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Summary: Cup of Jo Podcast shares the inspiring stories of creators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. We sit down to talk about their process, the lesson they have learned and how to make an impact. Support this podcast:

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 Why an American traveled all over Pakistan in a rickshaw! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2260

Our latest episode features Alexander Volberding, who has shared his adventures on traveling through a 3rd world country in a rickshaw. Seeing his videos on YouTube inspired us to create this episode and discuss his story on how and most importantly why he carried out such an unthinkable voyage.  Follow Alex and subscribe to his Youtube channel (College Free Official) Where to find Haseeb & Sweeta @HaseebSpeaks on Instagram & Twitter Follow @CupofJoPodcast on Instagram and Stay tuned for more ... --- Support this podcast:

 Gut Health in your 20’s | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1402

Many of us millennials or late 20- 30 year olds might be having gut issues lately. It’s something that none of us really thought about until we faced symptoms like acid reflux, belching, stomach pain and importance of probiotics for womens health. I am in my late 20s & have first hand experience with the discomfort of acid reflux after consuming coffee on an empty stomach for more than a year on a daily basis. This episode is my opinion and views on how we can change our gut health by incorporating certain foods and avoiding acidic foods to alkalinize our gut. Hope you find this episode useful! Where to find Haseeb & Sweeta @haseebspeaks on Instagram & Twitter  --- Support this podcast:

 Secrets to Getting the Job You Really Want with Stacey Broadwell | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 2158

One of the most prominent topics we hear being debated at the moment, both among recruiters and employers, is recruiting automation.  But what is recruiting automation?  What are the benefits and just how far down the road of automation have employers got?  In this episode, we have the pleasure of conversing with Stacey Broadwell, a highly talented recruiter who has over 10 years of experience in the Talent Acquisition industry.  She received a degree in Corporate Finance from San Diego State University and now she is leading the LAX Tech Recruit Conference in Los Angeles!  With an in-depth and knowledgeable guest on all things regarding landing a tech job in the area, Stacey is the go to Talent Recruiter right now in Los Angeles, CA!  Join us for this informational episode on what stands out to tech recruiters and how to get hired fast! Where to find Haseeb & Sweeta @haseebspeaks on Instagram & Twitter  --- Support this podcast:

 How Cory Warfield Went from Broke and Homeless to CEO of a successful Business | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2542

Creating your own ideas into a startup is a cut throat task. You either sink or swim with your startup. We have a special guest from Chicago. He is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of Mentor You Global global, and CEO of Shedwool. Cory Warfield joins us and he gives us all the details on how his startup became a success with 3 easy steps! From being homeless living in his car and on the streets during his early years to being in the restaurant business and meeting affluential people, he was able to create his own name and brand. Now with 36,000 followers on Linkedin. Cory is sharing his success story! Listen for all the tips! This will be a very spell-bounding topic! Find Cory Warfield on Linkedin Where to find Haseeb & Sweeta @haseebspeaks on Instagram & Twitter  --- Support this podcast:

 Our First Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1709

Today we are sharing our story. We are going to keep it cute and simple today. We will be having a Q&A type introduction where we ask each other questions about ourselves instead of having us just ramble on and on. Soooo, here we go! We are working our new website Where to find Haseeb & Sweeta @haseebspeaks on Instagram & Twitter --- Support this podcast:


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