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 Sticking Points: Budget Plans, Cruise Ship Quarantine, CROWN Act | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 777

Today, the Trump administration unveiled its budget proposal for 2021. But since Congress holds the purse strings and Democrats have the majority in the House, it’s likely that this plan might not work out. We’ll dive into the plan’s winners and losers, and why the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico is back in the spotlight. Also on today’s show: China sees its deadliest day of the coronavirus outbreak, and why some of last night’s Oscar winners gave a nod to a new anti-discrimination law.

 In the Spotlight: Dem Debate Preview, Weinstein Trial, Oscars | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 791

It’s Friday night, and some 2020 democratic candidates will be spending theirs in...New Hampshire for the eighth democratic debate. We’ll tell you why some of the candidates are hoping to put this ‘No Good, Very Bad’ week behind them. Meanwhile, football season is already making a comeback with a brand new league called the XFL. And this one’s taking your bets (legally). Also on today’s show: Harvey Weinstein’s defense team calls its first witnesses, and a historic first to keep an ear out for at the Oscars on Sunday. To receive gambling addiction help 24/7/365, call or text the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700.

 Not a Joke: More Investigations, Mask Shortages, Traffic as Art | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 678

President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial is over, but that’s not the end of political investigations in 2020. We’ll explain what info Democrats and Republicans in Congress want to track down now. Then, the coronavirus outbreak is causing a global shortage on protective face masks. We hear from one expert on what this could mean for the healthcare workers who need those masks the most. Also on today’s show: Tensions ease in the U.S.-China trade war, and a performance artist fakes a traffic jam.

 Now What?: Impeachment’s Final Act, ERA, ‘Cheer’ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 790

President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial has come to an end. So, what happens now? Meanwhile, if you spotted members of Congress last night wearing pins with the letters E-R-A and asked W-H-Y, there was a reason for it. We’ll dive into the Equal Rights Amendment and the latest push to ratify it into the U.S. Constitution. Also on today’s show: tips for tax freshmen, and a preview of our chat with Coach Monica Aldama from ‘Cheer’ on Netflix.

 Head-Scratching: Caucus Confusion, Censure, Lonesome George | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 809

A day after the Iowa Democratic Caucus, we’re told results are still just around the corner. But the damage from a historic vote-counting fail is already being felt, and Iowa could be the biggest loser. Meanwhile, we’ll look at the big issues that might come up in tonight’s State of the Union Address by checking out the guest list. Also on today’s show: Democrats float an alternative to impeachment, and why one lonely creature might not have been the last of his kind.

 Huddle Up: Iowa Caucuses, Impeachment Check-in, Shakira Memes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 736

The 2020 primary season kicks off tonight with the Iowa caucuses. But how does a caucus actually work – and why does Iowa get so much clout? Meanwhile, the Senate impeachment trial continues but the end is in sight. We’ll break down what to look for in the coming days. Also on today’s show: why the World Health Organization has a problem with countries imposing travel bans in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, and why there might be more to Shakira’s viral Super Bowl moment than just another meme.

 It’s Been a Long Road: Brexit Day, Impeachment Trial, Super Bowl Firsts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 626

After more than three years, Brexit is actually happening. We’ll break down what’s next for the UK. Spoiler: there’s still a long road ahead. Meanwhile, the debate over witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial is headed toward a vote. Which means the end is in sight. Also on today’s show: a lot of firsts will be happening on and off the field on Super Bowl Sunday.

 This Is a Lot: Coronavirus Updates, Quid Pro Quo, and Locust Invaders | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 772

The World Health Organization says that the coronavirus outbreak is a global public health emergency. We’ll break down what this means as countries respond and how the economic impact of this disease is being felt around the world. Meanwhile, a locust invasion is wreaking havoc in East Africa and parts of the Middle East and South Asia. Also on today’s show: question time for senators at the impeachment trial ends today, and a mummy finds his voice.

 Back to School: Senate Questions, Tobacco Report Card, Negotiations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 712

Now that opening arguments have wrapped up in the Senate impeachment trial, it’s time for lawmakers to ask the questions. We’ll break down how this process works and what to expect next. Meanwhile, the American Lung Association put out its big annual report on tobacco use. The conclusion? The US government still has a lot of work to do. Also on today’s show: what to know about doing your taxes as a freelancer, and a pro-tip on negotiation from Food52 CEO Amanda Hesser.

 Make-or-Break Moment: Trump Defense, ‘Deal of the Century,’ Iowa Voting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 800

President Trump’s defense lawyers have wrapped up opening arguments. We’ll break down the case they made, and what’s next for the Senate impeachment trial. Meanwhile, the White House has finally unveiled its plan for peace in the Middle East. But a key player to the deal wasn’t part of it, so TBD on whether the plan will work out. Also on today’s show: a new mobile app to track votes at the Iowa caucuses has security experts concerned.

 Where It Happened: Bolton Leak, Rival Meetings, Quarantine Update | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 726

President Trump’s defense team is launching into day two of their opening arguments at the Senate impeachment trial. But leaked excerpts from former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s upcoming book are adding more pressure on senators to consider calling new witnesses. Meanwhile, Trump hosted two back-to-back meetings with Israel’s top two political rivals today. We’ll explain what this has to do with peace in the Middle East. Also on today’s show: the latest updates on coronavirus, and a thing to know when doing your taxes and growing your family.

 Great Lengths: Democrats on the Mic, March for Life, Grammys Drama | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 786

House Democrats are wrapping up three days of opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. Before Trump’s defense lawyers take the mic on Saturday, we’ll take a look at how Democrats laid out the case, and whether it changed anyone’s minds. Then, President Trump became the first sitting president to speak at the March for Life rally today in DC. We’ll explain why his timing is everything. Also on today’s show: how drama over the head of the Recording Academy is overshadowing the biggest night in music.

 Noble Intentions: Quarantines, Genocide Prevention, Profit-Sharing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 632

China is turning to massive quarantines to stop the spread of coronavirus. Now, millions are impacted as transportation comes to a halt ahead of the Lunar New Year. We’ll explain why some experts say quarantines don’t always work as intended. Then, a UN court has ordered Myanmar to take steps to protect its persecuted Rohingya Muslim population. That demand couldn’t have come on a more timely day. Also on today’s show: Delta Airlines shares its profits with employees, and how to get ‘Tinder Verified.’ Here’s a link to our December show on the Myanmar case at the International Court of Justice.

 Check Up: Coronavirus, Impeachment Managers, Negotiating | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 756

Hundreds of people have been infected by a virus that originated in China. Now, a case has been diagnosed in the US, too. We’ll explain what the coronavirus is and how officials are handling it. Meanwhile, the impeachment trial is back in session, so expect some long nights ahead. We’ll look into how the first day of oral arguments by the House Managers kicked off. Also on today’s show: how life updates can impact your taxes, and a pro-tip on career negotiations.

 All Talk: Davos, Impeachment Trial Rules, Big Endorsement | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 798

The world’s biggest movers and shakers are packing up their skis and heading to a place called Davos in the Swiss Alps. That’s right: it’s time for the annual World Economic Forum. We’ll explain what that is and why it’s a big deal. Meanwhile, the Senate spent the day laying out the rules of President Trump’s impeachment trial. We’ll look into what a trial looks like on Capitol Hill. Also on today’s show: why the New York Times’ 2020 endorsement is making headlines. If you have a few extra minutes, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Please take our survey.


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