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SIBO Made Simple

Summary: From the author of The Wellness Project, comes a podcast for those recently diagnosed or chronically fighting Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Hungry for solutions and wondering WTF to do next? Each week, Phoebe Lapine sits down with a different #SIBOAmigo—medical experts at the forefront of SIBO research and treatment—to discuss the various steps to rebalance your gut for good.    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by dietary changes or at your wits end with all the remedies for this complex gastro conundrum, Phoebe and her guests break it down for you in easily digestible terms, giving you the doable action items and valuable input you need to design the SIBO solution right for you. Covering everything from testing, treatments and herbal supplements to low FODMAP cooking tips and diet, this podcast is a patient-friendly masterclass in how to heal from SIBO. 


 EP 42 | The Global Virome: How We Interact with Viruses, Why Pandemics Arise, and What We Can Do to Avoid Them with Dr. Dennis Carroll | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:43

Covid-19 has laid bare how little we still know about our interactions with viruses, what role our gut plays in the process, and whether there is a reciprocal relationship between plague and host. What is less mysterious for those who study the global virome is how a modern pandemic starts and what we can do to avoid them in the future.

 EP 41 | The Growing Gut: How to Deal with Immune Health, SIBO and Other Gut Issues in Kids with Dr. Taz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:02

EP 41 | The Growing Gut: How to Deal with Immune Health, SIBO and Other Gut Issues in Kids with Dr. Taz

 EP 40 | Pep Talk: Why More Stomach Acid is the Key to Overcoming SIBO, Reflux & GERD with Dr. Daniel Nuzum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:25

EP 40 | Pep Talk: Why More Stomach Acid is the Key to Overcoming SIBO, Reflux & GERD with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

 EP 39 | Oral D: How Bacteria in Our Mouth Effects the Whole Digestive System with Dr. Adam Miller | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:56

EP 39 | Oral D: How Bacteria in Our Mouth Effects the Whole Digestive System with Dr. Adam Miller

 EP 38 | An Ayurvedic Guide to Gut Health: How to Heal Digestive Distress & Fix Weight Fluctuations with Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:47

Today, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary is joining us to share the philosophy of Ayurveda and discuss some of the modalities like discovering your dosha, sound healing, oil pulling, eating according to our circadian cycle, and so many more.

 EP 37 | Antibodies 101: How Our Immune System Protects Us From Viruses and Other Invaders with Dr. Susan Blum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:16:20

To satisfy all your burning questions about Covid-19 and further educate ourselves on how the immune system interacts with our gut, I’ve got Dr. Susan Blum returning to the show to discuss all things antibodies.

 EP 36 | Ask a Doctor: The Latest IBS, Methane, and Hydrogen Sulfide Research + All Your Other SIBO Questions Answered with Dr. Mark Pimentel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:53

It’s the season 3 finale Q&A episode! And I have a dream guest here with me to answer all your lingering SIBO queries: the king of SIBO himself, Dr. Mark Pimentel. There were a few recurring macro themes to your questions, so in today’s episode, we’re going to focus on Post-Infectious IBS, Methane overgrowth, and Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO.

 EP 35 | Fearing Fiber: Debunking SIBO Diet Myths and Embracing a Plant-Based Approach to Gut Healing with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:40

Woody plants with lots of fiber can be a tough hurdle for someone with a damaged gut. And yet, it’s that very same fiber that research indicates is the key to healing some of our biggest overarching gut problems. It can feel like a fine line to walk. Today Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is on the show to help us navigate that tightrope. In our conversation, he explains why fiber is the key to healing dysbiosis, leaky gut, and inflammation.

 EP 34 | Living Pantry: Using Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods to Cook For Greater Gut Health with Chef David Bouley | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:13:37

When it comes to nutritional science, there are so many complicated variables to sort through in determining whether or not an ingredient is good for your health. One that doesn’t get talked about enough? How it’s cooked. Chef David Bouley shares the power of fermentation, the role of certain prebiotic ingredients, and which often overlooked items can become digestive gold when prepared properly.

 EP 33 | All About Biofilms: Ways Your Bacteria and Fungi Band Together and How to Bust Them with Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:06

In today’s conversation, we are going to discuss one specific function of the relationship between fungi and bacteria: the joint colonies that form to ensure their survival. This defensive strategy is called a biofilm, and the presence of these fortresses in the gut is one reason why antibiotic or antimicrobial treatments like those used to target SIBO can fail.

 EP 32 | Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: How to Heal Chronic Inflammation and Fix Your Immune System with Beth O'Hara | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:15

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome only got an official diagnosis code a few years ago, and yet, it is a condition that explains so much about what goes wrong with the immune system and how that dysfunction can lead to chronic inflammation. If you loved last season’s episode on histamine intolerance (and I know many you did – it was one of the most popular of the year!), today’s interview is the perfect follow-up conversation.

 EP 31 | Daily Detox: How to Support your Liver and Rid your Body of Heavy Metals, Mold and Other Toxic Exposures with Dr. Jessica Peatross | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:34

In today’s conversation, we talk all about how to give your detoxification pathways a boost, including giving a thumbs up or down to some trendy tactics like celery juice, infrared sauna, coffee enemas, and many more. Joining me is functional medicine practitioner Dr. Jessica Peatross, who shares how she tests patients for high levels of toxicity like heavy metals, mold exposure, and pesticides.

 EP 30 | Gluten Freedom: Celiac Disease, SIBO & What This Protein Really Does to Our Gut with Dr. Lisa Shaver | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:22:07

Celiac disease is a big risk factor for SIBO, and yet, it’s often an overlapping condition that many doctors miss. In today’s conversation, I’m joined by Dr. Lisa Shaver to discuss the relationship between leaky gut, gluten, and the body’s autoimmune response in someone with celiac disease—and how these mechanisms can lead to other gut disorders like SIBO.

 EP 29 | Critters That Cure: Helminth Therapy & Why Worms Might Be the Key to Overcoming Autoimmune Disease with Dr. William Parker | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:12:41

In today’s episode, we talk about the hygiene hypothesis and how some people today are trying to right the wrongs of their immune system by reintroducing certain worms into their bodies. Spoiler alert: I’m one of them! This practice is called helminth therapy, and no, it’s not at all sanctioned by the FDA. However, many desperate chronically ill patients have resorted to trying it and the stories include some incredible transformations.

 EP 28 | Environmental Toxins 101: How to Avoid Everyday Chemicals, Heavy Metals, and other Harmful Ingredients to Improve your Gut Health with Lara Adler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:23:22

Environmental toxins are the giant purple elephant in the room. They are often the last thing to be addressed on someone’s journey to healing a chronic condition, and yet, the inconvenient truth is that everyday exposures--in our homes, our drinking water, our personal care products, even out mattresses--are doing more harm than we often give them credit for. Today's guest Lara Adler is here to help you detox the areas of your life that are within your control.


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