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This Week in Tech (MP3)

Summary: Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech. Join Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, John C. Dvorak, and other tech luminaries in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech. Winner of People's Choice Podcast and Best Technology Podcast in the 2005 People's Choice Podcast Awards. Released every Sunday at midnight Pacific.

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 TWiT 762: Synthetic Chris Evans | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:19:55

This Week's Stories Father Robert Ballecer talks about the Vatican's response to the Coronavirus in Italy. Father Robert Ballecer shows off this live broadcasting/podcasting setup MKBHD's 8k setup - RED cameras, multiple Mac Pros, LUTS, and motion tracking The Escobar Phone is a scam! The beginning of the end of smartphones Magic Leap in Crisis Leo wears the COVID-19 mask Foldable phones - why? How to cope with panic attacks - futurism in an accelerating world MKBHD's daily driver: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Telepresence Robots are the future! (or maybe even the present) 2020 Conferences are all canceled. What will we lose by holding them digitally? Apple reopens Chinese stores, closes all others, cancels rumored March event, but might still launch new products next week Amy Webb's daughter's crypto network Is Tik Tok OK? Screen time in quarantine - active watching is the key MKBHD's New Year's Rockin' Eve - downscaled from 8K to 720p How YouTube processing works How MKBHD works - quality over quantity Custom vitamin blends and nootropics - direct-to-consumer sales take off Future Today Institute 2020 Tech Trends Report StarLink will bring the internet to everyone Everyone alive today is being scored The 2020s are the synthetic decade: how synthetic media will change the world Get Amy's book "Data, a Love Story" at via affiliate link! Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, Amy Webb, and Marques Brownlee Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: WWT.COM/TWIT - promo code: TWIT1

 TWiT 761: The Esperanto of Time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:17:50

Coronavirus Craziness: The Pope is OK, SXSW canceled, contractors can't get n95 masks, Chinese carmakers shut down The response to Coronavirus - big tech sends workers home, but restaurant workers have to keep the slinging hash Woz is NOT Patient Zero Countries respond to Coronavirus: stay on that cruise ship, China forces people to quarantine, US doubles down on the Patriot Act, Italy shuts down Lombardi Stock up on Soylent for your Coronavirus quarantine needs Apple rejects coronavirus apps Chinese students review bomb homework app Paris has awesome hobbies Apple forces workers to come to the Spaceship and retail stores, other tech giants send workers home March Madness without fans? Are we projecting the zombie apocalypse onto Coronavirus? Review: Thermomix TM6 Baby Yoda toys killed by Coronavirus What to watch while you're quarantined Video games to play while you're quarantined Is it canceled? How to find out Warren drops out - which old white male candidate will die from Coronavirus? Brianna Wu gets hacked - she explains how to avoid her mistakes How to use nation-state level hacks yourself How the CIA used CryptoAG to spy on the world Apple allows ads in push notifications - watch this week's iOS Today to see how to turn them off! YouTube is recommending fewer conspiracy videos Nerf or nothing! Streaming drives the music industry to its greatest year ever Democratic Socialism Simulator vs Female Politician Simulator Nintendo Playstation prototype sells for $360,000 Daylight Saving kills! Switch to UTC instead! SETI@Home shuts down, and bitcoin mining is destroying the world - switch to folding proteins for a Coronavirus cure Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Paris Martineau, Seth Weintraub, and Brianna Wu Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: - promo code: TWIT offer code TWIT

 TWiT 760: A Perfect Time to Panic | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:07:12

This Week's Stories Coronavirus: GDC postponed, F8 canceled, Chinese factory shortages, mask shortages, CDC test shortages, preppers prepping, fear, uncertainty, and denial Your AirPods are on a two-year timer Safari snubs two-year certificates Some might call it a patent troll - Apple must pay VirnetX $440 million NTSB blames CalTrans, Tesla, and Apple for autopilot fatality Amazon Go Grocery Review Intuit pays $7 Billion for Credit Karma's data Activist investor attacking Twitter TikTok is fundamentally parasitic? Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Christina Warren, Michael Nuñez, and Bill Detwiler Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors:

 TWiT 759: Never Gonna Give You Up | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:59:50

This Week's Stories: COVID-19 coronavirus causing tech conference chaos Should Apple investors be worried about COVID-19? Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - does it live up to the hype? COVID-19 coronavirus will crash the tech economy for a while Apple iPhone 9 / SE 2 likely for March launch Samsung Galaxy Z Flip factory closed due to COVID-19 Target leaks inventory listings for 'AirPods X Generation,' 'Apple TV Gen X' and 'Apple Watch Series X' bands, and 'Apple iPod Touch X Generation' Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in Star Trek, Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr in Back to the Future - deepfakes are getting better EU kills the Lightning port - USB-C is now the law of the land Apple considers letting users set 3rd-party apps as default Apple tries to- ban German book about App Store; book hits #2 on the bestseller list. Get the book at Trump urges Supreme Court to side with Oracle over Google Bezos to give $10 Billion to fight climate change Twitter bans 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for "platform manipulation" Trump ads will take over YouTube on Election Day New ransomware scheme - hackers will make Google ban your ads Fortnite streamers demonetized over Rickroll emotes Larry Tesler, the man who invented cut, copy, and paste, dies at 74 Bert Sutherland, who helped develop the ARPANET, dies at 83 Adobe Photoshop turns 30 $400 Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertruck Get Dan's novel The Bayern Agenda at Register for LastPass's RSA After Hours in San Francisco! Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Lory Gil, Owen JJ Stone, and Dan Moren Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: offer code TWIT

 TWiT 758: Facemasks and Fear | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:30:52

This week's stories: Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled over COVID-19 fears China virtually shut down due to COVID-19. Foxconn's iPhone plant closed; making face masks instead. RSA Conference (Feb 24th in San Francisco) is next - IBM has already dropped out. Is this the end of conferences? China's response to COVID-19 includes increased surveillance and the "Close Contact" app. Is America next? Focals by North AR glasses could be the answer to COVID-19. Are we ready for AR+databases? Check out TWiT's review of Focals on Hands-On Tech! Apple stores and factories closed in China. Apple was expected to announce an iPhone SE replacement this spring - will it be put on hold? Samsung Z Flip Review - the most transformative new smartphone in years Windows 10X - Microsoft's first try at a 32bit-free OS and a two-screen device OS Windows 10X on a MacBook - it can be done! (But don't try it at home) Google's new OS is called... Pigweed? Windows 10X coming to dual-screen laptops and tablets by the end of the year Microsoft Duo caught on video in the wild! $1000+ flagship phones are now the norm. Are they worth it? (Yes) Cloud-based computing will become the norm in the next 5 years Amazon sues the US government over JEDI contract given to Microsoft; JEDI put on hold by a federal judge Taika Waititi blasts the crappy MacBook keyboard at the Oscars Raspberry Pi - the best kids' computer available Watch Hands-On Android! Episode 0 out now, Episode 1 coming 2/20/2020: Coming soon: Hands-On Mac and Hands-On Linux! Spotify will destroy podcasting as we know it Elizabeth Holmes gets some of the Theranos charges dropped by a federal judge Is Venture Capitalism destroying capitalism? HQ Trivia crashes and burns - when will the current tech bubble burst? Essential shuttered - alleged sexual assaulter and Android inventor Andy Rubin's revolutionary phone company fails after less than a year. T-Mobile and Sprint merger passes second-to-last hurdle in its way Jeff Bezos buys the most expensive house in America Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Alex Wilhelm, Daniel Rubino, and Dan Patterson Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: WWT.COM/TWIT

 TWiT 757: My Fridge Killed My Apple TV | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:06:10

This Week's Stories: Chaos, confusion, and disinformation define the 2020 US election Motorola Razr fails the fold test NYPD drops notebooks for iPhone app Don't charge at public USB chargers: "Juice Jacking" hackers will steal your data Hackers break into your network via Phillips Hue lightbulbs Sonos bricks old speakers Tesla remotely removes autopilot from used Model S Big shakeup at Microsoft - Panos Pinay gets a huge promotion Microsoft xCloud vs Nvidia GeForceNow vs Playstation Now US Navy uses Xbox controllers Windows 7 bug keeps users from shutting down, no way to update Deepfaking "The Irishman" - how CGI de-aged De Niro Disney wants to kill Section 230, and thus all social media and comment boards Real or fake: Russian dashcams and French locomotives 'Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet' Review Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Ashley Esqueda, Nate Lanxon, and Denise Howell Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: - promo code: TWIT1

 TWiT 756: Don't Doubt ur Vibe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:09:50

This Week's Stories: Apple hits 1.5B users, Facebook hits 2.5B, Amazon hits $1 Trillion - is Big Tech too big? Russia vs Apple: new Russian law will force Apple to install Kremlin-friendly apps Coronavirus shuts down Apple and Google in China EU passes common charger resolution - say goodbye to your lightning jack Amazon wants you to know that they pay a lot of taxes and employ a lot of people 10 years later, the iPad is the only successful tablet Split-screen or folding screen? Is this a form factor we need? Apple TV+ hasn't quite hit it yet FCC admits that wireless carriers violated federal law selling your location data Facebook's 'Off Facebook activity tool' doesn't really do anything Facebook's new Oversight Board will surely fix everything Avast anti-virus sold your data to everybody Does tracking really make ads better? He sings! He dances! He sends you the internet from space! Cal Tech gets 1.1 billion from Apple and Broadcom in a patent case Every smart device will die. Sonos sooner than others. IBM CEO Virginia Rometty retires California halts .org sale 62 new emoji are here! Hummer is back and electric Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Wesley Faulkner, Brian McCullough, and Devindra Hardawar Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: promo code TWIT10 offer code TWiT

 TWiT 755: Somebody Stole My Tim Tams! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:33:20

This Week's Stories: Was Jeff Bezos really hacked by Saudi Arabia? Welcome to the post-fact era. Embrace the power of ignorance! Sonos backs off threat to brick old speakers Apple pushes back against EU common charging standard Sundar Pichai calls for regulation of AI Why banning face recognition is just the first step One good thing about Brexit The tech angle of "Megxit" Biden calls game developers "little creeps" Tech execs are being SWATted Alan Turing's OBE medal, Ph.D. certificate, etc recovered from crazed superfan Throwboy is back with Pocket Pillows Vine is back as Byte Xerox still trying to buy HP Octi is augmented reality social media Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Mike Elgan, Patrick Beja, and Iain Thomson Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors:

 TWiT 754: I Dream of Wiki | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:13:55

This Week's Stories: Mojo Vision: Augmented Reality contact lenses The face recognition company that will end privacy FBI vs Apple 2: Pensacola Boogaloo NOBUS: why the NSA's "NObody But US" theory of exploits fail Cable Haunt: critical vulnerability in many cable modems Apple and Google are cracking down on location privacy, and ad tech companies are unhappy Don't worry about your kids' phone use so much Google will kill 3rd-party cookies by 2022 Verizon's "private" search engine The EU is not asking Apple to kill the lightning plug Our secret shame: the box of cords in our garage Digital hoarding: iTunes vs Gmail Amazon wants you to pay with a wave of your hand Sim swapping attacks: hacking customer service Joe Biden wants to repeal Section 230. This is dangerous. Sonos, Tile, and Pop Sockets testify against Google, Apple, and Amazon in Congress Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Georgia Dow, Sam Abuelsamid, and Patrick Norton Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: WWT.COM/TWIT promo code TWIT30

 TWiT 753: I Got Waylaid in Switzerland | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:22:40

CES 2020 wrap-up Sex tech at CES 2020 Apple, Amazon, and others talk privacy at CES 2020 Tech Giants at CES 2020 The Sands: all the weirdest stuff at CES 2020 The best TVs at CES 2020 Future Concepts at CES 2020 The Charmin Rollbot Biggest CES 2020 trends: vegetable-based meat, driverless cars, and bendable computers Our favorite gadgets from CES 2020: from 8k TVs to electronic rosaries Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Ant Pruitt, Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, and Jason Hiner Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: - promo code: TWIT

 TWiT 752: More Seam than Bezel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:18:24

This Week's Stories: CES Preview: what to expect at the 2020 show Segway's new Wall-E pod chair 8k TVs take over CES - what about bandwidth caps? 3D is back at CES - get ready for Star Wars holograms Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak: 68 countries targeted 5G in 2020: hype or happening? How to fix California' gig worker law California Consumer Privacy Act hits January 1 Wyze Camera breach response: quick and decisive 1924 belongs to us all now TRACED Act passes, robocallers put on notice Hofeller Files break gerrymandering plot wide open IRS forces Turbo Tax to show free filing product Fake Twitter accounts spew thousands of pro-Iran propaganda tweets Australian fires: horrific images online Google will stop swindling the US on taxes Google's Head of International Relations left because Google started to be evil Samsung Galaxy S20 arriving February 11th Sonos bricking old speakers Fry's is in big trouble Y2K bug strikes again: NYC parking meters break in 2020, 11-19 #TeamTrees gets $20M YouTube's #1 star turned 8 in 2019 EU: AI cannot patent inventions Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Dwight Silverman, Ben Brock Johnson, and Ed Bott Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: - promo code: TWIT1

 TWiT 751: The Year's Best | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:06:14

Leo Laporte takes us through the past year in tech. 2019 highlights include Chinese CRISPR Babies, San Francisco's facial recognition surveillance ban, Grumpy Cat's sad death, the United States versus Huawei, Facebook's $5 billion FTC fine, the debut of Apple TV+, and more! Happy New Year from Leo and the TWiT crew! Host: Leo Laporte Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: promo code TWIT

 TWiT 750: Another Decade is in the Can | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:50:33

On This Week in Tech's 2019 Holiday Special, Leo Laporte, Stacey Higginbotham, Mary Jo Foley, and Mikah Sargent run down the top Tech News stories of 2010 - 2019. Hosts: Leo Laporte, Mary Jo Foley, Stacey Higginbotham, and Mikah Sargent Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: - promo code: TWIT promo code TWIT

 TWiT 749: At Least She Double Bagged It | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:33:26

This Week's Stories Mac Pro: only 1/3rd the cost of a banana duct-taped to a wall Apple TV+ gets its first Golden Globe award nomination AirPods make Apple $4 billion/quarter Here's how to get Samuel L. Jackson on your Amazon Echo Ring camera hacked to tell child to destroy their room Google gives US ATF location info on 1500 users Ask a Millennial: what's the deal with Tik Tok? Jack Dorsey wants an open standard Twitter Facebook wants end-to-end encryption. AG Barr is not so happy about that. India wants to get all its citizens' data New Orleans narrowly avoids ransomware hit Samsung didn't really sell a million Galaxy Folds, and other silly phone stories Paris Martineau's ultimate guide to Influencers Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Rosemary Orchard, Paris Martineau, and Owen JJ Stone Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors:

 TWiT 748: The BAT FAANGs | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:41:55

Stories this Week Mac Pro is only for Pros Apple's pivot to services plays on our trust of Apple How amoral should companies be? Silicon Valley Finale Larry and Sergei ride off into the sunset - what happens next? How worried should companies be about government regulation? Why we're watching Watchmen Amazon comes to New York, without tax benefits Stadiums as a metaphor for tech Amazon's re:Invent is all about AI Huawei makes "America-free" Phones What is the future of war? Is 5G going to be like LTE or WiMAX? Intel admits failure Reddit bans Russian sock puppets Elon dodges pedo bullet Magic Leap is the most amazing, important, incredible failure ever Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Christina Warren and Amy Webb Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: promo code TWIT10 WWT.COM/TWIT


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