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 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Elayna Fernandez, The Positive MOM | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:03

Elayna Fernandez, The Positive MOM

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – George Duran, Chef, Comedian, Entertainer & Kayco Foods Ambassador | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:26

George Duran, Chef, Comedian, Entertainer & Kayco Foods Ambassador

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Escape into Meaning: Essays on Superman, Public Benches, and Other Obsessions by Evan Puschak | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:02

Escape into Meaning: Essays on Superman, Public Benches, and Other Obsessions by Evan Puschak Producer, editor, and writer behind the highly addictive, informative, and popular YouTube channel The Nerdwriter, Evan Puschak presents an unconventional and whip-smart essay collection about topics as varied as Superman, politics, and public benches. As YouTube’s The Nerdwriter, Evan Puschak plays the polymath, posing questions and providing answers across a wide range of fields—from the power of a split diopter shot in Toy Story 4 to the political dangers of schadenfreude. Now, he brings that same insatiable curiosity and striking wit to this engaging and unputdownable essay collection. Perfect for fans of Trick Mirror and the writing of John Hodgman and Chuck Klosterman, Escape into Meaning is a compendium of fascinating insights into obsession. Whether you’re interested in the philosophy of Jerry Seinfeld or how Clark Kent is the real hero, there’s something for everyone in this effervescent collection.

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Oldest Cure in the World: Adventures in the Art and Science of Fasting by Steve Hendricks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:43

The Oldest Cure in the World: Adventures in the Art and Science of Fasting by Steve Hendricks A journalist delves into the history, science, and practice of fasting, an ancient cure enjoying a dynamic resurgence. When should we eat, and when shouldn’t we? The answers to these simple questions are not what you might expect. As Steve Hendricks shows in The Oldest Cure in the World, stop eating long enough, and you’ll set in motion cellular repairs that can slow aging and prevent and reverse diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Fasting has improved the lives of people with epilepsy, asthma, and arthritis, and has even protected patients from the worst of chemotherapy’s side effects. But for such an elegant and effective treatment, fasting has had a surprisingly long and fraught history. From the earliest days of humanity and the Greek fathers of medicine through Christianity’s “fasting saints” and a nineteenth-century doctor whose stupendous forty-day fast on a New York City stage inaugurated the modern era of therapeutic fasting, Hendricks takes readers on a rich and comprehensive tour. Threaded throughout are Hendricks’s own adventures in fasting, including a stay at a luxurious fasting clinic in Germany and in a more spartan one closer to home in Northern California. This is a playful, insightful, and persuasive exploration of our bodies and when we should—and should not—feed them.

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – When The Ice Melts: The Story of Coralyn Jewel by Coralyn Jewel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:13:35

When The Ice Melts: The Story of Coralyn Jewel by Coralyn Jewel In this short read, Coralyn Jewel shares her story of how she went from Olympic hopeful to thriving in the adult entertainment industry. The story starts from interview and is finished off with words from Coralyn to her readers. Her experiences inform, humanize and even entertain. Jewel's hope is to shed light on the industry. Author Ryan Michaels beautifully conveys the humanity and eye opening entertainment of his conversations with an adult performer and swinger lifestyle coach, sure to inform and grab your attention.

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Pope at War: The Secret History of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler by David I. Kertzer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:43

The Pope at War: The Secret History of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler by David I. Kertzer INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “The most important book ever written about the Catholic Church and its conduct during World War II. . . . The best nonfiction book of the summer.”—Daniel Silva on the Today show Based on newly opened Vatican archives, a groundbreaking, explosive, and riveting book about Pope Pius XII and his actions during World War II, including how he responded to the Holocaust, by the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Pope and Mussolini When Pope Pius XII died in 1958, his papers were sealed in the Vatican Secret Archives, leaving unanswered questions about what he knew and did during World War II. Those questions have only grown and festered, making Pius XII one of the most controversial popes in Church history, especially now as the Vatican prepares to canonize him. In 2020, Pius XII’s archives were finally opened, and David I. Kertzer—widely recognized as one of the world’s leading Vatican scholars—has been mining this new material ever since, revealing how the pope came to set aside moral leadership in order to preserve his church’s power. Based on thousands of never-before-seen documents not only from the Vatican, but from archives in Italy, Germany, France, Britain, and the United States, The Pope at War paints a new, dramatic portrait of what the pope did and did not do as war enveloped the continent and as the Nazis began their systematic mass murder of Europe’s Jews. The book clears away the myths and sheer falsehoods surrounding the pope’s actions from 1939 to 1945, showing why the pope repeatedly bent to the wills of Hitler and Mussolini. Just as Kertzer’s Pulitzer Prize–winning The Pope and Mussolini became the definitive book on Pope Pius XI and the Fascist regime, The Pope at War is destined to become the most influential account of his successor, Pius XII, and his relations with Mussolini and Hitler. Kertzer shows why no full understanding of the course of World War II is complete without knowledge of the dramatic, behind-the-scenes role played by the pope. “This remarkably researched book is replete with revelations that deserve the adjective ‘explosive,’” says Kevin Madigan, Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Harvard University. “The Pope at War is a masterpiece.”

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Amy Scruggs, Singer, Author, Media Coach, Trainer & Consultant | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:48

Amy Scruggs, Singer, Author, Media Coach, Trainer & Consultant

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Nicky Billou, President & CEO eCircle Academy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:08

Nicky Billou, President & CEO eCircle Academy

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Karla Singson Chief Executive Officer at Scalewind | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:47

Karla Singson Chief Executive Officer at Scalewind

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Lost Ticket by Freya Sampson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:59

The Lost Ticket by Freya Sampson Strangers on a London bus unite to help an elderly man find his missed love connection in the heartwarming new novel from the acclaimed author of The Last Chance Library. When Libby Nicholls arrives in London, brokenhearted and with her life in tatters, the first person she meets on the bus is elderly Frank. He tells her about the time in 1962 that he met a girl on the number 88 bus with beautiful red hair just like hers. They made plans for a date at the National Gallery art museum, but Frank lost the bus ticket with her number on it. For the past sixty years, he’s ridden the same bus trying to find her, but with no luck. Libby is inspired to action and, with the help of an unlikely companion, she papers the bus route with posters advertising their search. Libby begins to open her guarded heart to new friendships and a budding romance, as her tightly controlled world expands. But with Frank’s dementia progressing quickly, their chance of finding the girl on the 88 bus is slipping away. More than anything, Libby wants Frank to see his lost love one more time. But their quest also shows Libby just how important it is to embrace her own chances for happiness—before it’s too late—in a beautifully uplifting novel about how a shared common experience among strangers can transform lives in the most marvelous ways.

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Collision Course: Carlos Ghosn and the Culture Wars That Upended an Auto Empire by Hans Greimel, William Sposato | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:07

Collision Course: Carlos Ghosn and the Culture Wars That Upended an Auto Empire by Hans Greimel, William Sposato Named one of the Best Business Books of 2021 by The Wall Street Journal In Japan it's called the "Ghosn Shock"—the stunning arrest of Carlos Ghosn, the jet-setting CEO who saved Nissan and made it part of a global automotive empire. Even more shocking was his daring escape from Japan, packed into a box and put on a private jet to Lebanon after months spent in a Japanese detention center, subsisting on rice gruel. This is the saga of what led to the Ghosn Shock and what was left in its wake. Ghosn spent two decades building a colossal partnership between Nissan and Renault that looked like a new model for a global business, but the alliance's shiny image fronted an unsteady, tense operation. Culture clashes, infighting among executives and engineers, dueling corporate traditions, and government maneuvering constantly threatened the venture. Journalists Hans Greimel and William Sposato have followed the story up close, with access to key players, including Ghosn himself. Veteran Tokyo-based reporters, they have witnessed the end of Japan's bubble economy and attempts at opening Japan Inc. to the world. They've seen the fraying of keiretsu, Japan's traditional skein of business relationships, and covered numerous corporate scandals, of which the Ghosn Shock and Ghosn's subsequent escape stand above all. Expertly reported, Collision Course explores the complex suspicions around what and who was really responsible for Ghosn's ouster and why one of the top executives in the world would risk everything to escape the country. It explains how economics, history, national interests, cultural politics, and hubris collided, crumpling the legacy of arguably the most important foreign businessman ever to set foot in Japan. This gripping, unforgettable narrative, full of fascinating characters, serves as part cautionary tale, part object lesson, and part forewarning of the increasing complexity of doing global business in a nationalistic world.

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – The Winter Orphans by Kristin Beck | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:15

The Winter Orphans by Kristin Beck A poignant and ultimately triumphant novel based on the incredible true story of children who braved the formidable danger of guarded, wintry mountain passes in France to escape the Nazis, from the acclaimed author of Courage, My Love. Southern France, 1942 In a remote corner of France, Jewish refugee Ella Rosenthal has finally found a safe haven. It has been three years since she and her little sister, Hanni, left their parents to flee Nazi Germany, and they have been pursued and adrift in the chaos of war ever since. Now, they shelter among one hundred other young refugees in a derelict castle overseen by the Swiss Red Cross. Swiss volunteers Rösli Näf and Anne-Marie Piguet uphold a common mission: to protect children in peril. Rösli, a stubborn and resourceful nurse, directs the colony of Château de la Hille, and has created a thriving community against all odds. Anne-Marie, raised by Swiss foresters, becomes both caretaker and friend to the children, and she vows to do whatever is necessary to keep them safe. However, when Germany invades southern France, safeguarding Jewish refugees becomes impossible. Château de la Hille faces unrelenting danger, and Rösli and Anne-Marie realize that the only way to protect the eldest of their charges is to smuggle them out of France. Relying on Rösli's fierce will and Anne-Marie's knowledge of secret mountain paths, they plot escape routes through vast Nazi-occupied territory to the distant border. Amid staggering risk, Ella and Hanni embark on a journey that, if successful, could change the course of their lives and grant them a future.

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Find Your Six: Stop Lead Generating & Start Building Influence by Patrick Kilner | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:49

Find Your Six: Stop Lead Generating & Start Building Influence by Patrick Kilner FIND Your SIX! What if I told you that the ability to find six influential relationships is the only thing standing between you and your biggest goals in business and in life? That your revenue could double or triple if you found the right six? That your search for great business partnerships would evaporate if you could uncover six? That you will never want for the right investors, advocates, and clients if you could find your six? And that you could build a business that you could pass on to your kids or sell if you could just find those six? And what if I told you that one of the biggest challenges to finding your six is the lead generation tactics you've been taught? What if I showed you that they are not just keeping you from your six, but simultaneously robbing you of the fulfillment you deserve and make your business vulnerable to disruption in the era of big tech? Find Your Six is a brief manifesto that shares a new philosophy of how to look at relationships and charts a roadmap for success. You'll discover: Why lead generation has become a losing proposition What true influence is and how to win and develop it systematically How to rethink everything you know about networking How to never compete for business again while growing your revenue every quarter How to win back time for the most important people in your life How to give the gift of influence to others Most of all, you'll learn how to identify, win over, and invest in your six.

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Cameron Cowan Of The Cameron Journal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:31

Cameron Cowan Of The Cameron Journal

 The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Jim Tannehill, COO of Empire Operating System | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:58

Jim Tannehill, COO of Empire Operating System Enter Code for a special gift for listenters: "chrisvossshowfree" You can go to their website, select the online course and use that code at checkout.


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