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 The Rest is History: Impeachment Vote, Teen Vaping, Missy Robbins | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 751

Today the House of Representatives prepared to impeach a President of the United States for the third time in US history. The Constitution doesn’t exactly provide a ‘how-to’ guide for what happens next, but lawmakers in the Senate are already preparing for a trial. Meanwhile, a new study shows a dramatic rise in teen vaping, particularly when it comes to vaping marijuana. Also on today’s show: award-winning chef and restaurant owner Missy Robbins offers a pro tip on business partnerships. Click here for more on what to expect in the impeachment story.

 Big Deals: Budget Breakthroughs, Boeing, Happy Birthday Simpsons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 714

The House just passed a budget bill to fund the federal government through next September. The budget was only possible after lots of behind-the-scenes dealmakings, and the finished product includes some measures on election security and gun violence research that could have a big impact. Meanwhile, Boeing says it’s pushing ‘pause’ on production of its 737 Max aircraft. We’ll break down why this plane has made major headlines this year, and what it means for the US economy that Boeing will no longer make it. Also on today’s show: why some Democrats are vying for the ‘impeachment manager’ track, and ‘The Simpsons’ turns the big 3-0. 

 Keep On Keepin’ On: Trade Deals, Protests in India, Climate Talks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 747

The Trump administration reached two blockbuster trade deals last week – or so we thought. Turns out there are still some big question marks surrounding the future of the US-China trade war and the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Meanwhile, people across India are protesting a controversial new citizenship law. We’ll break down what the law says and why people are speaking out against it for very different reasons. Also on today’s show: why the latest UN climate summit ended with no new solutions, and one airport’s clever take on a Christmas tree.

 Two Roads Diverge: Late-Night Impeachment Quarrels, Brexit’s Open Road | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 891

Today the House Judiciary Committee gave the go-ahead for a full House vote on impeachment, but the process was anything but tidy. Committee members were at each other's throats last night, and this morning’s committee vote was along strict party lines. We’ll explain what’s next in the process. Meanwhile, UK voters took a lot of the guesswork out of Brexit last night when they handed the ruling Conservative Party a landslide election victory. That means Brexit’s back on track and dreams of a do-ever are all but dashed. 

 Now Boarding: Trade Courts, Parental Leave, Ugly Sweaters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 822

The World Trade Organization’s top court stopped functioning this week after the US blocked the appointment of new judges. That means major trade disputes may go unresolved. We’ll explain how that could give the US new weapons in its trade battle with China, but could also inject uncertainty into the global economy. Meanwhile, it turns out Congress can walk and chew gum at the same time: the House of Representatives just passed a bill granting 12 weeks of paid parental leave to federal employees. We’ll explore just how historic that would be. Also on today’s show: Sen. Bernie Sanders unveils an ‘internet for all’ plan, and another reason to celebrate ugly sweaters.

 Upgrades: New NAFTA, Executive Order, Campaign Transparency | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 843

People on both sides of the aisle in DC might finally be on the same page about something: a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. We’ll explain what you need to know. Meanwhile, President Trump announced he’s signing an executive order aimed at combating anti-Semitism that could affect how the US interprets Judaism. We’ll explain what this has to do with the Civil Rights Act. Also on today’s show: how the presidential candidates are talking about money, and Time Magazine’s youngest Person of the Year.

 High Crimes: Hearings at the Hague, Articles in the House, and Shifty DNA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 819

The government of Myanmar is in court this week over allegations of genocide, and the actions of the country’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning leader is raising some eyebrows. We’ll explain why this case could have international implications. Meanwhile, Democrats in the House of Representatives have officially decided on two articles of impeachment against President Trump. We’ll break down what’s in them, and what ended up on the cutting room floor. Also on today’s show: a day to celebrate human rights, and a medical marvel that could really change you. 

 One More Time: Another Russia Report, Olympic Bans, Hong Kong Protests | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 848

If you thought you were done hearing about Russian interference in the 2016 election – think again. The Justice Department Inspector General dropped a 476-page report today on the origin story of the probe. We’ll explain why his team decided to investigate the investigation. Meanwhile, Russia got a pretty big slap on the wrist today. We’ll explain how a history of doping scandals got Russia uninvited from the 2020 Olympics. Also on today’s show: more protests in Hong Kong, and more women in Finland showing the world who’s boss.

 Going Viral: Measles in Samoa, Uber Safety Data, Yuletide Insults | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 806

Health officials in the island nation of Samoa are fighting a deadly measles outbreak. We’ll explain why anti-vaxxers in Samoa and in the US could be complicating their efforts. Meanwhile, Uber just released a massive safety report on incidents that occurred during trips in the US. We’ll dig into the company’s latest efforts to make its service safer. Also on today’s show: Airbnb cracks down on party homes, and why you should cut London’s charming Christmas tree some slack.

 Look Back in Anger: Abuse Claims, Pension Strikes, Talkative Robots | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 782

A handful of states are passing laws to help victims of child sexual abuse seek justice. We’ll explain why one new law in New Jersey could end up helping victims across the country. Meanwhile, French workers took to the streets to protest a proposed change to the pension system. We’ll connect the dots between France’s recent history of protests and how this new one is playing out. Also on today’s show: the positives and negatives of negative interest rates, and a rebooted robot returns to space.

 I Fought the Law: Impeachment, Hospital Bills, Salon Chemicals | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 818

The impeachment inquiry into President Trump jumped to a new House committee today, and it’s starting to feel a bit like law school. We’ll explain where the impeachment process stands and what’s still to come. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration wants hospitals and insurers to share their price lists for medical treatments, but hospitals aren’t having it. We’ll crunch the numbers on why hospitals don’t want to comply. Also on today’s show: a worrisome link between certain beauty products and risk of breast cancer, and an unexpected use for coffee husks.

 You Get What You Give: Champagne Tariffs, Giving Tuesday, Rapinoe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 783

President Trump is handing out tariffs left and right, and countries aren’t psyched about it. The latest target? French champagne, among other things. We’ll explain why tariffs have become the President’s economic weapon of choice. Meanwhile, the House Intelligence Committee has released its report on the impeachment inquiry. We’ll tell you what happens next. Also on today’s show: how to give back on Giving Tuesday, and a soccer legend wins the gold - again.

 Feuding: NATO Summit, Gun Rights, Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 768

The UK is hosting a big NATO summit this week to celebrate the alliance’s 70th birthday. But budget fights and membership debates could kill the festive atmosphere. We’ll break down what to expect when the alliance gathers for tea in the English countryside. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a major case today that could shape the future of gun rights in America. Also on today’s show: how Cyber Monday is giving Black Friday a run for its money, and how one town in Colorado opened its doors to stranded Thanksgiving travelers. 

 What’s Going On: Mass Imprisonment in China, Impeachment Drama, ‘Dear Santa’ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 821

Newly-leaked government documents are pulling back the curtain on China’s mass detention of ethnic minorities. We’ll get into how the docs provide important details about China’s crackdown on Uighurs and how the rest of the world is responding. Meanwhile: the impeachment process is far from over, and a federal judge just ordered a key witness to testify before Congress. We’ll explain why the House Judiciary Committee really wants to talk to former White House counsel Don McGahn. Also on today’s show: how bad weather could complicate Thanksgiving, and how to play Santa for kids in need.

 Following: Navy Secretary Out, Michael Bloomberg, Wild Turkey | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 746

The Secretary of the Navy is out. We’ll connect the dots between President Trump’s controversial pardons of service members and what they have to do with the Navy Secretary’s sudden departure. Meanwhile, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg got into the presidential race over the weekend. We’ll explain why some are expressing concerns about his baggage. Also on today’s show: Hong Kong voters show up for democracy, and a Wisconsin turkey is making headlines ahead of Thanksgiving.


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