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Summary: Do we have to hustle hard to make it? Can we be mindful & have time to meditate whilst still building an empire? Can we become so confident that we don't feel unworthy of dreaming big? On each episode of Live Mindfully, Marjolaine inspires you to turn inwards to reach a higher level of awareness and confidence, allowing you to run a successful business with joy & simplicity. With Live Mindfully, you can start your morning listening to our interviews with inspiring women leaders & entrepreneurs from different areas of expertise. Our mission is to give you a glimpse of their journey. What do these incredible multi-passionate women have to say about mindfulness? How did they manage to build a lifestyle that really suits their vision and align with their values? Start each morning listening to Live Mindfully and get ready to live a more mindful & passion-driven life and learn to tackle the biggest and choppiest waves that come your way. Life is a beautiful journey and this podcast will help you become more patient and caring about each and every moment that unfolds in front of your eyes. We sincerely hope that you will experience bliss along the way. With love, Marjolaine xo

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 Ep. 020 Your Little Guide To Meditation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:46

Are you aware of how many thoughts are going through your mind this very moment? Are you aware of everything that happens in your brain throughout the day? Of all these subconscious thoughts bringing you in the past and in the future and back again? The truth is that most of the time, our thought have more control over us than we have over them. Because we forget that we can make a conscious decision to quiet our mind. Meditation quiets our mind, it doesn't mute it. This distinction is oh so important because one of the most frequent reasons I hear from people dropping meditation is that it doesn’t work for them. Well, let's see.   Read More: Social: @morningmarjolaine

 Ep.019 blog- My Transition to Slow Mornings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:52

I used to be the girl that would hate waking up. My head was blurry, it felt like a nightmare to stand up and the first thought I had in my head waking up was, 'Ugh! I wish I could sleep more!' During my studies, I was usually snoozing endlessly and getting ready as fast as possible to catch up on sleep. I was grabbing overnight oatmeal and a banana, getting to school and filling up my gigantic coffee mug and eating in class while half-listening to my teacher. Sound familiar? Before I knew it I would come home and try to take another nap. I felt almost always tired, I was eating on the go and I had nothing close to a morning mindful ritual.   Read More: Social: @morningmarjolaine

 Ep. 018 blog- How to Start Showing Up for Yourself | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 06:21

One thing that I notice across all my clients for my coaching service is that people are amazing at showing up for a meeting. It’s easy to show up on time at the doctor. It’s easy to show up on time to work or a skype meeting. And you'd never want to cancel an important coffee date. We are trained from a super young age to understand that people’s time matter and that when someone expects you to be there, you better show up, or have a very good excuse. Accountability towards others is a common rule. Yet, why is it so hard to show up for ourselves? Read More: Social: @morningmarjolaine

 Ep. 017 blog- How To Let Go | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 06:57

How good are you at letting go? Is it easy for you to let go of friendships, clothes, dreams, objects, expectations, habits? Can you think of the last thing you knew you had to let go, but you decided to keep anyway? It isn't easy. It is normal to get attached and comfortable within our current states. Even at the thought of making the change, you are probably having a lot of thoughts going through your mind right this minute. But that capacity or skill to let go is one of the main things to work on if you want to better yourself, build the life of your dream and succeed in business.   Read More: Social: @morningmarjolaine

 Ep. 016 blog- How I Figured Out My Life | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:36

We are all in a rush to have our lives all figured out. We keep waiting for everything to fall into place perfectly - a solid career, good relationships, an apartment, a routine. We are bound by these ideas of what it means to be an adult or enter the 'real world' after the comfort of the school or university. But it's true - adults are lying. Growing up is a trap. The fact is, no one has it all figured out and in fact, we shouldn't. Read More: Social: @morningmarjolaine

 Ep.015 blog- Do we Have to Love our Job | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:43

We’re all told to do what we love. If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. The only way to do great work is to do what you love. Find your passion and turn it into a career. But frankly, it can feel exhausting. Many of us feel like we set ourselves on a path ever since we chose our high school electives, to follow the linear way to a uni degree, to a carer, and the straight and narrow path of climbing the corporate ladder. But who knew what they truly wanted at the age of 16?   Read More: Social: @morningmarjolaine

 Ep.014 blog- Digital Nomads Need a Mental Health Policy Too | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 07:58

It is perhaps the greatest allure of a digital nomad lifestyle. Leaving behind the 9 to 5 for the idyllic, sun-drenched flexibility of remote work seems like the dream. And it's becoming increasingly popular and legitimate with hundreds of people turning to remote work each year. Studies have shown us why remote work is a smart choice for both companies and workers alike. Reports show that remote workers are less stressed, more productive and even cost-saving. I myself was one of the statistics, allured by the ability to completely turn around my work-life balance and finally put my work first. More importantly, it allowed me to finally put myself first and commit to my mental health. It was the first time that I had given myself the time and space to take care of myself and rediscover my purpose. Amidst all these benefits, it's hard to remember that digital nomads can have anything to complain about.   Read More: Social: @morningmarjolaine

 Ep.013 blog- Crying as a Business Owner | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:36

Don’t pretend. I know you have been there. Crying on the floor on a Tuesday night because you feel like a failure. Nothing is working, you are behind in projects, the money isn’t coming in. What are your parents going to think? How will you pay the rent? You will never get there, you are not worth it, what an impostor you are, what a joke. How pathetic of you to cry when you are supposed to be living your best life and inspiring others? You don’t feel like showing it on social media? I thought you were authentic. I thought you were genuine. What a failure. Your mind is playing games on you. Your head is spinning faster than a fast car. So you cry. Cry until you are empty. Cry until you don’t believe yourself anymore. Cry until you laugh. AND THEN PICK YOURSELF UP. Read More: Social: @morningmarjolaine

 Ep.012 blog- A Journey to Minimalim in your House and Business | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 05:04

Let’s face it: no matter how often we might hear that we don’t need much to live and that we should be minimal about our objects, it isn’t that easy. In fact, I used to cry over losing an earring or one of my favorite sport wool socks. I had every imaginable kitchen tool and I was convinced that having a crock pot was part of becoming an adult. I accumulated more cosmetics and perfumes as a makeup artist than I would be able to use over the next 10 years. Cut to today and I have no bed, no kitchen table, no unnecessary frames and barely 3 plates. I use only coconut oil for my face, barely any makeup and I live in a 33 square meter flat with the love of my life and we are closer to living from water and fresh roses than we ever were.   Read More: Social: @morningmarjolaine

 Ep.011 Monday Morning Talk- The Art of Dreaming | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:10

In this Monday Morning Episode, we explore a new way to dream and use our imagination towards opening new doors for ourselves. If you have a burning idea or dream inside, but somehow the vision seems blurry or even inexistent, this episode is for you!!   With love,  Marjolaine   / F O L L O W CONFIDENCE MEDITATION:   YOUTUBE:    

 Ep 010. Being entrepreneurial when planning a wedding with Annika Friesen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:39

In this episode, we discuss the business aspect of wedding planning, but also why it's important to chase after your dreams and care for yourself along the way.  Annika Friesen is a world traveller and a career girl who inspires millennials on multiple platforms including her blog and Instagram. Annika started her career in public accounting, having completed her Chartered Accountant designation with a big four accounting firm. Annika wants Fernweh Society to inspire other young, professional women to pursue their passions and chase their dreams. The word Fernweh means an ache and lusting for travel, which Annika definitely has as she has visited 43 counties and is still hungry for more!    FIND MORE ABOUT Annika Instagram: @fernwehsociety   Website:   -- UPCOMING EVENTS: Soulful Vegan Yoga Retreat Join our next yoga retreat or in-person event and be the first to know!    MORE INSPIRATION:

 Ep.009 Monday Morning Talk- The Art of Starting Anything | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:33

In this Monday Morning Episode, we discover the key element to starting anything and getting away from fear. If you have a burning idea or dream inside, but something is holding you back, this episode is for you!   With love,  Marjolaine   Get Your Confidence Meditation:    UPCOMING EVENTS: Soulful Vegan Yoga Retreat Join our next yoga retreat or in-person event and be the first to know!    MORE INSPIRATION:

 Ep.008 Monday Morning Talk- The Art of Taking Breaks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 08:59

In this Monday Morning Episode, we will understand the importance of taking full breaks in order to be more productive and calmer throughout the day.  With love,  Marjolaine Get Your Confidence Meditation:    UPCOMING EVENTS: Soulful Vegan Yoga Retreat Join our next yoga retreat or in-person event and be the first to know!    MORE INSPIRATION:

 Ep 007. Allowing Your Life To Make a 180° Turn With Emilie Aries | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:29

In this interview, Emilie shares her journey from working in a high-stress level environment in politics to experiencing burnout, taking time to reflect and finally launching her business for women. In the interview, we discuss lifestyle expectations, debts, cash flow and how to listen to yourself to make a positive change in your life.  She is the Founder and CEO of Bossed Up, an innovative personal and professional training organization that helps women craft sustainable careers.She has helped hundreds navigate career transition and prevent burnout. Her TED talk, “The Power of No,” shows how to set healthy boundaries and invest in your sustainable success.  -- FIND MORE ABOUT EMILIE  

 Ep 006. Making Tech More Inclusive With Abadesi Osunsade | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:29

Tech is often categorized and regarded as exclusively for a certain type of people. However, tech as so much more to offer than coding and programming. In fact, almost everything in our lives is based on tech.  In this Interview, Abadesi takes us in her journey towards finding her own place in tech as a woman and finding the confidence to build her own definition of success.  Our guest, Abadesi Osunsade, is the Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt. She is also the founder of Hustle Crew which is making tech more inclusive, diverse and productive. She has authored a book 'Dream Big. Hustle Hard.: The Millennial Woman's Guide to Success in Tech'.  She is soon launching a course about mindful eating & slowing down and a book she is co-authoring about Bullet Journaling For Busy People. Stay tuned! -- FIND MORE ABOUT ABADESI


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