The Great Tsunami of 365AD was a pivotal natural disaster in the ancient world you've never heard of, and Marcellinus' account is harrowing... **Join Odo's ADophyte Army on Patreon!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/ **Make a one-time donation to A.D. History on PayPal!: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=HTNM7DAVYB478

 The Imitation Game: Decoding Hot Historical Garbage | A. D. HISTORY WATCHES REVIEW | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:18:24

The Imitation Game, a 2014 biopic starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley about Alan Turing's life and codebreaking work at Bletchley Park during the Second World War gives historians no shortage of headaches. While the film strives to depict the deeper thematic truths of Turing's ilife regarding his immense genius and the absolute tragedy that ensues, in doing so the writers sacrifice every critical historical fact along the way. *Join Odo's ADophyte Army on Patreon!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast *One Time Donation to A.D. History on PayPal!: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=HTNM7DAVYB478

 How Did The Library of Alexandria Actually Burn Down? | 391 AD-400 AD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:08:43

The Library of Alexandria evokes powerful images for the destruction of the greatest institution of higher learning and research in the ancient world. Many assume the Library of Alexandria's demise occurred in a single sweeping inferno. In reality, the Library's destruction occurred in several major episodes over the span of centuries. We not only explore the history of the celebrated Library and how it actually met its fate, but focus on the events of 391 AD; with the Library enduring one of the final nails in its coffin. As an unfortunate innocent bystander - it was the victim of the anti-pagan Christian purges occurring due to Theodosius I declaring the Roman Empire's official adoption of Christianity as the single state religion. With Rome's official state religion becoming Christianity, the long worshiped order of the Vestal Virgins is abolished in 394 AD; a major vestige of the pagan Hellenistic religion being swept aside in favor of the new official theology. With the Vestal Virgins meeting their end, so with them goes the legendary Sacred Fire of Vesta. Since immemorial, the Sacred Fire of Vesta served as symbol of Rome's greater destiny and place in their universe, and was extinguished not by a foreign enemy - but Rome's very own emperor, Theodosius I. ————————- Join Odo's ADophyte Army on Patreon!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast ————————- Make a One-Time Donation to A.D. History on PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=HTNM7DAVYB478

 Battle of Adrianople | 381 AD-390 AD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:14:51

The infamous Battle of Adrianople - the pitched battle between the ad hoc Thervingi Goths under the banner of Fritigern - against the hasty Roman Emperor Valens. As a battle and greater war nobody wanted or ever thought they would have to fight; for the Romans Adrianople goes down in the annals of Roman history along with Cannae and the Teutoburg Forest. It was a war that could have been resolved with a bloodless victory for both. It speaks heavily to the rapidly declining abilities - and more importantly absence of wise leadership - for the Romans To say nothing of the sheer tenacity of the various Goths who came to the banner of Fritigern. Magnus Maximus: a Roman general who later became emperor rising up in the British isles is truly astonishing. Magnus Maximus's story became a folk legend in Wales of all places. It is an amazing story that only our resident Briton could possibly tell. Join Odo's ADophyte Army on Patreon!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast

 The First Great Migration Disaster | 371AD-380AD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:00:03

The Great Migration beginning in the late 4th century is one of the major factors that lead to the eventual collapse of the Western Roman Empire. As the waves of various Germanic tribes were fleeing the incoming Huns entering the European steppes, it was more than Rome could handle. We look at a particularly heinous episode when the Thervingi Goths were granted permission to resettle in Thrace (modern day Bulgaria), and utter disaster ensued. Could this disaster have been avoided? What really went wrong in this situation? Was it malice, or mere incompetence? You decide. We also globe trot to ancient Mesoamerica, and explore the incredible city of Teotihuacan, located very near modern Mexico City. As we delve into what archeologists and historian now about the ancient city state, we discuss the rise and rule of the individual only known to posterity as "Spear Thrower Owl"; a name given by archeologists due to the glyphs identified with this figure who dominated in the late 4th century. **Join Odo's ADophyte Army on Patreon!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/

 Julian the Apostate: The Last Attempt to End Christianity | 361AD-370AD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:34:27

Julian the Apostate was the last pagan emperor of Rome, but that is only part of his legacy. In truth through a series of clever moves, Julian sought to both end Christianity in the empire by having Christianity do the dirty work for him. While simultaneously, seeking to bring back the Roman pagan religion, as triumphant as ever. In our second segment, we explore a site you may never heard of: The Mogao Caves. Located in Gansu Province in modern northwest China, the Mogao Caves is one of the most impressive sites in Buddhism. In addition to housing some of the largest statues of Buddha currently in existence, it is the location of a chance findings of the Dunhuang manuscripts - a near perfect time capsule of everyday life along the famous Silk Road. It brokers little comparison elsewhere. **Join Odo's ADophyte Podcast on Patreon!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/

 War in Ukraine: A Historical Guide to the Russian Invasion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:08:44

With the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the course of those recent events, A.D. History is breaking from our scheduled programming to provide a historical guide to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are discussing the history of Ukraine, Russia, their shared history and the relevant history of NATO in this situation. **JOIN ODO'S ADOPHYTE ARMY BY CONTRIBUTING ON PATREON!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/

 Meet the Huns: History’s Perfect Enigma | 351AD-360AD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:38:15

The Huns, despite their incredible impact on history, are still a mystery. Where they originated or how they lived are largely lost to time. **Join Odo's ADophyte Army By Contributing to A.D. History on Patreon!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/

 Did The U.S. HAVE To Use The Atomic Bombs in WW2? | Mini Documentary | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:34

Did the U.S. HAVE to use the atomic bombs during the Second World War? How could they have used the atomic bombs differently? As weapons of a potential revolutionary nature - strategically speaking - much was still not understood about the atomic bombs by those who created them. Nor was there initial consensus on how to best use them during the war itself. So what alternatives did they consider, and what factors weighed heaviest in the decision for how, when and where the atomic bombs were eventually used? **Join Odo's ADophyte Army on Patreon and Support the Show!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/

 Gladiator (2000): A Historical Fever Dream | A.D. HISTORY WATCHES REVIEW | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:28:55

Ridley Scott's epic Gladiator (2000) starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix is an era defining film, but as history goes it is totally off the rails. Is it historical fiction? Speculative history? Alternate History? Total bullocks? Does it even matter? As a popcorn epic, Gladiator is only concerned with one question: "Are you not entertained?!" *Join Field Marshal Odo's ADophyte Army by Contributing to A.D. History on Patreon!: https://patreon.com/adhistorypodcast/


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