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Summary: The Daily Gardener is a gardening podcast that is published every weekday. Jennifer Ebeling shares thoughts and brevities to help you grow. She writes and records the show in her home studio in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. Show notes and additional information are available at

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 January 2, 2020 Amy Martin Woodland Garden Design, Louis Benech Normandy Retreat, Saint Adelard, Carl Linnaeus, Francisco Marin, JG Lemmon, Rhodora, Minnie Aumonier, Leaf Supply by Lauren Camilleri & Sophia Kaplan, Tin Organizer, and the Discovery of | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:27

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of a gardener Abbott & an important day for the Father of Taxonomy. We'll learn about the man who planted the first pineapple in Hawaii & the botanist who shared a train with a President. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book that is trendy and handy and all about the greenery of January - Houseplants. Then we’ll wrap things up with the story of the couple who discovered the winter home of our most beloved butterfly.

 January 1, 2020 Mistletoe, New Plant Finds, Thomas Moore, Cythna Letty, Martinus Beijerinck, Sir Edwin Lutyens, Potted and Pruned: Living a Gardening Life by Carol J. Michel, Garden Mattock by Raw Tools, and the Kent Mango | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:49

Today we celebrate the Chelsea Physic Garden Curator who was partly responsible for the British Fern Craze & the botanical illustrator whose art ended up on South African currency. We'll learn about the man who discovered the virus & the English architect who partnered with Gertrude Jekyll. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book that will make you feel like you’ve made a garden friend. I'll talk about a great garden item that is made from repurposed weapons and more...

 December 11, 2019 Chinese Witch Hazel, Oca & Mashua Tubers, College Glen, Martin Sesse, Jacob Schneck, Victor Lemoine, Fiorello LaGuardia, Countertop Gardens by Shelley Levis, Galison Butterfly Puzzle, and the Shasta Snow-Wreath | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:41

Today we celebrate the Spanish botanist who tackled the area known as New Spain and the man who discovered the Schneck Oak. We'll learn about the French botanist who made many of our blooms bigger and better and the mayor who was known as the Little Flower... I'll talk about a beautiful holiday gift for the gardener who likes to work on puzzles, and then we wrap things up with the 1992 discovery that rocked the botanical world.  

 December 10, 2019 Wild about Weeds, Botany at the Bar, Sweet Potatoes, Emily Dickinson, Howard Scott Gentry, Joseph Dalton Hooker, Carl English, A Year in Our Gardens by Nancy Goodwin and Allen Lacy, Herb Drier, and The Ungrateful Garden | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:54

Today we celebrate the gardener poet known for writing “hope is the thing with feathers”, & the man who became the world authority on agaves. We'll learn about the Victorian botanist who was the first to speak in favor of Darwin’s theory & the man who created the Ballard Lock Garden in Seattle. We Grow That Garden Library with a book of letters. I'll talk about an architectural element for your kitchen that makes a tremendous holiday gift and more...

 December 9, 2019 Goodbye Sansevieria, Blue Mold, Substituting Herbs in Cooking, Thoreau, Peter Smithers, Karl Blossfeldt, Ground Rules by Kate Frey, Mushroom Set and Lorraine Collett | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:50

Today we celebrate the botanist who was also a spy during WWII. We'll learn about the German photographer who saw artistic inspiration in his close-ups of plants. We'll hear some prose about winter, We Grow That Garden Library with a book that offers us 100 tips for Growing a More Glorious Garden.  I'll talk about a sweet little gift of bling for your indoor pots and containers and then we’ll wrap things up with the woman who became the beautiful face of a produce company.

 December 6, 2019 Dianthus Syrup, African Flora Threatened, The Potato Exhibit, Johann Zinn, a Smithsonian letter, J Bernard Brinton, Joyce Kilmer, Plants Are Terrible People by Luke Ruggenberg, Fiskars Snip, and the Cincinnati Herbarium | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:51

Today we celebrate the botanist who made his mark in human anatomy and the botanist who lost his civil war specimens to a confederate raider. We'll hear the most popular poem about trees written by a poet who was killed in WWI. We Grow That Garden Library with a self-published humorous garden book by one of my favorite garden authors. I'll talk about a garden gift that you can split - one for you and one for a gift - and much more...

 December 5, 2019 An Economic History of Gardening, Bee Exhibit, Stinging Nettles, Henry Welsh, Michael Bebb, Charles Robinson, McDonogh Tree, Garlic, Onion, and Other Alliums by Ellen Spector Platt, Garden Stakes, and Monet | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:03

Today we celebrate a wealthy vineyardist who came up with the idea for a raisin coop and the willow expert raised in beautiful gardens. We'll learn about the botanist who was murdered thanks to miscommunication and the oldest tree in New Orleans. We'll hear a garden poem about being shut out of the garden. We Grow That Garden Library with an oldie but goodie about a favorite of many gardeners: alliums. I'll talk about a practical but essential garden gift and much more...

 December 4, 2019 Central Park Arborists, Dahlias at Bramble Garden, Saving Junipers, Andre Michaux, Theodore Vogel, John Tyndall, Edna Walling, Baron von Mueller, Starting & Saving Seeds by Julie Thompson Adolf, Plant Labels, and the Davenport Women's | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:38

Today we celebrate one of the first botanists to explore South Carolina and a German botanist who met his end during the 1841 Expedition to Niger.  We'll learn about the man who discovered why the sky is blue, and one of Australia's top garden designers, in addition to the monument to one of Australia's greatest botanical collectors. We'll hear some thoughts on the birds of winter and, we Grow That Garden Library with a book that helps us become a seed starting and saving champion... and much more.

 December 3, 2019 Five Winter Herbs, The Grateful Tree, Jupiter Artland, Sir Thomas Herriot, Columbus, Claude Aubriet, Henry Arthur Bright, Vegetables Love Flowers by Lisa Ziegler, Horticultural Charcoal, and 100 years without Renoir | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:59

Today we celebrate a diary entry made by Columbus as well as the man who introduced the potato to England. We'll learn about the Botanical Painter, who served botanists and French Royalty and the garden writer who inspired many with his Lancashire garden diary. We Grow That Garden Library with a book that helps you make your vegetable gardens more beautiful. I'll talk about the kind of coal gardeners will want in their stockings and much more...

 December 2, 2019 Plant Science Careers, Dirk Denison Home, Cheesy Acorn Squash, Johann Julius Hecker, James Edward Smith, John Lewis Russell, Ferdinand Lindheimer, Gardenlust by Christopher Woods, Gardeners Hand Cream, and December's Birth Flower | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:26

Today we celebrate the German reformer who added the cultivation of Mulberries & silkworms to his schools & the man who started the Linnean Society. We'll learn about the Salem Botanist, who was a friend of Thoreau & the man known as the Father of Texas Botany. We Grow That Garden Library with a book that takes us on a tour of the world's best gardens. I start my new segment for Holiday Gardener Gift Recommendations, and then we wrap things up with the birth flower for December...

 November 26, 2019 Herbal-Infused Broth, Leave the Leaves, Jean-Jacques d'Ortous de Mairan, Henry Winthrop Sargent, Oak by William Bryant Logan, a Thanksgiving Time Capsule and an Olive Tree on a Movie Set in 1949 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:06

Today we celebrate the man who discovered that plants have circadian rhythms. We'll learn about the 20-acre estate that had the very first lawn mowed by a lawnmower in the United States. We'll hear some truly lovely and a little melancholy poetry about November.  We Grow That Garden Library with a book about the official national tree of America - the mighty oak. I'll talk about making Thanksgiving Time Capsules, and much more...

 November 25, 2019 Best Holiday Botanical Garden, Vancouver Seawall, Francisco de Paula Marín, Leonard Woolf, Hideo Sasaki, Rudolph Boysen, Orchid Modern by Marc Hachadourian, Holiday Microgreens, and Starting a Walking Club | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:14

Today we celebrate the Spaniard who brought the pineapple and coffee to Hawaii.  We'll learn about the man who gardened at Monks House so much it would cause fights with his wife. We'll honor the Japanese American Landscape Architect, who designed many of our Modern Urban Public Spaces and the man who came up with a new kind of berry in the heart of Napa Vally in the 1920s. We Grow That Garden Library with one of the most beautiful and sophisticated books on our favorite houseplant: the orchid..

 November 22, 2019 Gravel Garden Beds, 30 Top Landscape Perennials, Edwin Jellett, Doris Duke, George Eliot, Herb Topiaries by Sally Gallo, Yule Log, and November Strawberries in 1843 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:13

Today we celebrate the man who wrote extensively about the history and flora of Germantown and...   We'll learn about the 11-roomed garden created to honor the tobacco magnate James Buchanan Duke.   We'll hear some beautiful thoughts on nature by an English Victorian author who was born on this day in 1819.   We Grow That Garden Library with an adorable old book on topiaries. I'll talk about foraging for a Yule Log, and much more...

 November 21, 2019 Dancing with Bees, the Garden Works in Winter, Jan Gronovius, Albert Burrage, Harold Nicolson, A Potted History of Vegetables by Lorraine Harrison, Tchotchke Tidy Up, and the First Garden TV Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:39

Today we celebrate the botanist who named the very first plant for his mentor Carl Linnaeus, and we celebrate the 160th birthday of one of the country's wealthiest orchidologists and the founder of the Amerian Orchid Society. We'll hear some garden poetry on leaves and November. We Grow That Garden Library with a book from one of my all-time favorite authors who wrote a history of vegetables. I'll talk about tidying up after the garden dies back and much more...

 November 20 Horticultural Fleece, School Horticulture Clubs, John Merle Coulter, Penelope Hobhouse, Lespedeza, August Henry Kramer, No-Waste Kitchen Gardening by Katie Elzer-Peters, Holiday Planters, and the Smallest Rose Park | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:32

Today we celebrate the botanist who started the Botanical Gazette back in 1875 and the incredibly down-to-earth yet inspiring garden designer and writer who turns 90 years old today. We'll learn about the almost 500 watercolors by a St. Louis botanist that languished undiscovered until the late '80s. We Grow That Garden Library with a book that teaches us to turn our carrot stumps and cilantro sprigs into plants. And, much more...


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