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Summary: Sommelier Jeremy Troupe-Masi & Winemaker Collin Cranor are joined by chefs, farmers, winemakers, and more. TTG strives to be leaders in bringing you closer to the California Food & Beverage scene. Working alongside the many movers and makers of the industry. Jeremy & Collin use their experience and passion for community to push this historic wine-growing AVA into regional maturity. We invite our guests and listeners to join us for a drink and one hell of a conversation. Covering all of the Food & Wine industry news.

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 Ep. 18 - Wingen Bakery | Lets Get This Bread! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4673

Today we are joined by a couple of Livermore locals, Aimee & Bryan Wingen of Wingen Bakery. In this episode, we talk about the families' amazing journey in 2020. Their daughter Waylynn Betty Wingen was born with a very rare disease that challenged both of them like they could not imagine. Join us as they take us through their journey and the courage it has taken to keep pushing in a year that has thrown everything at them. It has been truly a joy to watch our local Livermore Valley community come alive for this amazing couple. And it has reaffirmed for so many of us that this is more than a world-class region, but that it is a world-class community of people. Range Life Alums Aimee & Bryan operate the bakery out of their home here in the Livermore Valley. Making Levain style bread, bagels, and loaves - their cookies could set a room on fire they are that good! We look forward to having them both on again to continue sharing their journey. But for now, you can find them on Instagram and at to place your order and join our community. 

 Phil Long - Longevity Wines | President AAAV | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4967

In this episode of TTG, we sit down with the President of the Association of African American Vintners & Winemaker at Longevity Wines Phil Long. Continuing conversations on social equity in the world of wine. Phil shares how you can get involved and the many partnerships that have stemmed from this year! He also takes us through an accident in the cellar early in his career that nearly took his life. All in all this episode speaks to his perseverance and passion to make the best wine possible. Next time you swing by Nottingham Cellars be sure to take a look just 3 doors down and check out Longevity Wines.

 Taster Extravaganza Pt.2 - Blind Tasting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5024

Part 2 of this epic episode of Tasters Extravaganza!! Tune in and enjoy the Blind Tasting. 

 Taster Extravaganza Pt.1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3639

Join JTM on our very first two-part episode of Taster's Extravaganza! Jeremy is joined by a couple of industry street soldiers in Savannah Vento-Chun, her husband Nakoah Chun, and Sabio bartender Eian Cathcart a.k.a. TrapLucifer!! We taste everything from Carignan to Mezcal and even  Baijiu Chinese spirit with loads of character. It was a treat to sit down with these young professionals and learn about what kind of leaders inspire them and what types of leaders they strive to be. We have not had a chance to dive into spirits all that much yet, but Eian breaks us off with some knowledge. And Savannah crushes a 'Cata a Seigas'.   This episode has a part 2 that includes a LIVE blind tasting, so be sure to keep the energy rolling and tune into both these Taster Extravaganza sessions now!!!

 Alisha Sommer | An Industry of Inclusion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5348

This episode with Alisha Sommer Marketing Director at Ruby Hill and all-around creative and hospitality consultant was one of our bests yet! JTM comes hard with a new intro as we dive into some of the most transparent and important conversations we have had yet. Alisha speaks to her many talents and how you can take an active stance in promoting an industry of inclusion. In a nation so divided could hospitality be the savior? Find out in this episode, tune in now and subscribe!

 Covid Marketplace with John Ernst - Altamont | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 5038

We are back! For this episode, we welcomed back to the show John Ernst creative director at Altamont Beer Works. Join us as this week as we chat with John about the importance of getting digital. Meanwhile, Collin gives pointers on how to navigate a very volatile hospitality marketplace with strategic money management. We shed some light on a rapidly growing cannabis industry and together we work towards bringing clarity to an ever-evolving market that may never look the same. Jeremy has a bit of fun with the music today and has a special announcement about some seasonal changes over at Story Coffee in the Livermore Valley Wine Country.  

 Celebrate & Empower - Covid Edition | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3610

2020 is proving to be among the most historical years in decades and there is so much to talk about. It has been over 3 months since Collin & Jeremy sat down last and they are itching to get back at it. Our hearts are heavy at the horrific death of George Floyd. All while dealing with the most destructive pandemic in centuries. We decided to go 'unscripted' and really talk about some topics needing to be addressed in this episode. Bear with us as we do our best to dissect some tough topics and do our best to represent our industry, and region that have been relatively silent. The hospitality industry has long thrived on diversity in race, religion, creed, and sexual orientation for decades. We must be proactive and start considering what can be done #beyondthehashtag. Don't miss Collin's pledge to #endsupremacy. We hope you enjoy what the two of us have to say. Take care of one another and together let's demand better. #makeamericagreatFORONCE

 TTG #11 - 'Limor Finkel - Portfolio Specialist - Winebow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5630

This is an episode we have long-awaited. TTG is happy to bring Limor Finkel Western Region Portfolio Specialist at Winebow to the show. We first met Limor as a sales rep for Chambers & Chambers. While at Chambers she managed Contra Costa County and the Livermore Valley and we were all drawn in by her expertise and passion for what she represented. Still young in the game she has climbed the ladder, rather effectively, since her beginnings at Dashe Cellars in Oakland less than 10 years ago. Limor shares with us how Cabernet Franc, as a significant piece to our regional re-brand, could be widely excepted in the market. Collin takes us through 2019 barrel samples of Cabernet Sauvignon from Atlas Peak, Casa De Vinas, GIII Beckstoffer, and Smith Ranch. With all that is amidst us right now with Covid-19 rampant, this was a tremendously refreshing episode to produce. So pull a cork and pour up a glass, this is an episode best paired with vino. Cheers.  

 TTG #10 - 'Robin Fahr - Director Of Marketing & Communications - Visit Tri-Valley | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5117

This week we welcome to the podcast Robin Fahr Marketing Director at VTV. These are some trying times as the world is braising itself with Covid-19 running rampant. Whether you are at home with loved ones or on the road still getting the job done, be sure to give yourself a break and try to maintain some semblance of your routine. Meaning it is time to tune in to another fantastic episode. Former broadcaster and news anchor Robin fires on all cylinders with us this week. She walks us through her typical Tri-Valley day, we further discuss Cabernet Franc, she shares with us the real value of tourism, and we stumble upon some fresh items VTV is working on concerning the Mt. Diablo Highlands. Tune and for info on how to support your local businesses through these trying times.

 TTG #9 Pt.2 - 'Karl Wente - Chief Winemaker - Wente Vineyards | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2552

We are back with part two of Karl Wente's episode and excited for you all to hear it. We dive straight into measure p and have some more fun along the way as we break into our third bottle. We also spend some time thanking folks for their continued support as we are communally ecstatic about YES ON MEASURE P. Be sure to hang in there towards the end of this episode as we went ahead and re-aired something that many might not have heard just yet. Let the Renaissance begin.

 TTG #8 - 'Karl Wente - COO & Chief Winemaker - Wente Vineyards' | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4387

We are excited to air this week's 2 part episode with Livermore's own Karl Wente. We have spent the last two seasons building a voice for regional maturity and sitting down with fifth-generation winemaker Karl was genuinely insightful. With the vote just one day from wrapping up, we make sure to spend some time on MEASURE P and the value of tourism here in the valley. The Wente family has been stewards of this region for over a hundred years, here first hand what the family believes is needed for our region to thrive. We also dive into our local newspaper (The Independent) discussing the owner's attempt at halting regional maturity with her NO on P campaign. We take strides in the right direction on a regional identity as Collin and Karl discuss the possibilities of Cabernet Franc being our new local staple...Which Karl describes as a beautiful love child of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. You won't want to miss Karl talk about his friend and mentor 'Don' Julio Covarrubias. There is truly a little bit of everything in this episode, and we hope you enjoy it. Get out and VOTE YES ON P - Yes on Progress.

 TTG #7 ' Nicole Nicolay & Robyn Annicchero - Love Livermore' | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3917

On this round, we sit down with Robyn & Nicole. Local realtors by day, the two of them decided they wanted to impact their community differently. And over the past several years, they have built a group of more than 10,000+ subscribers. With rich history here in both Pleasanton & Livermore, the ladies give us their perspective on what they have found people are looking for in a thriving city. Making references to the flywheel mentioned in Brandon Cardwell's episode, the ladies share where they wish to make an impact. J'mon takes one for the team and sits this one out but still hung out to enjoy a donut and glass of wine and was able to capture some fun pics and videos. Be sure to look out for some of those shots and videos on the Love Livermore pages on both Instagram & Facebook all week. Join the ladies and us as we continue our charge for a communal message in which we can take this valley, market, and community to the next level. If you have enjoyed listening to us, we ask that you give us a follow and subscribe. We will also have a Facebook and LinkedIn soon so that we can continue to meet you where you are. Tell a friend or come hang out with us in the tasting room Thursday - Sunday from 12:00 - 5:00.

 TTG #6 ' Jim McDonnell - Owner & Restaurateur - Sabio On Main' | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3855

In the mood for reminiscing, join us as we take it all the way back in this episode with Jim McDonnell, owner of Sabio On Main. Since the age of 16,  Jim has been a successful serial entrepreneur as well as a lifelong foodie who travels extensively, visiting the most cutting edge restaurant venues across the globe. Drawing inspiration from the many meals, conversations, and experiences he has encountered. Alongside his Chef & Partner Francis X. Hogan, these two have developed a concept over at Sabio that has helped push this region to new heights. We further discuss the unique tech and hospitality symbiosis that exists here in the Tri-Valley and work towards finding our regional voice. As new Vice-Chair for Visit Tri-Valley, Jim speaks on the importance of Measure P and what it could do to accelerate our local flywheel. J'mon is back at it again with another great segment taking our listeners as far back as you can go. We are always reaching for new heights, so we encourage you to join us at cruising altitude in this insightful yet fun-loving episode of TTG. And REMEMBER...our message is only as strong as our following so, please join our community by hitting that subscribe button and tagging a friend.

 TTG #5 'Regional Maturity - Special Guest John Ernst' | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4438

Join the crew as we continue to push the conversation on regional maturity here in the Livermore Valley.  Ballets are on there way to you all if they haven't arrived already. Be sure to vote for Progress by VotingYesOnP and bring the Livermore Valley Wine Country its first downtown hotel. Collin, Jason, and Jeremy take a moment to circle back on the first few guests and have a bit of fun. The guys are surprised by a special guest from next door, who is excited for SF Beer Week and to share their most recent Scarcity release. Jason spends a moment going over is WSET III test in Napa, Collin questions regional messaging and gives suggestions to some fixes. And don't miss Jeremy go over where you can find the Nottingham Crew this Valentine's Day.  If you enjoy this episode we ask you to subscribe and join us in pushing the limits on what this region is capable of. Follow us @ttg_podcast and at @nottingham_cellars on Instagram or at our Facebook page Nottingham Cellars Winery for all the latest information on Jason's Masterclass schedule, release dates, events and more. Pull a cork and enjoy!

 TTG #4 'Brandon Cardwell - Exec. Director- Daybreak Labs' | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4422

In this week's episodes, we sit down with the city of Livermore Cheif Strategist of Entrepreneurship Brandon Cardwell. We have often talked about building a sustainable hospitality culture and community here in the Livermore Valley. Join us as Brandon dives into the flywheel that he believes can help manifest more innovative and progressive thought leadership. Day to day you can find him at the Daybreak Labs in downtown Livermore, where he manages operations and ideas in the cities first and only start-up incubator. He also goes on to explain how important an innovation economy is to Livermore's craft scene. Jon Ernst Creative Director at Altamont pops in as well and drops of a sample of their new Scarcity and sticks around for the next episode. This is by far one of our favorite episodes we have had the opportunity to publish. Subscribe and send it to a friend if your a fan of the content, thx!


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